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Front Row//20 Watt Tombstone

Hello and welcome to Front Row! We had the privilege of  seeing the incredible death blues band 20 Watt Tombstone live and in action at the Wausau 400 block party!
Hailing from Northern Wisconsin, this loud fuzzed out 2 piece rock band is influenced by everything from metal,country & hip hop to jim beam and fireball. This band is seriously what I would call band ‘goals’. They are always one the road working hard to pave their way in the music scene. Their sound is unique to them- I personally have never seen a band like them. This amazing 2 piece band has catchy, heavy grooves that keep you going!

Check ’em out here:

20 Watt Tombstone is:
Mitch Ostrowski
Tom Jordan

Connect with 20 Watt Tombstone online:
Official Site

-Emily Mae


Front Row//All Out Mutiny

After their 14 day tour across the West Coast, we were able to catch All Out Mutiny live at the 400 block party in Wausau, WI. Founded in 2015, All Out Mutiny has undoubtedly made their presence known and are steadily poised to continue to spread their brand of groove metal to all corners of the rock’n’ roll world. Self-proclaimed ‘party thrashers,’ AOM have traversed the globe with performances throughout the United States, Europe, Russia, and most recently a historical tour in Brazil.

Recently, however, there has been a bit of a lineup change for them. On tour, AOM took guest performers Mitchel Fulcer and Andy Schipferling who toured along with Robby Ray on their West Coast endeavor. After the tour, AOM brought along Adam Hinz along with Mitchel Fulcer once again to join members Erik Ackerman (Guitar), Zachary Zeitler (Bass) and Robby Ray (Drums) for a performance at the  Wausau 400 Block Party. There was even a guest appearance by former vocalist and frontman, Jason Secora, and we got it all here! 


Catch All Out Mutiny LIVE at Project Mayhem August 10th! 


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Official Site

-Emily Mae

Edited by: Samantha Crocker

Front Row//SARAH LONGFIELD- Live At The Annex

Happy Friday Maeniacs! This week we have for you a Madison local legend, Sarah Longfield (formerly of The Fine Constant), along with her new drummer and guitarist for their first night to kick off their tour to promote the new album ‘Collapse//Expand’.

Check out the video HERE:


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Band Camp

Video by-Cat Sullivan

On the Road// Route 20- Udo Dirkschneider/Elm Street/Wrath

On March 9th, I made my way with fellow Music Maehem contributors Mitchel Fulcer and Don Niesen down to Racine, Wisconsin, to see three amazing bands: Midwest local band Wrath, Australian band Elm Street and the legendary former Accept front man Udo Dirkschneider.

We arrived at the Route 20 just in time for sound check. We were greeted by Gary Golwitzer (front man of Wrath from Chicago, Illinois) as well as Scott Nyquist (guitarist of Wrath). After we said our hellos, we then made our way around the venue while they did as well, as the other members in Wrath finished up getting ready for the evening ahead.

We made our way to the back of the venue where we attempted an interview (over the very loud hums of the tour bus behind us). We all laughed and talked about what was all to come for the band in its near future. This was my first time seeing them since their sign onto Combat Records, so I was excited to hear all about that!

Soon, Wrath commanded the stage opening with “Conflict”, and everyone gathered with excited energy. They played several of their well-known tunes including “Test of Faith” and “Insane Society”, as well as an amazing cover of “Ace of Spades” in honor of Lemmy Killmister of Motorhead.

Wrath Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WRATH-284918710024/

After Wrath, coming all the way from Melbourne, Australia was the heavy metal band Elm Street! With brutal force and shredding leads, they really brought the room to life.

This was my first time seeing them live. I had heard a few of their songs before attending the show, such as “Elm Street Children”, however much of their material was new to me. They played an amazing cover of the Quiet Riot classic “Metal Health” and closed out their set with a heartfelt dedication to another fallen metal legend Ronnie James Dio.

Elm Street Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/metalelmstreet/

After they went on, the stage crew took a few minutes to gather and set everything for the arrival of Udo Dirkschneider. This is his last tour, signaling to me even more now than ever that it seems like we are closing in on an end of an era in metal. However, with the end of something comes the beginning of other amazing things, so this certainly is just only one chapter in that in which is the metal music scene.

After putting my camera back in the car, I made my way back inside and started to take the opportunity to take in the show as well as the venue. The Route 20 was a great place! They offered food prior to the show, which was indeed very good and welcomed after a long day of travel on my end. Over two hours of road time plus Milwaukee traffic, I was more than ready to eat. They had a balcony area with tables you could reserve for the show, as well as plenty of floor space while the show was going on, although with all of the people in attendance it certainly seemed to be a bit tight. However, when it comes to seeing a live show, the more intimate the environment, the better.

Mitchel and I headed towards the back of the venue where there sat a crescent-shaped fire ring where people gathered to share conversations about the show over cigarettes and drinks. We ended up spending quite a bit of time there participating in several conversations throughout the revolving door of metal fans. One was a close friend of Wrath’s, another was a metal fan from the 80’s (as I am sure many people there were) that we had actually met when we saw Anthrax prior at The Rave in Milwaukee, and members of Elm Street themselves also joined in, including Nick Ivkovic (bassist) and L.A hired gun, Luke Man. It was cool to get a chance to talk with them for a while about what was going on and to thank them for giving me the opportunity to take photos as well. They were all as kind as they are talented!

I spent the rest of the evening with a few of my family members that came out to spend time with us and see the show (their very first metal show in fact!) and talked with Wrath and other concert goers while Udo sang many of his hit songs from his career. The venue would echo back lyrics to him including the hit we definitely remember from his days with Accept “Balls To The Wall”.

Concerts are always a good time, but I have to admit I was very much a fan of how personal this show really was. It’s not every concert these days that you get to spend real time getting to know the musicians face to face. I personally recommend that you take some time to catch a show at the Route 20 in Racine. I am sure you will enjoy yourself as much as I did.

So, as always, get out there and make some memories! The music scene needs fans like you to survive! Show your support!

To keep an eye on what is new at the Route 20 you can follow them on Facebook in the link below!


Live footage and photos:


Emily Mae

Front Row// The Red Flags

Friday night was one of pleasant surprise for myself. I drove down to Knuckle Down Saloon in Madison, where I was going to be interviewing Jake Olson of Midwest Mix-Up. That went well, Jake is a good interviewer and all around a cool dude who really seems to have his shit together. After, I decided to stick around for some of  the music and see if I couldn’t get some good footage for the site.

I’ll be honest, when Jake invited me out to meet him at Knuckle Down for our interview, I had not checked out any of the bands on the bill that night. Sometimes, if I’m invited out to a show where I have never heard of any of the bands, I like to go in completely blind and let their performance be my absolute first impression before facebook videos, bandcamp singles, or otherwise.

I’m at the bar with a friend talking about whatever, and we hear the amps go live at the front of the room. I didn’t know who was on first right away, but they instantly caught my attention.

Simply put, The Red Flags blew. My. Mind.

The Red Flags are a three-piece rock band from Janesville, Wisconsin: Guitarist and vocalist Gabe Wilson, Jonah Wilson on drums and as well as providing some vocals, and Ally Borchardt on bass, with back up vocals also. I can’t lie, being a female musician myself, having a very talented female bassist in a musical act scores automatic bonus points with me. I think it’s pretty cool that all members in one band do vocals, that’s something I don’t think I’ve seen in our scene before.

Instantly, I could recognize a weird but incredible mixture: basically if White Stripes and Rage Against The Machine had a baby. The guitarist, Jonah, even made me think of Tom Morello, from everything including playing and performance style (even has that hopping duck walk down), all the way down to his signature baseball cap! I had to wonder if he played that part on purpose or if it was just coincidence.

The energy of this group was tangible and I could tell shot through almost every person watching the stage. I have to include that their drummer, Jonah probably beat out everyone else in terms of energy, jumping up and down in his seat and throwing himself in every direction and still miraculously able to keep a perfect beat. I thought for sure he would end up kicking one of the pieces of his drum set over, if not the whole thing. This is not to imply that the rest of the band was lacking in energy, not at all. In fact, Gabe got so into it that he did end up knocking over a mic stand (I was so busy recording, I didn’t even notice it almost hit me in the face, falling right down in front of me)!

All in all, I give this band two huge thumbs up and implore anyone that’s looking to get their groove on to catch one of their shows. Make sure to like them on facebook, they have a lot of shows posted in the coming months that you can keep track of.

I wanted to keep the video I’m including short, but I tell you it was hard to only choose a couple songs to showcase here on Music Maehem.

Catch them on Feb 19th at the High Noon Saloon in Madison WI





Front Row//Indonesian Junk At The Wisco


The Wisco is no stranger to hosting local Wisconsin talent, and tonight was just another one in the books. I’ve been living in Madison for a little over a year and the Wisco quickly became one of my favorite haunts, and I was more than happy to take on my assignment tonight interviewing and recording the Milwaukee punk band, Indonesian Junk.

I enter the front door and see that the Wisco is PACKED like I’ve never seen it before! In all honesty, I had never before seen the bands that were playing there tonight, and I knew by the standing-room-only crowd that I must be in for some good music. How else do you explain that turnout?

My two friends join me in looking around the bar to find the guys in Indonesian Junk so we can get down to this interview. I’m about five-foot-nothin’ in stature, so looking around this wall-to-wall throng of party-goers and fans proved to be quite difficult.

I message him through facebook: “Hey so where can I find you in here?” The message sends and my friends and I look around to see who picks up their phone. One guy next to us does, but he’s on Instagram.

I get a message back: “I’m over by the merch table in the leather jacket.” I push my way through the crowd to stage left where the merch table is and find…about seven people in leather jackets by the merch table (because it’s a punk show what else would I expect?) I pull out my video camera hoping that Daniel will see the camera and realize who I am. Turns out he is directly in front of me, and I greet the tallest man in a leather jacket in the room. He is wearing Kurt Cobain-esque shades, black lipstick, and his leather jacket is really all that, expertly decorated with a handful of pins. He asks me if I want a CD for our blog, and of course I say yes and pick up a pin as well.

We step out back to the fenced-in smoking area so we can begin the interview. I promised it would be fast because holy crap it is COLD! I felt bad for dragging them out there, but the bar was just too loud to get a word in edgewise. I now feel especially bad because this was originally a video interview but, due to technical difficulties, the footage was therein unusable. Thankfully, the footage from their performance was more than great, and will be accompanying the video transcript interview ahead.

Glam, punk, hair metal—how in the world do you mash all that together? The guys in Indonesian Junk found a way. Their first song of the night starts and I could already tell they have influence from all across the board. Personally, I heard tastes ranging from Poison to Ramones and almost every good 70’s-90’s band in between. With tasty old school style licks and beats to keep you pogo-ing all night long, Indonesian Junk brought a wicked fun sound to the stage.


Could you introduce yourself and state the position you play in the band?

DJ: I’m Daniel [James], I sing and play guitar.

JC: I’m Johnny [Cyanide], I sorta play bass.

M: I’m Mike [Mattner], I play drums.


How would you describe your sound? What influences and inspires Indonesian Junk?

DJ: Glam-punk-power-pop…uh, somewhere around there, haha.

JC: All that good stuff.

DJ: Lots of influences I guess.

JC: Alice Cooper.

MM: I don’t know I just drum.

DJ: We’re named after a Cheap Trick song so that’s the easy answer.

[** There’s a line in “Surrender” that goes: But just the other day I heard/ Of a soldier’s falling off/ Some Indonesian junk / That’s going round**]


How and when did Indonesian Junk come to be?

DJ: I think it was like 2014? I had a bunch of demos that I made that I put out, and then I got him [Johnny] to play bass. I met him at an Alice Cooper show. And eventually Mike tagged along.


I saw on facebook that you guys are on a bit of a tour right now, what cities are you planning to hit up next?

DJ: We’re doing a lot of weekenders right now. This weekend we’re doing this show in Madison and then Columbia, Missouri tomorrow. We got some other stuff coming up too….I can’t even remember. Where are we playing next month? I’m sorry I’m really bad at this, haha!


I heard you had an album that came out last year.

DJ: Yeah, it came out on Friday the 13th in October of last year. It’s called Stars in the Night, it’s our second album. It’s pretty cool, I like it. We’re still trying to sell it and that’s why we’re playing as many shows as we can.


What was the inspiration for this album?

DJ: I just wrote a bunch of songs (everyone laughs). Yeah I mean, just livin’, hanging out, reading comic books.


What do you like about playing in Madison?

DJ: We always have a good time here. I think this is like our fourth or fifth time playing here. This is the first time we’ve played the Wisco, but I have played here in other bands. It’s a cool town, it’s close to Milwaukee so we can do it on a Friday night very easily. There’s a lot of cool people here.

Any specific goals for this coming year as a band?

DJ: Can we say this yet?

JC: *shrugs*

DJ: I think we’re touring Europe in the fall, though we might end up doing it next spring. We wanna tour Europe and do another U.S. tour. Just try to sell as many records as we can. We’re already kind of working on our third album too right now but that won’t be out for a while ‘cuz we’re playing too many shows to practice the new songs.


Where can we find your music?

DJ: We have a website. It used to be Indonesianjunkpunk but I was just flubbing every time I said it. It’s like the worst tongue twister ever. So now its indonesianjunkrules.com. Just like, think about how much we rule. Or, it’s 2018 everyone knows how to google haha! We also have free stuff on bandcamp.

JC: Spotify too.

DJ: Yeah we’re everywhere. Just google us.


Anything you’d like to say to the folks at home?

DJ: It’s cold!

JC: It’s cold and it’s snowing!

MM: It’s so freaking cold.

DJ: Oh, and they got good burgers at the Wisco!


And with that, I turned off the camera and we all hurried inside and got burgers—and it’s true, the Wisco has great burgers!

Preceded by Saint Hell Brothers and then Shotdown, Indonesian Junk took the stage at about 11 PM and continued to rock my socks off. Two of their songs (“Turn To Stone” and “Shake It With You”) I have recorded for the world to see.


You can catch Indonesian Junk at a city near you, and you can find the tour dates, merch, music and more at the links below!






Cat Sullivan

*photo does not belong to Music Maehem*