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Weekend Warriors//Metal Interviews//An Evening With MORBID SAINT

Hello and welcome to Weekend Warriors! Music Maehem, also joined by All Kings Fall, was invited to the mighty Morbid Cave for an exclusive interview with Morbid Saint of Sheboygan, Wisconsin!  It was truly an unforgettable experience! Laughs, booze, memories and of course METAL!

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/morbidsaintofficial/

Official Site: http://www.morbidsaint.com/


Morbid Saint is:

Cliff Wagner – Vocals
Jay Visser – Guitar
Russell Gesch – Guitar
Bob Zabel – Bass
DJ Bagemehl – Drums

Filmed by: Ian Gray and Emily Mae

Edited by: Emily Mae

Photos/Graphics by: Emily Mae

Interview by: Mitchel Fulcer

Live performance/tracks by Morbid Saint



Weekend Warriors//Metal Interviews//Shield The Surviviors

Hey metalheads and welcome to Weekend Warriors! This time we are featuring the killer metalcore band Shield The Survivors! Earlier, we featured these bad ass dudes’ newest single Building Hate.

(for more on this release click this link- https://musicmaehem.blog/2018/02/01/one-night-stand-shield-the-survivors-building-hate/)

These guys are coming at you from Oshkosh,WI and have been on the scene since 2011! I was more than happy to interview these cool dudes, and it just so happened that we had a show with them at Triple P’s so it was the perfect opportunity! So, with that we bring you Shield The Survivors!



For more on Shield The Survivors, check the links below!! “Building Hate” is Available now!



Also! David Pietila (Guitar and vocals) does his own recording so check out his site as well!


-Mitchel Fulcer 

Weekend Warriors//Metal Interviews//A Coup De Grace

Welcome all to Weekend Warriors  with A Coup De Grace! These guys are from the scene in Green Bay, WI and have been playing out for about a year. Recently they released their single “Earthbound” which is currently being aired on Razor Undergorund on Razor 94.7. We attended their album release party at the Lyric Room in their home town to celebrate the release of their newest EP Tyrannicide  and to get to know these hardcore dudes a bit!

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Check out their music on Bandcamp!


-Emily Mae 


Weekend Warriors//Metal Interviews//Toxic Ruin

Toxic Ruin is a four piece, original, thrash metal band from Sheboygan, WI. Their sound contains a healthy mixture of thrash, death, and traditional heavy metal. Subterranean Terror, debuted in August 2016. Since then, Toxic Ruin has been writing and recording their second full length album which they promise will be heavy hitter (and will be if it’s anything close to Subterranean Terror.) 


We have seen Toxic Ruin live on many occasion, including 2017 Savagafest most recently. This time we had to opportunity to talk some details of what is to come at Happy’s in Woodruff WI!

You can find Toxic Ruin on Facebook and Band Camp!




Photo Credit: Emily Mae

-Mitchel Fulcer 

Weekend Warriors//Punk/Metal Crossover Interviews//X-Method

Welcome to Weekend Warriors! This time we reached out to California to talk with the metal/punk crossover band X-Method.

X-Method is from the San Francisco Bay area and Central Valley California. The band has been together for approximately three years, but the concept of X-Method was born in 1999 by the lead singer Abby.  Since then, they have had many accomplishments in their career, including the release of their first album “Sex, Alcohol, Rebel Music”, and had some tour dates here in the U.S. with the legendary thrashers D.R.I!


Recently, X-Method has been signed onto Rock Syndicate Records, and to celebrate they will be releasing a brand new EP for all of us, “Apparition of the Crypt“, which will be out soon! They also have a new tour coming up featuring the band Toxin, and are even going to be in Europe!

With all kinds of news like this in the making, we had to speak with X-Method founder Abby and find out what we were to expect and other exciting details about this heavy hitter!

We have a lot of experience with our scene in the Midwest and know it well, however we would love to know what the scene is like in the Bay area. Could you tell us a bit about what it’s like there and what your impression of it is?

It’s super exciting– a lot of bands know each other and hang out with each other as well. You could be at a show and run into one of the guys from Exodus, Death Angel, etc.etc., at any given time. They are all super cool too; it’s more like a metal family vibe out here and it’s been that way since I was a teenager.

We saw that X-Method has its own fan club known as Method Militia United. What can you tell us about this killer fan club?

It started out as a pun from a few friends and fans and it grew into an actual thing. I travel a lot so I know many people in different countries so I decided to create that page as a way of uniting all these different people from different countries, states etc., that support us.


To join the MMU, you can find the link on the X-Method page in the “Groups” tab.

You have a tour coming up called the Primal Rage Tour with the band Toxin. What are some of the venues you are looking forward playing most? Or what are some of your favorite places along the way?

By far one of my favorite venues is The Shredder in Idaho– they showed us so much love when we tour with D.R.I. a few years back. We will be hitting a lot of states we have not played before so we are looking forward to every show; it’s always fun to meet new metalheads and gain new fans.


You also have a tour coming up in Europe as well! You’re playing the Amplified Festival in the U.K, what is that all about? Have you played this festival before or is this your first time?

This will be our first time. We are beyond honored to be playing in The U.K. It’s a dream come true. The band I am looking forward to seeing the most is Dustbolt from Germany, they are a great thrash band. We will continue on to play various countries in Europe that are still in the works so I could not give any for sure dates and countries yet other than the first day of the tour July 7th in The U.K.


For more on Amplified Festival UK, follow the link!


Your new EP “Apparition of the Crypt” is your first release under Rock Syndicate Records. What is your inspiration behind this release and what can fans expect from this EP?

Fans can expect pure heavy riffs, sick lyrics and topics that might offend the thin skinned. I get inspired by many things, in regards to the topics on this EP it was more a vent on things that piss me off about society. I personally feel people are getting butt-hurt behind the wrong things, the topics I address are the topics society should be mad about.


To check out other bands, releases and killer shows be sure to look up Rock Syndicate at: https://www.facebook.com/RockSyndicate/

Official page : http://rocksyndicaterecords.com/

Is there any other big news for 2018 coming up for you guys that everyone in the Method Militia United and other fans should know about?

Yes, if all goes as planned we will be releasing two new music videos this year but sorry no spoilers, ha ha! Everyone will have to wait and see what happens.


You definitely don’t want to miss out on whats to come for X-Method! So be sure to give them a follow!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xmethod1/

They also have a Twitter:


Check them out on the web at:


Thank you again to Abby and Rock Syndicate Records for taking some time with us here at Music Maehem!! We are more than excited to hear from the local scenes all around us! Keep it heavy friends!

Emily Mae 



Weekend Warriors//Metal Interview//SEISMA

Part two of this Front Row feature, I sat down with SEISMA to learn more about one of my favorite local acts. What’s the story of SEISMA? Who are the people behind these monstrous 50 TON RIFFS? And the answer to the question everyone wants to know…WHAT IS UP WITH THE COLOR ORANGE?? Sit back, crank that groovy ‘Abominable’ tune, and find out the answers and more in this week’s interview.


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQMyYJDVvWmSkrfz67kjEzQ

Victor Strut music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdLZ8MM3yf8

Bandcamp: https://seisma.bandcamp.com/

Don’t forget to tune in on facebook where we will be going live to announce the winner of our 500 like giveaway!

Cat Sullivan

Weekend Warriors//Punk Interviews//Color Killer!

Color Killer is the new punk prodigy band located in Marlborough, MA. Fun fact about this punk band is: They are all kids! That’s correct, you read that right. I first found them on accident on Facebook when a video popped up in my feed. The first song I ever heard was their original tune “Down With Winter” and I was just blown away. There was so much talent at such a young age, and it was punk! It brought a tear to my eye to know that in this world today with all its craziness punk is still very much alive and well. Influenced by bands such as Green Day, Blink-182, Teenage Bottle Rocket and The Prozacs they are really making a difference and fast. They are also working currently with Jay Gauvin of The Prozacs writing a few songs. Upon contacting them, I actually found out that Lincoln, guitarist and lead vocalist for Color Killer, actually had the opportunity to join Green Day on stage. Which in itself is impressive and certainly an opportunity I would die for, but that being said, Color Killer stands all on its own.


Color Killer is a very unique name! I definitely get a Punk vibe from that right away! Can you tell me where you got the name from?

We were trying to come up with a name and were all just saying stuff. One of us said Color Killer and we all said : “Yeah, let’s use it”

Speaking of colors, I love your look! Who does your hair and what brand of dye do you use? Just out of curiosity haha.

Our parents do our hair, well, except for Nate who thinks he’s so special that he has to go to a professional. We don’t know what brand of dye we use.

How has being in a band changed your life? Is it difficult to balance your band life with school?

Our weekends are pretty busy with practicing or playing shows. We also practicing or playing shows. We also practice a couple days a week after school. We’re still pretty young and don’t get a lot of homework. We also don’t usually play shows on school nights.

I saw your recent videos featuring original songs, very well done! Can you tell me a bit about what inspires you to write?

We just play around come with a melody, then we have a couple of people that help us with the lyrics.

What do your friends and/or classmates think about your band? Have they seen you play?

Most of them think it’s cool. Some say only nerds are in bands. Some if them have come to see us play at shows. Some of our teachers have come to see us too.

Where was your very first show as a band? What was it like?

Our first show as a band was at Ralph’s in Worcester, at the end of last summer. It was a lot of fun.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans? Do you have a new album coming up or a tour planned?

We are going to start recording our first album in the next couple of weeks.

We will be playing the Ernie Ball Stage at the Vans Warped Tour in July 27th in Mansfield, MA

I just simply can not stress how important it is to the music community as a whole that a band like Color Killer exists. I feel like a lot of times when youth are experiencing creative outlets, they often get discouraged at a very young age by their parents or other adults. I’m not sure adults even ever really realize it, but I know I have seen it before as well as experienced it myself. One scenario I can think of from the top of my head was one Christmas I was with family and I over heard a child say proudly ” When I grow up I want to be and artist!” the jaded parent replied, “Well, that’s a nice hobby honey, but what do you want to do for a real job? You can’t make money off of art”

In that moment…that is when a dream dies. That kind of thing needs to change and it starts here. This is how we save the world. Thank you so much once again to Color Killer for taking time with me to tell a bit about their story and a special thank you to their parents, guardians, and other people who stand behind and encourage them daily. You all rock!

You can find more about Color Killer in the links below!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ColorKillerBand/

They also have Tee’s available! Shirts are $15 including shipping in the US. Paypal to tony@color-killer.com. (Include Size, Color and Address in the comments.)


I strongly encourage buying band merch. from bands on any level of fame. No matter what, this is how they survive in scene! Buying band merch. gets their music recorded, their band on the road and closer to your home town! So please, show your support!

Emily Mae

Photo Credit: Jay Gauvin

Weekend Warriors//Metal Interviews//Casket Robbery

Casket Robbery quickly gained national attention with the release of their debut album Evolution of Evil in 2016 and have since established themselves as a brutal, heavy hitter in the live music scene! Their home is in Madison, the lovely capital of Wisconsin.
I had the pleasure of seeing them live for the first time in 2017 at Savagefest, hosted by Savage Entertainment. Their lead vocalist Megan Orvold blew me away with her powerful voice. She also has amazing support from her other band members as well: Cory Scheider on guitar, Troy Powell on guitar, and Derek Silloway on bass guitar (**official drummer TBA). They were a very tight band. I could easily see why they were becoming so well known so quickly! Their energy during the live performance was honestly unforgettable and it was no wonder that they were in the running to be on COMBAT BULLETS Vol. 1.0, the official compilation album for Combat Records, and won!


Available for pre-order now!http://empmerch.com/product/combat-bulletsvol-1/

Be sure to follow Combat Records on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/combatrecordsofficial/
With So many things on the way, Casket Robbery definitely has a lot of exciting news and we wanted to hear all about it! We contacted Megan for all the latest details!

Congratulations on making it onto the compilation album for Combat Records! How does it feel to have your music recognized by a record label?
Thank you so much! We are very excited about the Combat Records compilation, we really busted our asses for that competition and it feels really good that we are on it. Probably even better that David Ellefson [of Combat Records] said we had a very metal band name on his ‘live’ announcement, haha. It’s great having our music recognized by a label, especially one as iconic as this one. We actually made it onto the EMP compilation a few years back as well.

Your EP The Ascension is available now. What are we to expect when listening to this album? Is there a particular concept or idea behind the material?
We set out to write and record The Ascension last year after a pretty big lineup change in the band. I was tapped-in to do vocals for the band last February/March and the band was set to tour that coming June. Knowing that we wanted something out there with my vocals on it that we could bring on tour and give fans (with it being such a drastic change), we set out to get The Ascension done…and quickly, haha.
What you can expect is in-your-face brutality right from the start. We really wanted to come out keeping the themes that Casket Robbery is known for but give my new personal spin on them. Lyrically, I threw around a lot of ideas for the 3 songs on the EP and I’m really happy with how they all turned out, the songs definitely feel like they flow together. We thought The Ascension would particularly be a fitting title for the EP, as we were rising anew, and ready to hit things hard again. When it all comes down to it, it’s Casket Robbery through and through…you’ve got the brutality, you’ve got the horror imagery and feel, and you’ve got that unmistakable groove that Casket has become known for.



Casket Robbery seems to be breaking into the music scene very quickly! I’m sure that means you are working all kinds of new and exciting things. What news can you share with us about what’s to come in 2018?
2018 is shaping up to be a big year for us and our plans. We’ve begun writing, we’ve been booking a few local shows, and we’ve got at least 2 tours in the works this year so far and hopefully more. We have a lot to be proud of with the momentum of 2017; we did a US tour, came out with an EP through some lineup changes, we did a JJOverdrive takeover (which was a HUGE highlight for us and we’re so thankful of all of the support from JJO and JJOverdrive, it was an honor to be able to do that), and we made it on the MaximumInk [magazine] top 41 chart and made it in the top 5, which is pretty fantastic to get some death metal in there. Obviously with the Combat compilation that we talked about before and all of the awesome support and feedback off of the EP– it was a great year and we really want to keep the momentum going. We’re all really hard at work in the band to push this to the next level, especially to get back out on the road where we all love and belong.


We have talked about what’s new for Casket Robbery, but what about the past? Where did Casket Robbery come from and what helped you reach the level you are at now?
Casket Robbery was actually formed in 2012 by guitarist Cory Scheider (Luna Mortis, Epicurean) and the original vocalist. What originally was meant to be a fun side project turned into the groovy, horror-filled, brutal metal that Casket is known for today.
Hmm…what helped us reach the level we’re at right now…a LOT of hard work…a lot of sleepless nights getting everything done behind the scenes. Cory busts his ass doing so much of the business day-to-day stuff and honestly his push, drive, and determination…is why this band is where it’s at today. Now we’ve all kind of morphed into this well-oiled machine, all of us knowing what our personal strengths are and where they can be used in the band and I think that’s why we’re functioning so well right now…we all work really well together.

Now, we all know that things in the music business are not always smooth. We all experience dramas and hardships as well as just crazy things that happen along the way. Does Casket Robbery have any stories to share?
I think you hit the nail on the head with the music business not always being smooth-sailing, especially in metal. It’s definitely a fight out there and crazy stuff happens to us all. Balancing your home/work life and your band life is a big one, especially with touring with no label support. We are essentially doing all of the work that a label would do while balancing personal lives, jobs, and finances….it’s definitely a struggle sometimes. So much goes on behind the scenes to make sure we’re on track and ready for the things coming up. But at the end of the day, as cookie-cutter cliché as this may sound…all of us are in this because we love what we are doing, we love what we are creating, we love being out there on the road…and I think that shows…just by the sheer determination this band has had to break through. We definitely do not and will not give up.


A special thank you to Casket Robbery for taking the time to speak with us! To keep up with what is new for Casket Robbery, be sure to follow them on Facebook!


Youtube: https://m.youtube.com/user/casketrobbery

You can catch them LIVE at The Frequency in Madison ,WI April 4th. For ticket information check them out on the Bands In Town APP

Upcoming Tour Dates

You can purchase all kinds of cool merch here!


Photo cred- Promo- Loki Lott Photography

Live shot- Emily Maehem Photography

Emily Mae

Weekend Warriors//Metal Interviews//Attalla


Attalla is a doom metal band with with a classic rock n roll edge that hails from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. They have been on the scene since 2012, and have been accomplishing all kinds of things since their beginning 6 years ago. After they were recommended to us, we gave them a listen and were not disappointed. Their Black Sabbath-like twist to modern doom metal was the perfect thing for our feature. With a few tours under their belt, (including the east coast) one album release (with another new album released recently), while all of this being self-promoted, we were nothing short of impressed. We tracked them down to the Pollock Inn in Wausau for an interview, presented to you by our very own Don Niesen.  The band collectively decided that he should sit with Cody Stieg and get the low down on what Attalla has to tell us!


So the band was formed in 2012, the year the world ended, what have been some of your accomplishments after you survived this?

2012 was when we got together and worked on and recorded the self titled concept album Attalla, which was released in July 2014. 2015 was our first tour east, which was all self promoted. There were great crowds and great feedback due to online promotion from reviews and interviews we sustained crowds throughout the tour there.


So, Glacial Rule is your next album?

We began writing and recording in 2016 and it was released in 2017. Glacier Rule was recorded at Howel Recording Studio in Milwaukee. All the songs on the album are inspired by natural things found in Wisconsin, such as how the glaciers shaped our state and the power it took to do that. The album art was designed by Adam Burke from Portland, Oregon. It was hand painted on a very large scale canvas. Please be sure to look up his artwork!

(We did our detective work and found his instagram which is the handle @nightjarillustration–be sure to follow it!)

We had vinyl albums made as well as special editions. 100 of them were fire red and we sold all of them in one month after the release. Then, we made 400 frostbite clear blue vinyls that are currently available. We have had great reviews and over 50,000 views on our Youtube!


So, back to the tour for Glacial Rule, how did that go?

In 2016, we spent a month touring the west coast, which went well and had even bigger crowds. Since we had already toured the east coast, it made booking the west coast much easier. Then, we kind of ran into a hiccup with drummers so in 2017 we went through 3 drummer changes from the time of the release to September. That kind of complicated things but we kept moving forward. In September of 2017 we booked another tour to the east coast. It was 17 shows and our following had grown so we had larger crowds there as well. As of November of 2017, we have started writing material for our third album and have been doing 3 to 4 shows a month locally here in the Midwest.


Have you had any radio airplay or podcasts?

We sent out 100 press kits to radio stations and it didn’t really amount to a whole lot. We were featured on the 94.7 on the Edge on the Razor. It’s not a main goal to impress the radio but whatever exposure we get from it– great! We are on Spotify, and it turns out that there is a rapper with a same name and the same spelling which is causing a conflict for the rapper, even confusion for the rapper’s management. We are on bandcamp and Facebook of course. Social media is a great way to get our name out there.


I see you’re playing at the Doomed and Stoned Festival in Chicago, what can you tell us about it? Where can we find tickets?

We are playing June 1st which is a Friday with six other bands. The festival is three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and it features seven bands per night. This festival has been going on in Indianapolis for two years and this is the first year they are adding a Chicago location. The tickets are $20 a day or $50 for all three days. You can find them at the Doomed and Stoned Web page. (Link below)



Thank you once again to Attalla for spending time with Music Maehem! It was a pleasure to meet them and we look forward to seeing them again on the scene! As always, be sure to like and follow them on Facebook and other social media!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/attallawi/

Bandcamp: https://attallawi.bandcamp.com/

Below is a peak at their album Glacial Rule. 

Don Niesen  



Weekend Warriors//Bashford


Hey there local music fans. Cat here, this week I sat down with the Madison local grunge band, Bashford. I made friends with Luke (vocals/guitar) earlier last year and only just recently saw his band at the Wisco a couple weeks ago. It didn’t take me long to decide that I wanted to feature them in the next Weekend Warriors article. Before we all headed out to last week’s show, I sat down to find out more about Bashford. In the video below, we talk about their influences, what inspired their newest album, and more. Enjoy and don’t forget to check out their next gigs so you don’t miss the next Bashford show!

Cat Sullivan