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Weekend Warriors//Metal Interviews//MICAWBER

Welcome to Weekend Warriors once again for our killer interview with the killer band from Green Bay, Wisconsin-MICAWBER. These dudes have been paving the way for the Wisconsin metal scene as they have toured nationally as well as taken several trips to Europe! They have most recently joined Prosthetic Records alongside bands such as Lamb of God, Gojira, Psycroptic, and Skeletonwitch. We were able to take a moment with them at Happy’s Pub to talk a little bit about their tour, the recent release of their newest album Beyond The Reach Of Flame and other news to come! Click the video link below!



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-Emily Mae

Founding member and vocalist/guitarist, Leighton Thompson comments on the partnership with Prosthetic Records:

“Micawber is immensely excited to have signed with Prosthetic Records! We’re looking forward to continuing our ventures of shredding, touring, partying and growing while being brought to new horizons by the label that has helped bring forth our favorite releases by bands such as Lamb of God, Gojira, Psycroptic, and Skeletonwitch.”


Photos: https://www.facebook.com/Emilymaehem25/

Weekend Warriors//Metal Interviews//An Evening With MORBID SAINT

Hello and welcome to Weekend Warriors! Music Maehem, also joined by All Kings Fall, was invited to the mighty Morbid Cave for an exclusive interview with Morbid Saint of Sheboygan, Wisconsin!  It was truly an unforgettable experience! Laughs, booze, memories and of course METAL!

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/morbidsaintofficial/

Official Site: http://www.morbidsaint.com/


Morbid Saint is:

Cliff Wagner – Vocals
Jay Visser – Guitar
Russell Gesch – Guitar
Bob Zabel – Bass
DJ Bagemehl – Drums

Filmed by: Ian Gray and Emily Mae

Edited by: Emily Mae

Photos/Graphics by: Emily Mae

Interview by: Mitchel Fulcer

Live performance/tracks by Morbid Saint



Weekend Warriors//Metal Interviews//Casket Robbery

Casket Robbery quickly gained national attention with the release of their debut album Evolution of Evil in 2016 and have since established themselves as a brutal, heavy hitter in the live music scene! Their home is in Madison, the lovely capital of Wisconsin.
I had the pleasure of seeing them live for the first time in 2017 at Savagefest, hosted by Savage Entertainment. Their lead vocalist Megan Orvold blew me away with her powerful voice. She also has amazing support from her other band members as well: Cory Scheider on guitar, Troy Powell on guitar, and Derek Silloway on bass guitar (**official drummer TBA). They were a very tight band. I could easily see why they were becoming so well known so quickly! Their energy during the live performance was honestly unforgettable and it was no wonder that they were in the running to be on COMBAT BULLETS Vol. 1.0, the official compilation album for Combat Records, and won!


Available for pre-order now!http://empmerch.com/product/combat-bulletsvol-1/

Be sure to follow Combat Records on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/combatrecordsofficial/
With So many things on the way, Casket Robbery definitely has a lot of exciting news and we wanted to hear all about it! We contacted Megan for all the latest details!

Congratulations on making it onto the compilation album for Combat Records! How does it feel to have your music recognized by a record label?
Thank you so much! We are very excited about the Combat Records compilation, we really busted our asses for that competition and it feels really good that we are on it. Probably even better that David Ellefson [of Combat Records] said we had a very metal band name on his ‘live’ announcement, haha. It’s great having our music recognized by a label, especially one as iconic as this one. We actually made it onto the EMP compilation a few years back as well.

Your EP The Ascension is available now. What are we to expect when listening to this album? Is there a particular concept or idea behind the material?
We set out to write and record The Ascension last year after a pretty big lineup change in the band. I was tapped-in to do vocals for the band last February/March and the band was set to tour that coming June. Knowing that we wanted something out there with my vocals on it that we could bring on tour and give fans (with it being such a drastic change), we set out to get The Ascension done…and quickly, haha.
What you can expect is in-your-face brutality right from the start. We really wanted to come out keeping the themes that Casket Robbery is known for but give my new personal spin on them. Lyrically, I threw around a lot of ideas for the 3 songs on the EP and I’m really happy with how they all turned out, the songs definitely feel like they flow together. We thought The Ascension would particularly be a fitting title for the EP, as we were rising anew, and ready to hit things hard again. When it all comes down to it, it’s Casket Robbery through and through…you’ve got the brutality, you’ve got the horror imagery and feel, and you’ve got that unmistakable groove that Casket has become known for.



Casket Robbery seems to be breaking into the music scene very quickly! I’m sure that means you are working all kinds of new and exciting things. What news can you share with us about what’s to come in 2018?
2018 is shaping up to be a big year for us and our plans. We’ve begun writing, we’ve been booking a few local shows, and we’ve got at least 2 tours in the works this year so far and hopefully more. We have a lot to be proud of with the momentum of 2017; we did a US tour, came out with an EP through some lineup changes, we did a JJOverdrive takeover (which was a HUGE highlight for us and we’re so thankful of all of the support from JJO and JJOverdrive, it was an honor to be able to do that), and we made it on the MaximumInk [magazine] top 41 chart and made it in the top 5, which is pretty fantastic to get some death metal in there. Obviously with the Combat compilation that we talked about before and all of the awesome support and feedback off of the EP– it was a great year and we really want to keep the momentum going. We’re all really hard at work in the band to push this to the next level, especially to get back out on the road where we all love and belong.


We have talked about what’s new for Casket Robbery, but what about the past? Where did Casket Robbery come from and what helped you reach the level you are at now?
Casket Robbery was actually formed in 2012 by guitarist Cory Scheider (Luna Mortis, Epicurean) and the original vocalist. What originally was meant to be a fun side project turned into the groovy, horror-filled, brutal metal that Casket is known for today.
Hmm…what helped us reach the level we’re at right now…a LOT of hard work…a lot of sleepless nights getting everything done behind the scenes. Cory busts his ass doing so much of the business day-to-day stuff and honestly his push, drive, and determination…is why this band is where it’s at today. Now we’ve all kind of morphed into this well-oiled machine, all of us knowing what our personal strengths are and where they can be used in the band and I think that’s why we’re functioning so well right now…we all work really well together.

Now, we all know that things in the music business are not always smooth. We all experience dramas and hardships as well as just crazy things that happen along the way. Does Casket Robbery have any stories to share?
I think you hit the nail on the head with the music business not always being smooth-sailing, especially in metal. It’s definitely a fight out there and crazy stuff happens to us all. Balancing your home/work life and your band life is a big one, especially with touring with no label support. We are essentially doing all of the work that a label would do while balancing personal lives, jobs, and finances….it’s definitely a struggle sometimes. So much goes on behind the scenes to make sure we’re on track and ready for the things coming up. But at the end of the day, as cookie-cutter cliché as this may sound…all of us are in this because we love what we are doing, we love what we are creating, we love being out there on the road…and I think that shows…just by the sheer determination this band has had to break through. We definitely do not and will not give up.


A special thank you to Casket Robbery for taking the time to speak with us! To keep up with what is new for Casket Robbery, be sure to follow them on Facebook!


Youtube: https://m.youtube.com/user/casketrobbery

You can catch them LIVE at The Frequency in Madison ,WI April 4th. For ticket information check them out on the Bands In Town APP

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Photo cred- Promo- Loki Lott Photography

Live shot- Emily Maehem Photography

Emily Mae