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Front Row//All Out Mutiny

After their 14 day tour across the West Coast, we were able to catch All Out Mutiny live at the 400 block party in Wausau, WI. Founded in 2015, All Out Mutiny has undoubtedly made their presence known and are steadily poised to continue to spread their brand of groove metal to all corners of the rock’n’ roll world. Self-proclaimed ‘party thrashers,’ AOM have traversed the globe with performances throughout the United States, Europe, Russia, and most recently a historical tour in Brazil.

Recently, however, there has been a bit of a lineup change for them. On tour, AOM took guest performers Mitchel Fulcer and Andy Schipferling who toured along with Robby Ray on their West Coast endeavor. After the tour, AOM brought along Adam Hinz along with Mitchel Fulcer once again to join members Erik Ackerman (Guitar), Zachary Zeitler (Bass) and Robby Ray (Drums) for a performance at the  Wausau 400 Block Party. There was even a guest appearance by former vocalist and frontman, Jason Secora, and we got it all here! 


Catch All Out Mutiny LIVE at Project Mayhem August 10th! 


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-Emily Mae

Edited by: Samantha Crocker


Hope your Sunday is going well, Maeniacs!

Today, I am bringing forth to you all something I have worked very hard on the past couple months. As I fell into a place here on the Music Maehem team, I also ended up discovering a new skill in video editing. I still have a lot to learn, but I feel I had progressed enough in the time the blog had existed to try something new–live music videos!

I could think of none other than our heavy-as-fuck friends in SEISMA to take the spot for my first trial run at this. In May, when I learned that they were going to be at the Wisco on Willy St. again, I didn’t hesitate to ask if they would do me the honor as being featured as my first live music video.

SEISMA are known for their “50 TON RIFFS” and love of Kaiju monster movies, so when Orange The Hueman (drummer) said he would like the video to feature their song “Deathmatch” (off their most recent album SEISMA II: The Land Out of Time), I knew right away that I wanted to feature the infamous scenes from the original movies King Kong and Godzilla, along with some edited stock footage I found of a “real T-Rex in Papua New Guinea” on YouTube (kudos to the creator for making it look so realistic, but a real T-Rex alive at the time of video film? Nice try!)

As I’ve said before, this is my first attempt EVER with chopping together a music video, so I would absolutely appreciate feedback (although…be gentle? Heh…).
I apologize for the graininess of the video…haven’t quite figured out the lighting thing for concert video; this whole thing is a learning experience!

Check out the video below and leave a comment, like,  and subscribe to our channel, and as always, a share if ya care! Don’t forget to check out SEISMA themselves at the links below!!


Also before *I* forget, I want to mention that SEISMA will be at Back Bar in Janesville, this Friday with All Kings Fall, Reckless Redemption and Cthonian Lich–BE THERE!!






Cat Sullivan


Front Row//SARAH LONGFIELD- Live At The Annex

Happy Friday Maeniacs! This week we have for you a Madison local legend, Sarah Longfield (formerly of The Fine Constant), along with her new drummer and guitarist for their first night to kick off their tour to promote the new album ‘Collapse//Expand’.

Check out the video HERE:


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Video by-Cat Sullivan

Front Row//Hi/Jack

From the great land of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this week’s Front Row Friday feature is the one and only Hi/Jack!
This two piece band made up of guitarist and vocalist Max Theisenhusen (aka Jack) and drummer and backup vocalist Ron Terrell, Hi/Jack brings their unique and refreshing old-school style of pure rock and roll as a breath of fresh air into our local scene. Between Max’s incredible drawn out guitar solos that make you feel like you’re wrapped up in a groovy warm blanket, and Ron’s jazz-meets-punk beats, with equally fantastic drum solos that knock you flat on your ass, Hi/Jack is sure to keep your body jiving throughout their whole set.
This week’s feature showcases Hi/Jack at the Back Bar in Janesville, Wisconsin.
Their new EP, Sunny Side Up, recorded at the infamous Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee!) is set to be released on April 21st, 2018, but is also available for pre-order now on Amazon and iTunes! (link below)
Pre-order links for Sunny Side Up:

On The Road//Metal St. Patty’s Day Party

What do you get when you mix heavy metal, beer from the Back Bar, Chuck E.Cheese, hand jobs, and a guest appearance from Squidhammer Metal? You get one hell of an interesting interview with Act Of Defiance when they came to Janesville, WI  to melt faces.

Be sure to pick up their newest album Old Scars, New Wounds:  from Metal Blade Records!  Watch/listen/order:http://www.metalblade.com/actofdefiance

Part 2 of our St. Patrick’s Day coverage, Henry and Matt were gracious enough to take some time to be interviewed for Music Maehem.
Also featured this week is a compilation video of the bands that opened for Act Of Defiance that night–some great talent all around that night at the Back Bar, make sure you check it out!
  • Bury The Enemy : https://burytheenemy.bandcamp.com/
  • Squidhammer Metal: http://www.squidhedz.com/
  • American Zeros: http://www.americanzeros.com/
  • Shattered Sun: https://www.facebook.com/ShatteredSunBand/
Cat Sullivan

Front Row//In Dying Hours

In Dying Hours is a metalcore band hailing from our capital in Madison, Wisconsin. Founded originally in 2009, In Dying Hours has since been making a name for themselves in the Madison scene in particular, spreading brutality and melting faces from every stage they step on.

With influences such as Trivium, All That Remains, and As I Lay Dying, In Dying Hours is sure to stampede over any audience in front of them with their pounding rhythms, throbbing basslines, fierce guitar riffs, and ruthless guttural vocals.

If you plan on going out to an In Dying Hours show, you better come wearing your war face and be ready to mosh! They have quickly become a Madison favorite with good reason– be sure to check out their Facebook so you don’t miss their next show!




Cat Sullivan 


Front Row//Bashford


Bashford is a  is a punk metal/grunge force/ lo-fi trifecta originally out of  Fond du lac WI but recently moving mostly to Madison, Wisconsin. This band has three talented member Dallas, Tyler, and Luke. You can find their music and follow them in the links below! Be sure to like and follow them!

Facebook: facebook.com/bashfordmusic

Band Camp: bashford.bandcamp.com

Sound Cloud: wearebashford.soundcloud.com


Cat Sullivan 

Front Row// The Red Flags

Friday night was one of pleasant surprise for myself. I drove down to Knuckle Down Saloon in Madison, where I was going to be interviewing Jake Olson of Midwest Mix-Up. That went well, Jake is a good interviewer and all around a cool dude who really seems to have his shit together. After, I decided to stick around for some of  the music and see if I couldn’t get some good footage for the site.

I’ll be honest, when Jake invited me out to meet him at Knuckle Down for our interview, I had not checked out any of the bands on the bill that night. Sometimes, if I’m invited out to a show where I have never heard of any of the bands, I like to go in completely blind and let their performance be my absolute first impression before facebook videos, bandcamp singles, or otherwise.

I’m at the bar with a friend talking about whatever, and we hear the amps go live at the front of the room. I didn’t know who was on first right away, but they instantly caught my attention.

Simply put, The Red Flags blew. My. Mind.

The Red Flags are a three-piece rock band from Janesville, Wisconsin: Guitarist and vocalist Gabe Wilson, Jonah Wilson on drums and as well as providing some vocals, and Ally Borchardt on bass, with back up vocals also. I can’t lie, being a female musician myself, having a very talented female bassist in a musical act scores automatic bonus points with me. I think it’s pretty cool that all members in one band do vocals, that’s something I don’t think I’ve seen in our scene before.

Instantly, I could recognize a weird but incredible mixture: basically if White Stripes and Rage Against The Machine had a baby. The guitarist, Jonah, even made me think of Tom Morello, from everything including playing and performance style (even has that hopping duck walk down), all the way down to his signature baseball cap! I had to wonder if he played that part on purpose or if it was just coincidence.

The energy of this group was tangible and I could tell shot through almost every person watching the stage. I have to include that their drummer, Jonah probably beat out everyone else in terms of energy, jumping up and down in his seat and throwing himself in every direction and still miraculously able to keep a perfect beat. I thought for sure he would end up kicking one of the pieces of his drum set over, if not the whole thing. This is not to imply that the rest of the band was lacking in energy, not at all. In fact, Gabe got so into it that he did end up knocking over a mic stand (I was so busy recording, I didn’t even notice it almost hit me in the face, falling right down in front of me)!

All in all, I give this band two huge thumbs up and implore anyone that’s looking to get their groove on to catch one of their shows. Make sure to like them on facebook, they have a lot of shows posted in the coming months that you can keep track of.

I wanted to keep the video I’m including short, but I tell you it was hard to only choose a couple songs to showcase here on Music Maehem.

Catch them on Feb 19th at the High Noon Saloon in Madison WI





Squid-terview // Live Interview with Squid Hammer Metal! Featuring Cat



There are few performers that can say they go all out and you are able to truly see it with your own eyes from the audience. A perfect example of this would be the infamous local heavy metal band Squidhammer Metal from Watertown, Wisconsin. From their unabashed power-driven riffs to the insane pyrotechnics and lack of fucks to give, Squidhammer Metal has certainly made a name for themselves in all over the state of Wisconsin in the music scene. I had the pleasure to sit down and talk to Jake Schultz and Jake Hiller about their act, their history, and their plans for the future direct from Squid HQ.

Find music, merch and more at the links below!




Author/ Interview- Cat Sullivan