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AV AMPLIFIED!//Distortion- Baby Metal

Welcome once again to AV AMPLIFIED!, where we feature the hottest music videos on the scene! This time, we are featuring everybody’s most favorite kawaii metal band: Baby Metal!

There seems to have been much debate as far as this band goes. I know a lot of those “die hard” metal fans who like to go around saying what is truly “metal” and what isn’t. But when you listen to Baby Metal, sorry to break it to you, but it’s about as metal as it gets! It’s the perfect combination of classic J-pop and modern death metal. These brutal babes will rip your heart out, take a bite out, and shove it right back in.

I, for one, just happily accept it.

Baby Metal has made quite the statement in the world, topping charts and performing giant festivals right alongside some of the greatest metal artists of all time including, but not limited to: the Big 4 (Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer), Korn, Rob Zombie, Guns N Roses, Judas Priest and many others to come! I have also seen them in pictures with Alice Cooper, so you know that if they are Alice approved, they just have to be great.

Baby Metal have just released their newest single “Distortion”, which continues on the saga in the Metal Resistance through the release of Episode VII Apocrypha of Metal Resistance – The Chosen Seven . This was in celebration of their 2018 tour! (Dates below)


Unfortunately for me and many others, the tour is pretty small so they won’t be coming to Wisconsin, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have a date in the future for us! (PLEEEEEEEEEAAAASSSEEEEE!!!! P.S I wouldn’t say no to free tickets!)

With all that being said, let’s take a look at their new video– “Distortion”.

[Distortion] Available!

【Apple Music – BABYMETAL】

【Spotify – BABYMETAL】

This tune doesn’t mess around. It’s brutal right from the very first blast beat! Fast, brutal and triumphant, with a hint of an industrial metal element in the mix. The angelic pop voices of Su-metal, Yuimetal, and Moametal burst through the thunder of the band, yet they never steal the spotlight. It always merges so well, and that continues to hold solid in “Distortion”.

In this video, we are introduced to the Chosen Seven as they appear in the apocalyptic cityscape ready for battle. Each character is depicted to be unique from one another and have each their own unique ability. Throughout the video, the warriors are battling large demonic entities.


This video definitely goes all out. Beautiful cinematic effects, breath-taking costume designs, and the makeup is flawless. It brings the whole story to life. When I watch this video, I feel like I’m watching a trailer for a movie that’s about to be the next summer block buster. Although it’s short, the whole experience is memorable!

This video also raised a lot of questions as to what has happened to Yuimetal, and who exactly these “Chosen Seven” are. From what I have gathered, Yuimetal is still very much in the band but will not be touring due to a “medical condition”. Hopefully all is well for her as many Baby Metal fans are worried for her, including myself.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to what is to come in the career of Baby Metal.

“Baby Metal’s challenge for world domination continues and only the Fox God knows what the future will hold.” – Baby Metal Official

Follow Baby Metal in the links below!

BABYMETAL Official Website

BABYMETAL Official Twitter

BABYMETAL Official Facebook

BABYMETAL Official Instagram


Emily Mae

Edited by: Cat Sullivan

Gear-view Mirror// Gary Vandenberg


Hello again, local music lovers! Mitchel Fulcer here with another look through the “Gear View Mirror”. This week, I have quite the gauntlet of gear to take you through as we delve into the methods and madness of my good friend and bandmate, Gary Vandenberg. With influences in the post-rock genre, as well as being a lifelong metalhead, Gary has embarked on a journey through sound after sound and pedal after pedal, creating a fat, unique tone that surrounds you in an ambient soundscape unlike anything you have ever experienced.


Let’s begin with guitars this week. Gary uses two six-string Gibsons: a gloss black Les Paul Explorer (left) and a silverburst Les Paul Studio (right). He plays through a single JB pickup in both guitars to create the highly touch-sensitive response needed for his unique style.

explorer gib s.b.

To create a more impressionable swell within his music, Gary introduces a silver Boss volume pedal (far left) with black grip tape.


You may have noticed many guitarists split their signals across the stage by using a channel selector. This setup takes full advantage of that ability with the Electro-Harmonix Switchblade+.



To the left of the Switchblade+ is an Electro-Harmonix 360 nano looper. This allows Gary to lay multiple riffs within one measure, and he uses this tool in the same manner a painter would his brush. Each layer contributes to the bigger picture.


Unlike the guitar rigs I usually see, this particular pedaltrain ran into a Diezel Vh4 pre-amp pedal.

diezel pre amp

To eliminate unwanted sound or feedback, Gary uses a Hush noise reducer, which is followed closely by a rack-mounted RockTron power amp.


Down the more exploratory side of Mr. Vandenberg’s pedaltrain, things get crazy with a Digitech Freqout pedal. This insanely touch-sensitive masterpiece builds natural feedback under any sustained notes.


In some songs, the riffs are split by an Electro Harmonix Pitch Fork pedal for those wild harmonies and dual lead sounds.  


Three different Mooer pedals are splashed in the mix:

Yellow Compressor


Slow Engine


Ensemble King


In between the Slow Engine and the Ensemble King, one can find an american staple in the Wampler Mesa Triple Wreck distortion pedal.


Delays and echos are a must have for the foundation of such a vast tone.


Digitech Obscura:


Belle Epoch tape echo:


Earthquaker Afterneath:



Bringing in the caboose is another Hush noise reducer, followed by a BBE Sonic Maximiser and yet another RockTron power amp.



After explaining the purpose for each pedal to help us understand why he uses such an extensive set up, he looks me in the eye to deliver his conclusion:


“I use a normal distorted tone with looper pedals to act as my “rhythm guitar”. Otherwise, I let my notes decay into feedback, growing in intensity as they are repeated through stacked delays. Finally, as everything hits the reverb, the notes wash into each other, creating a sustained cascade.” – Gary Vandenberg


Honestly, I couldn’t agree more with what he said.  As a guitarist (and music lover in general), I was extremely excited to not only learn about the various effects you can have at the tap of your foot, but see them in action!


Thank you all for reading, and if you enjoy what you see feel free to contact me on Facebook and give any constructive criticism. If you think you have something crazy to add to the local table I’d love to pick your brain and show the world how you get weird.
Next week we get to look at the on stage rack and gear of Jonathan “Icelander” Nicewander. With a Name like “The Ragnarok” this nine piece demon has a lot to break down with the cymbal package to match.

See you next time Gearheads and music lovers! Until then thrash fast, and headbang hard!!!

Mitchel Fulcer 







Weekend Warriors//Constance-Recognize Your Potential Tour


Meet Central Wisconsin’s Constance. Known for their unique style of blending both light and heavy aspects of metal, they have created their own brand of progressive metalcore.

2018 marks their third year out in the scene and they are hitting it hard. Not only will this be their second Midwest tour, but they are also releasing a new album Recognize Your Potential. I spoke with Constance about their newest single “White Shores” (Feat. Jake Olson of Terraform) which will be featured on their newest album, as well as what is new to come for their career.


This year is “Constance’s most ambitious year yet” could you please elaborate on that a bit? 

The release of our first full length album Recognize Your Potential is definitely a huge step forward in terms of the progression and growth of this band. Everything we endured to get to this point has really shaped us as musicians and individuals, so to say that this next year of supporting our release is huge would be quite the understatement.

When reading your band interests section I couldn’t help but laugh. It says that you are influenced by Smash Bros, Power Rangers, Shrek and bears. I too find these to be inspiring. Are there any other bands, moments, or other things that have had an impact on your career?

Honestly, what more is there to say than Shrek is love, Smash is life.

We definitely wouldn’t be where we are today without our friends in the band In Solace. They helped us get on our first show, took us on the road for our first tour and are all just some of the kindest people we’ve ever met. So without them, who knows where we’d be today!

This year is the beginning of your Recognize Your Potential tour, are there any particular venues you are looking forward to or playing for the first time?

We actually did the RYP Tour this past summer with our friends in Beyond Atlas and Aurora View (who will both be playing our album release show, check ‘em out!). However, we do plan on touring again this spring/summer to support the album. I would say the venue I’m looking most forward to playing again would be The Garage in Burnsville, Minnesota. They were under renovation last summer during our tour so we’d love to bring our next one through there. It’s such a great venue and the staff that runs it has been nothing but great to us. Get out there and catch a show if you can!

With a new album on the way, there is always a lot of anticipation from the fans, and especially from the musicians who created it. Is there a label you one day wish to be a part of or would you like to remain independent?

Now this is a tough one! We really enjoy being an independent artist currently. However, if the right opportunity presents itself that isn’t to say that we wouldn’t take a record deal!

Is there anything you would like to include about your new album, such as the overall concept or message? What does it say about where Constance stands as a band? What can we look forward to?

Our new album covers a wide range of topics. There are a few tracks based on concepts but the majority of the tracks cover a lot of our own personal struggles. Ultimately, though the album is about overcoming your fears, dealing with those inner demons, pushing yourself past your boundaries and finding the strength inside yourself to make your dreams a reality. There were a lot of hurdles we had to jump in order to make it to this point in our bands career and we couldn’t be more proud of where we are today. Like we stated prior, 2018 is going to be a tremendous year for us, so if you like what you’ve heard so far there is plenty more to come.

“White Shores” really hits you hard from the beginning. I can already really get a feel for what we are to expect from their new album. You are immediately drawn in by the perfect mix of clean and guttural vocals. The technical intricacy of the drum fills compliment the guitar riffs and kick drum patterns, adding tremendous power to this track. The two distinct personalities between the guitars really brighten up the dueling vocals. This really brings forth the true style of Constance, the constant interplay between heavy and light.

Their new album Recognize Your Potential is due out March 2nd, 2018 and the anticipation is killing us! Until then you can view their video of “White Shores” now! This track is also available for download!




The Album release show will be held March 3rd 2018 at Coral Lanes Bowling Center in Rothschild, Wisconsin.


You can also follow Constance on Facebook and Bandcamp.com!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/constancewi/

Bandcamp: https://constancewi.bandcamp.com/

Emly Mae