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On The Road//Metal For Muttz 2018

Metal 4 Muttz is a charity concert to help the Lincoln & Marathon County Humane Society. The hosts of this event was Shannon Barden of the band Syght Unscene and Brittnay Loka. Also in support was Hazardous Beauties Modeling. This year Metal For Muttz was held at The Cabaret Bar in Wausau,WI on April 21st. This event featured 10 bands including:

  • All Kings Fall
  • Downgrade
  • Syght Unscene
  • Un-Broken
  • Auf-ki
  • Infantivore
  • Our Last Vision
  • For Once
  • Constance
  • Artists Unknown
  • Suck Bucket
  • Zippnuttz
  • Masochistic Jag
  • Death The Kid

There were many people in attendance of this show. The venue was packed from wall to wall with supporters-band members and fans alike. There was quite the variety of metal acts, and even some punk bands in the mix that came together for the cause. Metal 4 Muttz also put together a raffle as well as food that was provided for those who were volunteering their time at the event. The weather that day was more than perfect for the event as well, it was the first nice day in what had seemed like an eternity. So, this was the perfect excuse to leave the house, not to mention the fact that it was for an amazing cause. We took the time to not only photograph and film the bands but also to interview with some of the people who helped this event be possible. Featured is Shannon Barden, Brittnay Loka, and Cat Taylor.


Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Metal4Muttz/


Hazardous Beauties Modeling: https://www.facebook.com/HazardousBeauties/

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Photos: Emily Mae For complete gallery visit- https://www.facebook.com/Emilymaehem25/

Video: Cat Sullivan

Emily Mae and Cat Sullivan

Gear-view Mirror//Evoked Lead Guitarist Dan Finnegan


Hello local reader! Mitchel Fulcer here and thanks for checking out my first article of “Gear View Mirror”. The intention here is simple. I am going to do my best to get backstage and get the lowdown on all the gear used by our local musicians.


January 27th 2018 “All Kings Fall” played a birthday show celebrating the love, support and birth of our friends Steven “Redbeard” Vertz, and Jason Mansavage. They hand picked two bands to entertain the evening and headlining the night was the all mighty “Evoked”! These local legends have been tearing up the scene for years and have a sweet stage setup that has always caught my eye. So I decided to spend time with Dan Finnigan [lead guitar] and Jason Schumacher [rhythm guitar and vocals] after their set to get the lowdown on their on stage gear so we can all get a closer look at who these dudes are and where their minds are looking to go.


First I pulled Dan aside and I knew I was in for a treat! If you have seen Evoked before you may have seen as many as three separate stage setups. Just like myself, as well as every other guitarist out there, there is an ever growing hunger to find your musical niche and identity in the music community. That being said, Dan’s setup is not your typical thrash setup. First of all he uses an Orange 55 watt amp head which I must admit caught my eye right out of the gate. “A Lot of people give me shit for using Orange to play thrash metal, but this first gen. Amp has the tone of the vintage 800 that so many thrash players chase.” Dan eagerly explains “I use a 50 watt head because you’ll never need any more than that! If your sound guy is worth his salt you don’t need crazy stage sound. Having 100+ watts is like having a Ferrari and never driving over 60 mph. Just a waste.”


Underneath his Orange head is an Orange 4/12 cabinet with vintage 30’s speakers for that classic british warmth. Don’t let that fool you though this puppy sounds well managed for thrash and kranks!!!


I continued to be impressed as we moved from the halfstack to the gorgeous LTD Alexi Laiho signature V’s. Full force with amazing tone of the single seymour duncan pickup, a body caressing cutaway and of course floyd rose bridge and whammy bar.

From the guitar he’s running into his wireless receiver mounted straight to his pedalboard. Followed by a TC Electronics Polytune tuner.

wirelessply tuner

A personal favorite of mine: the Dimebag Darrell signature “Crybaby From Hell” wah pedal. By far the most versatile wah pedal I have come across.

cfh wah

The modern staple Ibanez Tube Screamer overdrive distortion pedal. Asking for details, he informs “I use no extra gain or distortion. Just simply boost my existing tone.”

tube screamer

His collection of MXR modular/time based effects was a sight to behold. Running this all right out front rather than through his effects loop,Dan focuses heavily on how his chain is set. (as all guitarists should be).

Beginning the MXR chain is his Carbon Copy analog Delay. Running a long time length and low level on the pedal allows for a more full sound. It also has a crazy dial ability that lets you make crazy dystopian, Sci-Fi like sounds for those that like to get weird.

mxr carbon copy delay

Next in line is another thrash staple : the phase 90 used by 1000’s of thrash bands around the globe it was no surprise to see it made its way to Dans board.

phase 90

An MXR BLS Zakk Wylde Chorus pedal. (Definitely wanna try one out now!)

bls chorus

Topping the chain off with an MXR Noise Gate. A must have for any live player. Suppressing extra unwanted noise and feedback to riff transitions and muting on a dime.

mxr noise gate

All in all I think Mr. Dan Finnigan has discovered an amazing modern thrash twist on a vintage outlook, impressing myself and so many others in the scene.

Tune in for the next article to get an up close look at the unique and partially hand crafted gear of the rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist of Evoked Jason Schumacher.

Thrash fast and headbang hard!!


Album Review// A Silent Truth//Ascension

A Silent Truth is a metal band based out of the Chicago Area. The first time I saw them live in concert was in 2017 at The Annex/Red Zone in Madison Wisconsin. They opened up for the band Letters From The Fire and I was captivated by their performance. They really had a great presence that followed them offstage as well. I did have the opportunity to speak with them a bit after their performance and I found that they were all very respectful and welcoming to all of their fans eager to meet them at their table. Band influences such as Killswitch Engage, Periphery, Metallica, Staind, Cold, Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, and Sevendust are really reflected in their new album Ascension, which is to be released in March.

I took some time with A Silent Truth’s John Partipilo to talk a little bit about the album inspiration.

“The concept of the album is almost an emotional rollercoaster, taking things that we all have experienced as a band personally by each member and tapping into it. We had several ideas for the album name and when Ascension finally clicked for us, it was because we were all feeling like we were going through this upward fight. We were ascending to another level as a band that we didn’t think we would be doing. So this is our ‘Ascension’ into this world and it’s only the beginning for us.”


These are the tracks off of Ascension that I was able to experience for myself. All of the tracks have very powerful introductions. They all get you instantly hooked and ready to rock. You can feel real emotions and they all stand true to the definition of the title of the album.

“Voiceless” To me, this really hit the spot. My favorite kinds of metal songs are always those with attitude. Perhaps its my heavy punk influence as well, but I am always captured by tunes like this one. This tune is about standing up for what is right. It definitely got me moving and I could instantly picture an entire crowd thrashing about.

“Marble” Is a track that is still filled with that raw energy and the feelings one has when you can’t ‘Save someone from themselves’. The pain of hopelessness is definitely one that I can relate to personally.

“Rayovac” A heavy song with cool melodic tones. All in all, it gives a voice to what it’s like in modern society. It expresses our much suppressed frustrations that I feel like everyone is feeling today as we watch society collapse before us, no matter what your political view or otherwise.

“Angel” This is a very empowering song. It is an outlet for those who have dealt with heartache. The particular lyric that stood out to me was “you’re never coming home.” The very idea of home is a place where we come to be secure and safe from the outside world; we think of everything we love and cherish in our lives. So, when we think of someone never coming home it creates another depth of what our loss really is. The emotion is really constructed beautifully in this song by the vocals as well as a smooth guitar solo. I definitely got a classic Chevelle kind of vibe from this song.

“Chariot” This track really showcased both vocalists. It was a great balance between the harsher type of vocals and the more melodic styles. Both really came together to bring this song to life. We are reminded that anything is possible and to grab on to our destiny no matter what that calling may be. No dream is too big and we shouldn’t let anyone tell us otherwise.

This album was a very uplifting experience, which I think we are all in need of, especially in the world today.

Get tickets to A Silent Truth CD Release Show with Orion Nine & Spec… at B House Live, Lombard, IL on 03/17/18


Tickets are on sale now here: https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1607269?utm_medium=bks

A Silent Truth has set up several tour dates so far, listed below. For more dates be sure to follow them on their Facebook page to see when they will be near you!

February 2nd Cobra Lounge Chicago
Feb 3rd The Looney Bin Bradley
Feb 9th The Forge Joliet
Feb 17th Cheers South Bend
March 2nd The Looney Bin for round 2
March 3rd Brewski’s Kentucky
March 10th Frank’s Powerplant Milwaukee
March 17th Brauerhouse Lombard
March 24th Penny Road Barrington
March 31st Fort Wayne
April 14th Bada Brew Crest Hill
April 21st Springfest
April 28th the Warehouse Melrose Park
May 12th Whiskeys Rockford
May 18th The Looney Bin round 3
May 19th The Redzone Madison
May 25th Music Lynx Mentor Lake
July 14th Bogg Hull Tavern Des Moines
July 15th the Hive Collective Cedar Rapids
July 21st TBA

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asilenttruth/


Vulgar Display of Wisconsin “Remembering Dimebag”

In Columbus, OH December 8, 2004, the metal community lost a true legend unexpectedly. “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott and three other people during a Damageplan concert were shot and killed by a young obsessed fan. The metal community was turned completely upside-down and all were devastated by this unfortunate and tragic act. 13 years later, we all are still paying tribute to Dimebag here in the Wisconsin  local scene.

The show was hosted by Shane Keddell, the well respected Promoter and sound technician at Grave Marker Music. Located at the Xtra920, a venue in Appleton WI, metal heads from all over the area braved the snow storm to gather together in honor of their fallen hero. There was even a raffle held to win either a Dean guitar (the brand in which Dimebag supported) and tickets to the up coming event Savagefest.  I set up the Merch table for All Kings Fall right next to the opening band Squid Hammer Metal, a Wisconsin metal band based out of Watertown, WI. They always have an impressive table. Lots of cool tees and other things all guarded by a dead squid in a jar, which is pretty metal.

As soon as the doors opened everyone shuffled in eagerly from the cold to get ready to rock out. Sound check was over and Squid Hammer Metal stepped up to the stage.

Along with their originals, Squid Hammer Metal played a few Pantera cover songs in honor of Dime. They then held up their drinks for a toast and introduced All Kings Fall to play next. Ian Gray ( bassist of AKF) shared a story about when he heard the unfortunate news about the tragedy of Dimebag.  ” I remember in 2004 I was at a Cradle of Filth and Type O Negative concert at the Rave in Milwaukee. There was this woman out side shouting hysterically ‘Dime’s been shot! Dime’s been shot!’ ” He took a breath and continued “Everyone thought it was a joke of some kind..but sure enough when I got home the next day it was all over the news and I was shocked” I could tell he was reflecting on those feelings again and everyone was with him in that moment, remembering how they felt at the time.

After All Kings Fall there was a KISS Tribute band by the name of Paul and The Destroyers. To me, this was a great tribute to Dime. His favorite band was KISS when he was growing up. So much so in face that he had requested in his will that he be buried in a “KISS Kasket”. It was sent to the Dimebag by Gene Simmons himself. (He was buried with the Bumblebee’ guitar from Eddie Van Halen as well if you didn’t know that) It was a really special thing to be able to get a taste of what Dimebag loved and was inspired by and we all sang and danced along with the classic tunes.  They were really fun and full of energy and enthusiasm. There was fog and lasers as well. I definitely felt like I had been transported to the 80’s for a short while.

The end of the night was one of the most beautiful parts of the show, its called the Vulgar Display of Wisconsin. Several bands from the scene all had picked one song that Dimebag had played during his career to share with everyone. We all gathered around with our Pantera tees and red dyed beards to say our farewell. The first band was Evoked and they started it of with “Domination” after that they were followed by Shane’s band Headstone. They played a very passionate tribute with “This Love”. Then it was Shield the Survivors and they changed it up by being the only band to pay tribute with a cover from Dime’s band Damageplan. All Kings Fall followed with a cover of “Mouth for War” and finally the night ended with the band LEAD.

Its really quite amazing to me that everyone still has the respect to honor Dimebag Darrell. The fact that one man was so inspiring to so many people..is really unbelievable. He was so young and made such a large impact on the world. His fans, his friends, his family, and many people who worked right beside him all miss him dearly. People die, but legends live forever.

“Music drives you, it wakes you up, it gets you pumping and, at the end of the day, the correct tune will chill you down”

“Metal is what I am into. Shit that moves you. Shit that has heart and soul”

Dimebag Darrel (August 20, 1966 to December 8th 2004)