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Album Review//The Age Of Truth- ‘Threshold’

The Age Of Truth is a band, a brotherhood, and a mission. Four brothers-in-arms from Philadelphia united in the singular pursuit of making the most honest heaviness this broken world can handle. As our modern lives bathe us in constant unraveling lies and deceptions, there is only truth in what they create. Their debut album, Threshold, available through Kozmik Artifactz, was released November 1, 2017, appeared multiple months on the DoomCharts and was ranked at #8 of the Top 20 Albums of 2017 by Mr. Fuzz at MoreFuzz.net.

The first song of this album is “Host” which starts out with a heavy doom-blues riff, a sign of the nature of this song. It’s occupied by soulful vocals in this detailed account of demonic possession. We are then led into “Come Back A God.” Dark, gritty doom riffs; The Age Of Truth has a groove of their own. This is the tale of an excavated Pharaoh now unleashing his wrath and returning as a risen God.

We now reach the title track, “Threshold.” The song begins with a short guitar intro which melds right into another bluesy, driven riff. Jazzy vocals packed with soul tells the story of a ritual rise of culture brought to the threshold of success to catch a glimpse of great potential, only to fail unknowingly. This is how you truly succeed- for lack of comprehension of the place that they have reached is what will get you there. There are two different styles of classic doom breakdowns to conclude this song.

“Holding Hands Like Thieves” is a tune that starts out with clean vocals and a clear melody. Then, it kicks into another gritty blues riff and more of those soulful vocals. It tells the journey of a soul as it goes through a transformation. This tune is followed by “Caroline” which is a very jazz-classic song that tells the story of a hard-luck gal that attracts all the wrong people in her life through a series of self-inflicted choices. It would seem that all of us know a ‘Caroline.’

Track six is “Oceanbones.” The melody of this song is lead with warm, fuzzy bass tones accompanied by a brassy blues guitar highlight. The vocals are scat-jazz style with a lot of reverb. This all marries very well in the overall style of this song. The chorus is an upbeat rockin’ groove. There is also a sweet blues breakdown that leads into a chanting vocal 70’s classic call out chorus while ending with a traditional rock lead on the guitar; The story seems to be of a wandering voyager who stumbles into an old ruin and tries to implore ancient souls to help guide his way home.

The seventh track is “Higado de Hierro” which, simply put, is a short yet tasty musical interlude. “Supernatural Salesmen” is next in line. This tune has a thick blues groove to it. The subject of this story is that of religion and false promise- and those who sell it.

Our final track “Honeypot” is a bonus track. It is ‘sweet as honey.’ Heavy blues and doom influences, as commonly found throughout the album, as well as warm fuzzy tones. It has a beautiful medium drive to the riffs as the sound rounds out the overall talent of this band from Philly, concluding an album full of wide variety of expression musically as well as lyrically.

I truly enjoyed the journey that The Age of Truth has taken me on. Please be sure to follow them in the links below!

Track List for ‘Threshold’
1. Host
2. Come Back A God
3. Threshold
4. Holding Hands Like Thieves
5. Caroline
6. Oceanbones
7. Higado de Hierro
8. Honeypot

Age Of Truth Line Up
Kevin McNamara: Vocals
Mike DiDonato: Guitar
Scott Frassetto: Drums
William Miller: Bass

Connect With Age of Truth online:


Don Niesen

Edited by: Samantha Crocker

On The Road//Project Mayhem 2018

Project Mayhem is a three-day music festival; the music ranges from modern bluegrass to death metal. As they say: “If its good music we want it.”

This grassroots festival was started by two lifelong friends who have helped it grow into what it is today. It began as a punk & metal show, but over the years they have reached out to other genres of music as well. This started as a premier showcase for regional bands focusing on Wisconsin bands, all located in the Northwoods for Rhinelander, Wisconsin!

Upon arriving at the grounds of Project Mayhem, you could already feel the lively spirit of this music paradise wash over you. I spoke with Chris Craig (one of the hosts for PM) before I left for the weekend. My conversation with him was a heartwarming reminder of why those of us who work in the music scene love what we do. He brought a tear to my eye as he spoke with sincerity about the history of the grounds; explaining to me how he and his punk band “back in the day” just hung up some lights, threw down a piece of plywood and rocked out all night. “Really,” he said,” I’m just thrilled that everyone wants to come to hang out in the woods with me and listen to music.”


Photo (Left- Mitchel Fulcer, Right- Jake Schultz)

So much thought goes into every single detail of the fest, from the lights to the stage, all the work doesn’t go unnoticed. There is just nothing out there that I have ever experienced that was like Project Mayhem. It was like I dreamed it. There’s fire, there are two stages, and there were even Go-Go dancers. Then, all your friends and family are there, and you’re left thinking: ‘Whoa…is this real!?’ and the best part is, YES!


Photo (Left- Meláni Khandroma, Right-Michelle Braun)

The first night of Project Mayhem took place on Thursday, August 9th. Unfortunately, our team was not able to get there until Friday, August 10th, but there was still plenty to experience!

Thursday night lineup:
Mutilated By Zombies
Corey Medina & Brothers
Dig Deep
The Central
20 Watt Tombstone
Cheap Seats
Phyl & Friends
Scott Kirby
Chris Skinner

We arrived Friday, August 10th, right in time to catch Ave Imperator. We had planned to arrive earlier, but there were, of course, delays beyond our control. You know, the typical road trip stuff. We set up camp as quickly as possible and made our way to the grounds. As mentioned above, it was like something we had never seen before, and we were excited to be there! Below is our video footage introduction of Project Mayhem! Check it out here:

Squidhammer Metal were the headliners that night, and they brought the party to life with their killer performance! They brought the attitude, force, and the fire (literally)! Every time I see these dudes I am blown away by them! My life was forever changed the day I met The Squids, and I know yours will too! For more on them check out our special feature for their album ‘Power Removal Service’ HERE


Photo- Squidhammer Metal

Friday night lineup:
Squidhammer Metal -Live video performance HERE
All Out Mutiny – Live video performance HERE
Reggie’s Revenge
Ultrea – Live video performance HERE
Ave Imperator
Unnecessary Gunpoint Lecturer (Not featured)
Wrath of the Girth (Not Featured)
Elms (Not Featured)


Photo- Jake Hiller keeping it metal!

Saturday morning we all crawled out of bed and gathered around our fires to cook breakfast in the great Northwoods. Band members, fans, and other members of the music community socialized and caught up on the grounds. Nearby was Lake George, where many people took the time to cool off before the festivities began. With only one incident from the previous night’s shenanigans, all seemed to be going pretty well. The camp was in high spirits and ready to party on! Check our video footage of Saturday night below!

The headliner of Saturday night was Thrasher! Their energy was unreal, and the pit for that show was wild! Don Niesen fought through it to get us some killer shots of their performance. They played cover tunes of our favorite metal legends that have inspired all of us, including hits from The Big Four! This band was a great way to sum up our weekend!


Photo- Thrasher

Saturday night lineup:
H1Z1- Live video performance HERE
40oz Fist
Of The Earth – Live video performance HERE
All Kings Fall- Live video performance HERE
Vermillion- Live video performance HERE
Bitter Cold- Live video performance HERE
Forcefield- Live video performance HERE
Sanctus – Live video performance HERE
Circle of Willis
Beetlegork – Live video performance HERE

Project Mayhem is a unique experience from beginning to end! If you haven’t been there, GET THERE! It was our absolute pleasure to be a part of this event! Thank you to all who put days and weeks of hard work into bringing everything together so we could all party down in the Northwoods. This is what the Wisconsin music scene is all about; It’s about being in the company of friends who become family. We can’t wait until next year!



The 2018 edition of  Project Mayhem was brought to you by Music Maehem team members Ian Gray, Mitchel Fulcer, Don Niesen and Emily Mae.

Words by- Emily Mae

Photos by Emily Mae and Don Niesen

Video shot by: Ian Gray, Don Niesen, and Mitchel Fulcer

Video Edited by: Emily Mae 

Article Edited by: Samantha Crocker 

Friday Gallery
(for complete photo release click HERE)


Saturday Gallery


Album Review//Letters To A Liar-‘Still Breathing’

Letters To A Liar is a four-piece metalcore band from Alliance, Ohio who are influenced by Oceans Ate Alaska, Asking Alexandria, Miss May I, and Memphis May Fire. In May they released their album ‘Still Breathing’ which is available for purchase now! Check out the link to their video for “Midnight Life” HERE:

‘Still Breathing’ is a techno-metal, scene-dream album. This is the album for your club life if you are a metalhead who wants to go out and party with all the other creatures of the night. Letters To A Liar combines several different styles of music within it to deliver a well-rounded jam out session that takes me back to the early to mid-2000’s. Part of me was starting to feel bad for those of you who were in the scene back in the day. There isn’t much left for you guys to jam to. I know a few of the bands are hanging around like Panic! At The Disco and Breaking Benjamin, but there hasn’t been anything new out there – until NOW! This something that gets you moving, especially if you were to have the opportunity to see them live. Which, luckily, Letters To A Liar is planning a West Coast tour!


Track List for ‘Still Breathing’
1. Into The Storm
2. Falling Behind
3. By The River
4. Courage Is Cowardly
5.Eye Of The Storm
6. Pins and Needles
7. Midnight Life
8. Still Breathing
9. It’s Illegal To Hunt For Whales In Ohio On A Sunday
10. Draw The Line

Letters To A Liar Line up:
Keith Greggs (Vocals)
Tyler Goodman (Guitar/Backup Vocals)
Justin Bean (Bass)
Robert Bendel (Drums)


To keep up with what is going on with this upcoming metalcore band follow them in the link below!

-Don Niesen

Edited by- Samantha Crocker 

Weekend Warriors//Extinguish The Sun

Extinguish the Sun was formed in the Fall of 2015. Guitarists Nick Grobe and Jeremy Toms, bassist Daniel Edmunds, singer Jeremy Miller, and drummer Michael Morley, began rehearsing and writing with the goal of creating energetic, melodic, and powerful music that could leave a unique mark on the local scene. With a broad range of influences and musical tastes, they set their sights on writing compelling songs, releasing them, and getting out and performing live as soon as possible.

Since then, they’ve released their debut album ‘Antihero’ in 2017 which is available for purchase HERE!


It was our pleasure to speak with Extinguish The Sun’s guitarist Nick Grobe to see what was to come for this upcoming Midwestern band!

In 2017 you released your debut album ‘Antihero’; since then, how have things changed for you in your career?

Things have been great! Antihero has been well received, our fan base has been growing, and we have received quite a bit of radio play – both on terrestrial and net radio – local and abroad.

Are you working on new material? Can we look forward to a new EP or album? Perhaps even a single?

We are definitely working on new material. We started writing again pretty much immediately after releasing Antihero, and our goal is to release an EP next time. We are pretty well into that process with the writing and hope to record before the year is out.

I know that you have several influences within your band, can you tell us a bit about those? Are there any new types of influences that may affect your newer material in comparison to your last album release?

Each of us is definitely influenced by a lot of different types of music, and aspects of that certainly find their way into our songs. I don’t know if anything is necessarily influencing us in new ways, but I think that some different influences might come to the top a bit more on this record – just as a result of how this process has been and how we have been writing lately. These songs are a bit more layered we think and will definitely show some growth since Antihero.

Since you are also a fellow Midwesterner, what are some of your favorite spots to hit up to play shows?

Luckily, we haven’t DISLIKED anywhere we’ve had the chance to play yet, (he laughs). That being said though, we have played in IA and around the Quad Cities quite a bit in this band, and that has been great. Some really cool venues over there like The Bierstube and the bands and fans are really accepting and seem to genuinely go out looking for new music.

So, something we like to ask bands so everyone can get to know more about our local scenes- what are some local acts that you have either seen or played with that you would like to give a shout out to?

Bloody Gulch, The High Five Sinners, Silent Ire and Fearless Me – check them out!

Any big shows coming up for you guys in the near future here?

As of right now, there isn’t much on the books. We will be playing a festival in October, but right now our main priority is writing and getting this EP finished.

Thank you once again to Extinguish The Sun for taking time with us here at Music Maehem! You can view their newest video release for their track “Flashes” here!

Follow Extinguish The Sun in the links below!
Official Site

Emily Mae

Edited by- Samantha Crocker

Album Review//Unitra-Lock Up Your Daughters

Hello Music Maeniacs! Welcome to our review feature for the band Unitra! Now, I know what you all have been thinking, we need a new wave of British heavy metal. Well, look no further! The 80’s are back with this killer album ‘Lock Up Your Daughters’!

“UNITRIUM (The Heaviest of Heavy Metals)” is a short intro track to the epic metal journey we are about to embark on. It blends flawlessly into the next track “Enforcer” which comes at you hard and heavy with classic 80’s guitar riffs while proclaiming: Metal is the reason we live. This track continues to describe the metal lifestyle with a catchy chorus- ENFORCER! There is also a cool breakdown with some sweet bass licks that remind me of another 80’s British rock star, Steve Harrison.

Next in line is “Violent Storm” which has a unique intro that highlights the drums. This tune is a full speed thrasher that will wreck your neck. If you aren’t in the pit during this tune, you are seriously missing out! This tune is full of wailing guitar solos and bass beats that get the blood moving. “Total Annihilation” keeps that energy on a high. Full of force and aggression; this is another tune for the brutal bassist. This track taps deep into the metal soul with many of our favorite elements of classic metal throughout.

“Tyrant Rex” is a chant-worthy track. This tune has a lot of the epic Iron Maiden flavor. The guitar and bass lead the way in this tune, and the drums keep everything tight and clean. I can also feel an Iced Earth kind of vibe in the track as well, especially in the vocal pattern and content; that being said, the finish is very much a great homage to Iron Maiden. You can check the track for yourself in the link below!

“(We are) UNITRA” is the epic battle cry of the band. It lays out the attitude and foundation for what Unitra brings to the table. It’s also sort of a “part 2” to the track “UNITRIUM (The Heaviest of Heavy Metals)” which takes this album in a solid full circle. This album ends us on a high note that has you craving for more! Which, lucky for us, Unitra was kind enough to fuel our metal-wanting souls with their bonus track: “American Girl.” I’m going to let you check this one out for yourself below, but take it from this American girl; It’s a f*ckin’ jam!

I am happy to have discovered the gem that is Unitra! They are something I needed to have on my playlist and a delightful blast from the past! Their energy is everything we are craving in the metal scene! Each member brings full force, passion, and brutality to the table and we can’t get enough!


Line Up
Max Speed – Vocals, Bass
Ben Cross – Guitars
Marty Jupiter – Drums

Tracks for ‘Lock Up Your Daughters’
1. UNITRIUM (The Heaviest of Heavy Metals)
2. Enforcer
3. Violent Storm
4. Total Annihilation
5. Tyrant Rex
6. (We Are) UNITRA
7. American Girl (Bonus Track)

Purchase your copy of  ‘Lock Up Your Daughters’ HERE

Follow UNITRA in the links below!

Emily Mae

Edited by Samantha Crocker

Extended Play//Locust Grove-‘Monster EP’

Hello Music Maenics! Mitchel Fulcer here with the latest edition of Extended Play where we feature the latest in EP releases! We’re going to shift gears down to Oklahoma City, OK. Oklahoma City is the stomping grounds of the incredible hard rock/metal band- Locust Grove! These guys blew me away when I saw them come to life on stage. So, with that, here is a look at their five-song EP – ‘Monster EP.’

We start off with “Menace Of Society” The song kicks the door in with a strong rhythmic pulse, which is quickly followed by strong vocals that hook you. The lyrical content is powerful, passionate, and relatable; giving off a vibe that any headbanger can get behind. Throughout the chorus, it brings things down a bit, but never loses its attitude; the way you get drawn in by bands such as Black Label Society or Down.  The modern guitar tone mixes amazingly with the classic hard rock vibes both on and off the stage. The deep, groovy solo is a breath of fresh air for myself, who had grown up on classic rock like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Johnson.

“Truth” is next. Right from the start of this tune, it is very driven by the drums which build you up to the neck-wrecking verse riffs and ear-hooking progressions with a sly vocal pattern. The second song shows me that Locust Grove has a firm grasp of structure and musicality. Each musician seems to have their own identity attached to their solos and general styles. The drummer and bassists foundations are rock solid through every transition to get that pulse all the way to the back of your head!

“Destroy Me” has a straightforward rock style that allows the vocals to shine. Getting down and dirty with a vocal intensity that almost forces you to sing along with that unison bending that we all crave. The dual solo cranks the tune into high tone-shredding that gets all of you guitarists there. “Life Of Mine” is a song that makes you want to start a pit. The drum fills pop out in this song just right; not too simple, not too much. I dig the way it slides from riff to riff and keeps a strong flow. They pull various emotions out of one song. The raw solo made the end of this song truly come alive!

The final track is the title track of this EP – “Monster.” This tune is my personal favorite, although every track could be a hit single on its own. Everything about this song kicks ass. Pulling back the rhythms on the verse is a well-known trick that is hard to do well; these guys make it sound easy! They sound bigger and fuller with every change and progression of their songs. Locust Grove covers a broad demographic which is vital whether you are local, underground, or all the way at the top. They hit the nail on the head in this song with a grade A chorus and a chant that gets the whole crowd going.

From beginning to end – ‘Monster EP’ has me banging my head and attempting to learn the lyrics as quickly as I can so that I can sing along as loud as I can. Nothing like a jammin’ rock/metal album to bring back that youthful energy! There’s a spark in this EP that is hard to put the finger on, but when you give it a listen, you will feel it too! I hope you dig Locust Grove as much as I do!


Monster EP Track: 
1. Menace Of Society
2. Truth
3. Destroy Me
4. Life Of Mine
5. Monster

You can find ‘Monster EP’ HERE

Connect with Locust Grove in the links below! 
Official Site

-Mitchel Fulcer

Edited By Samantha Crocker


Weekend Warriors//Deciphering The Zodiac

Welcome once again to Weekend Warriors! This time we are featuring progressive metalcore band Deciphering The Zodiac from northeastern Wisconsin! We caught up with these dudes in their home town of Green Bay in one of our most favorite venues- Lyric Room. They put on one hell of a show, as always! So check it out below!

Deciphering The Zodiac line-up
Brandon Dugan – Vocals
Derek Foytik – Drums
Dave Borabon – Guitar
Mickey Matuszewski – Guitar

Check out their track ‘Void’ HERE


Deciphering The Zodiac will be playing August 11th at Coral Lanes Bowling Center in Rothschild, WI



Connect with Deciphering The Zodiac online in the links below!



I’ve had August 2nd crossed off on my calendar for a while, as I found out that a band I had been following for a while was going to be coming to Wisconsin. Lynsey is in a band called Misunderstood, and they are native to Indiana, and when she asked me where they should go for a gig here in Wisconsin, I thought that the Wisco would be a cool place for a Thursday night punk gig. I told her as much, and she asked who they should play with, as they had never been to Wisconsin and aren’t familiar with who are in our scene. I suggested Coasting (Madison), The Red Flags (Janesville), and Audiophilia (Madison), as I thought all their music would gel together nicely. I also extended to Lynsey that I would be interested in doing an interview for Music Maehem– I was super excited when I saw the event was made on Facebook that she took my suggestions and made it happen, as well as agreed to be featured!

Unfortunately, Audiophilia lost their drummer prior to this show and had to drop from the lineup. And just as unfortunate, Lynsey informed me that there had occurred an emergency a couple hours before the show, and they were not able to play that night either.

As the old saying goes, shit happens.

But! The show must go on!


Ian (host of our show Powerslide) and I arrived at the Wisco just as Coasting was setting up. This was still a show worth being at to me even with two bands dropping, because not only do I enjoy the music of Coasting and The Red Flags, but I recently picked up photography as a hobby and this was going to be my first gig to be shooting at for Music Maehem.

Coasting is a pop-punk band based out of Madison. I’d seen these guys play one or two times before and was pumped to see them again. Their music reminds me distinctly of Dude Ranch era Blink-182, which is my favorite album by that band (frankly, the only album by them that I enjoy all the way through as it is way more punk and less pop than their other albums). These guys always have a good laugh or two shoved into their performance, and their tunes are catchy as hell and enough to get you bouncing on the dance floor.

Below are some of the shots I managed to capture of Coasting. As I said, this is my first photo gig at a concert-like setting. The Wisco is not known for its great lighting situation, so I did what I could…I’m definitely still a newbie. I definitely commend our spearhead Emily Mae for her amazing photographer abilities–concert pictures are not an easy task!

After a short-but-sweet half-hour set from Coasting, The Red Flags were up next. Anyone who has been following Music Maehem knows how much we love this band. They are high energy maniacs, and their music reflects in the same fashion and I personally cannot get enough of their unique and refreshing upbeat and fast-paced hip-hop-meets-rock-and-roll sound. They kept me on my feet vibing to their groove all throughout their set (which ended up being about an hour).

I’d like to say that their performance went off without a hitch, but Jonah, the madman sitting behind the drumkit, doesn’t like to play nice with his cymbals. What I mean by that is a) a chair flew over his kit at one point, b) one of the cymbals came crashing down to the floor, on more than one occasion, and c) somewhere towards the end I noticed there was blood dripping from Jonah’s cheek (warning: there is a picture below).

I imagine that happened sometime during when he…well, started hitting the cymbal with his…face.

That may sound strange, but just take it as Jonah just gets really into his performance!

Despite the other two bands dropping from the bill, this was still a show worth going to, and I had a great time and the crowd loved the performances too. It’s rare that I have a bad time out at the Wisco!

Coasting has three shows coming up the rest of this month at the Art In and Bos Meadery, and you can find the details here.

If we have any fans of late 90’s/early 2000’s punk bands in the house, I strongly recommend going and catching these guys next time they’re out of the town.

The Red Flags also have a show coming up in DeKalb, Illinois on August 10th, and are running some more shows in Milwaukee, Janesville, Appleton and Madison through the end of September. Details on those shows are at their events page on facebook here.

-Cat Sullivan

Photo cred: Cat Sullivan

Front Row//20 Watt Tombstone

Hello and welcome to Front Row! We had the privilege of  seeing the incredible death blues band 20 Watt Tombstone live and in action at the Wausau 400 block party!
Hailing from Northern Wisconsin, this loud fuzzed out 2 piece rock band is influenced by everything from metal,country & hip hop to jim beam and fireball. This band is seriously what I would call band ‘goals’. They are always one the road working hard to pave their way in the music scene. Their sound is unique to them- I personally have never seen a band like them. This amazing 2 piece band has catchy, heavy grooves that keep you going!

Check ’em out here:

20 Watt Tombstone is:
Mitch Ostrowski
Tom Jordan

Connect with 20 Watt Tombstone online:
Official Site

-Emily Mae


Album Review// Floyd Turbo- ‘Through Wolves Teeth’

Wisconsin’s favorite ‘middle-aged rock and roll’ band Floyd Turbo is back in action with the release of their newest full album- ‘Through Wolves Teeth.’ Earlier this year we dug into their EP release ‘Orange’ which you can read for yourself HERE

Check out the teaser trailer to ‘Trough Wolves Teeth’ here!

“Something Afoot In The Mistletoe” is the first track of ‘Through Wolves Teeth.’ The progression of just the intro of this song leaves me interested in the full sound of the album. The mix of a stoner/doom vibe and almost Queensryche vocals gives them a unique sound that has me hooked from the very first note. This song builds on a very thick foundation of groove and has a strong ending. We are then taken to the title track of the album- “Through Wolves Teeth” which kicks things up a notch! I feel as though I have rediscovered the feeling that I can recall from the first time I heard Mastodon’s album “Blood Mountain” The dynamics of this song gives me some insight into the vast pool of influences that they have. Getting heavy and then “pulling it back” at just the right times, showing the true experience and talent of these musicians. The doom style solos are very fitting, but also unexpected in the best of ways!

In “Death Of The Sun” it continues a sort of storytelling theme. I love that each track has a tale of its own. These all have a beginning, a climax, and all end wonderfully. A vocal driven turn on this song takes me back to late 80’s style progressive vibes like the Queensryche above, Control Denied, and Dream Theater. The high energy rhythm under the epic leads creates something comparable to a unique life’s experience.

“Gold Tooth” has a little bit of growly back vocals that add a nice touch throughout this track. The drawn-out vocal patterns make you want to push your voice right along with them! The drummer’s techniques shine in this song for me as well. I dig his fulfilling style; never letting it drift while exploring an array of other fills and expression. The next track “Pillars Of Regret” has a vibe that matches the title perfectly. You can feel where Floyd Turbo is coming from with the one. The bits and pieces of reverb and production build an intriguing story as you explore the desperation in the vocals and lyrical content.

“The Dirt, The Devil and Me” is bringing back the groove. This tune rides a wave that feels like it never ends. The acoustics in the background gives a nice touch to the voyage type of feel. “The Dirt, The Devil and Me” is another neck-wrecker, if I do say so myself, however, it still keeps that vintage sound. “ITHAVOLL” is the final track from ‘Through Wolves Teeth.’ The clean, progressive tone is well placed at the end of this album. It gives a conclusive intention that allows you to build your interpretation to the ending and it sounds beautiful.

The overall levels of this album are even and appealing. I enjoy listening to each layer. I was a big fan of the originality and eclectic tendencies of Floyd Turbo. It had me grinding a lot of nostalgic styles all at the same time, and I loved it! The composition was excellent and if you’re one that is all about the story or music that paints you a picture- you will dig ‘Through Wolves Teeth’ without a doubt!

Physical copies of this album are available HERE

Soon to be available on other media outlets!


Dean + Mark + Nick + Jim = Floyd Turbo

Through Wolves Teeth Tracks
1. Something Afoot In The Mistletoe
2. Through Wolves Teeth
3. Death Of The Sun
4. Gold Tooth
5. Pillars Of Regret
6. The Dirt, The Devil, and Me

Check out Floyd Turbo online!
Official Site

Mitchel Fulcer

Edited by Samantha Crocker