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Album Review//Shadow Witch-Disciples Of The Crow

Shadow Witch is a Heavy Psych/Stoner Grunge/Metal band from Kingston, New York. They recently released their newest album, Disciples Of The Crow, which follows their first release, Sun Killer, from the year 2016. They released Disciples Of The Crow in 2017 under the label Salt Of The Earth Records! You can connect with them online in the links below!




Shadow Witch returns with an amazing new release filled with mood, atmosphere, and killer riffs and vocals. Eight songs are all that’s needed to raise you above the light, surround you in darkness, and bind your ears, hearts, and mind as one.

Shadow Witch is coming for you.

I had the opportunity to see Shadow Witch Perform live at Reggie’s in Chicago, IL during the Doomed and Stoned Festival. Shadow Witch is a perfect name for this band because it represents their musical style. Hidden in the shadow of the upbeat riffs is a dark doom theme. Smoke and mirrors for the message, if you will. This LP starts out with an upbeat rocker-“Love Could Be Like This.” A tale of a conflicted soul who experiences a dream of a dark shadow illusion of love; the conflict of temptation and of a desire to be loved, but what love is this? Within the lyrics, it states Love is like a scream, which is a play on the phrase Love is like a ‘dream,’ suggesting that this type of love is more nightmarish than welcoming.

“Reap” is the second track; this tale is an expansion of the story of creation-like Genesis. Its groove takes us into the dark karma of humanity. We are then lead to the third track, “Cruel” which seems to represent the fact that just because people possess ‘sparkly’ things does not mean that they own anything. This is because there is no justice or freedom in actuality. For all the so-called ‘valuable’ things people own, they are born to be subjugated, and they do not desire to be genuinely free.

Track four is the title track of this LP- “Disciples Of The Crow” The song starts out with the haunting cackles of a crow deep in the woods, calling you in. The beat is dark and menacing. Grinding riffs of doom paint the backdrop for this tale of the Raven King, which spells an apocalyptic end and suffering for all of humanity; suggesting the fall of an empire.  The fifth track is “Stranger Skies” which is another groovy upbeat rocker. This tune describes the awakening of the Dragon King. This yellow beast offers no relief, only grief, and nothing can stop his impending rise.


“The Sea” is the next track which begins with the sound of rain and distant thunder. The song kicks off with a slow, soft intro, then builds to a rockin’ slow verse riff. The cymbals seem to play the role of flashing lighting as the lyrics describe a beckoning to take to the stormy sea. It tells of the spell cast by the sea that lured men to their demise. “Beneath The Veil” picks things up a bit, as this track is a fast-paced, groovy tune. Essentially, we have all been sold to be a feast for the beast.

The final track “Dead Heros” is the conclusion of Disciples Of The Crow. This one starts with a sweet, crunchy doom-groove. The message I get out of this one is a reflection of too many lost heroes of war, which creates a feeling of hopelessness. This album has lead us from a more of an upbeat track to a downslope track. This, to me, is the perfect doomy outro for an album adventure such as this.

Overall I was very impressed with this album. They have a unique quality of sound to their flavor of the doom metal genera. I loved how the music was groovy and upbeat, but the subject matter was dark and in depth. This created a fascinating moody tone to the whole thing.

Thank you once again to Shadow Witch for being one of the main contributors to our Doomed and Stoned giveaway. We thank you for your support!

The tracks of Disciples Of The Crow are:
  1. 1. Love Me Like This
  2. Reap
  3. Cruel
  4. Disciples Of The Crow
  5. Stranger Skies
  6. The Sea
  7. Beneath The Veil
  8. Dead Heros

Shadow Witch is:

Doug Beans-Drummer

‎David Pannullo-Bassist

Earl Lundy- Vocals


Jeremy Hall-Guitar

Catch Shadow Witch at their next show! August 3rd at The Anchor ins Kingston, NY
For more on Shadow Witch find them online in the links below!
-Don Niesen
Edited by: Samantha Crocker 

Extended Play// Micromanager- Mile 134

Welcome Music Maehem readers to our new feature: Extended Play. This is where we introduce you to the newest EP releases that the talented bands on the local scene have available to you.

For those of you who may be unsure of what an EP is, EP is actually short for Extended Play. EP’s are more tracks than a single but less than a full album; usually about 3 to 5 tracks are featured on an EP. Today, they are used as a way for a band to release content while they are still in the process of working on a full album. With all of that information out of the way, I introduce you to our very first feature: Mile 134 from Argyle, Wisconsin.

Mile 134 is a two piece band of brothers Tristan Waage (Drums, vocals) and Trey Waage (Guitar, vocals). When they perform, they really come at you with a lot of energy that reminds me very much of a lot of bands from the post-grunge era. They exude the same attitude and drive that everyone had back then and bring it to the now. This made complete sense to me when going in and reading up on the band’s profile and finding out that they actually were once more of a 90’s alternative rock influenced band that has been becoming more on the heavy side, as they have developed in their career. Their lyrical content is angry, angsty, intense and relateable.  They have a good balance of clean and guttural vocals, and very catchy riffs that are paired with low pounding drums. With Mile 134, it seems like you get a little bit of everything rock and metal has to offer.

Mile 134 just released their newest EP Micromanager, which is the beginning of their new sound as they make the full transformation from 90’s alt rock to hard rock/metal. While listening to Micromanager, I was reminded of some of the greats of hard rock such as Seether, Slipknot, Stone Sour, and Chevelle. However, there were still hints of their 90’s influences as well, especially in the vocals and picking patterns. I could feel things in there that reminded me of both Nirvana and Deftones, both bands that have a place in my heart. Honestly, there is just something that I love about a band when I can tell they are influenced by Nirvana, or if a musician is influenced by Kurt Cobain in general. I think ultimately it has something to do with knowing how to be raw and real with your emotions and reflect them in your art and work overall. There is definitely a place in the scene for Mile 134 and I can see them playing with some big acts in their near future! Beginning with a spot on Summer Fest 2018!

Below is a link to their lyric video featuring their track “Frown”  Be sure to look out for their newest  video “Apoplectic” coming out this summer!


To enjoy the rest of the tracks from Mircomanager  follow the links below:





Be sure to like and follow Mile 134  on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mile134band/

To catch them live in the scene you can see them on March 17th at T n D’s Bar and Grill Monticello House


Emily Mae 

One Night Stand//All Out Mutiny- Best Exorcism Ever

It’s time for your weekend One Night Stand with the very seductive groove metal band All Out Mutiny, who have been paving the way for the Wisconsin metal scene since 2015 and have been taking their name globally. They tour not only nationally here in the U.S., but also in Europe, Russia, and most recently, Brazil. 

Every time you make your way to an All Out Mutiny show, you better be prepared for a brutal night! If you’re in the pit, you gotta be ready to thrash with your metal brothers and sisters and especially vocalist Jason Secora! He truly has a way of pulling the animal out of all of us, always ready to dive into the arms of AOM fans no matter how big the venue. This past New Year’s Eve, I had the opportunity to see Jason at The Chain Bar in Waupaca, Wisconsin, and he was knocking ceiling tiles out! This band definitely knows how to keep it metal and honestly that is one of our favorite things about them.

Their newest single “Best Exorcism Ever” gives us a sneak peek into what is to come for All Out Mutiny in their next chapter. This particular track clearly rings a Pantera flavor to it; they have a very old school, 90’s thrash sort of sound, while at the same time finding and creating a very original sound that is All Out Mutiny. 

If you have already had the pleasure of seeing All Out Mutiny live, or if you have heard their latest EP Trade Routes, you will find that they are known widely for their thought- provoking lyrics and content, and this single is no different. When speaking with Jason we found that “Best Exorcism Ever” actually has a very personal meaning, while also seems to be making a statement about society using the theme arc of an exorcism. Our society today has been possessed by a sort of demon.

The line “We promised you hope, and deliver the guillotine” showcases that there is a demon and it needs to be exorcised. There is so much false hope and false promise, everything is a set up. This is exemplified by looking at our world leaders and such today at the surface—sure, they act like they want you to have hopes and dreams, but the reality is they will kick the chair out from under you. It would almost appear that they want you to stick your neck out so that they can cut your head off.

“Choosing hell over heaven or booze over medicine” states that when times are difficult it is often hard to choose what most would perceive to be the “right decision” during times of hardships, especially when all the choices may have a similar outcome.

And so, the overall takeaway from this single is that we see the spirit of humanity being driven to suicide, which is the nature of which needs to be exorcised regarding the social order. This single has really brought us everything we love about All Out Mutiny and simply put, we just can not wait for what is to come! 

Check out “The Best Exorcism Ever” here and in the link below for purchase!


Also find them on Facebook:


For merch, albums and other details check out All Out Mutiny on http://alloutmutiny.com/






Emily Mae and Don Niesen

One Night Stand// Of The Earth- Mushroom Light



Its time for your One Night Stand and tonight you are going home with the lovely Northern hardcore rock band Of The Earth of Waupaca WI. Of The Earth has been around the scene for a very long time, starting in 2013 and still making noise today. Of The Earth adds a very unique flavor to the local metal community. Combining progressive metal styles with the lyrical flow of folk, Of The Earth always presents us with a memorable performance. Every time I go out to see them perform I imagine that I’m sitting around a campfire listing to tales of intrigue.

Band members in Of the Earth are:

•Nathan Moe- Vocals/Rhythm guitar

•Roger Walters- Lead guitar

•Eric Nicewander- Bass guitar

•Jake Steinmeyer- Drums



Of The Earth created the track “Mushroom Light” for a special compilation album designed by Bill Boulden. The idea behind this compilation is a post apocalyptic world where music tells the stories of the land. Each track is from a different artist and will be manipulated in a sense that makes them sound as if they are travelling on radio waves. We will be sure to get more details on this amazing piece of art as it progresses but for now you can find the track from OTE down below!


“Mushroom Light” brings us into a post apocalyptic setting with its industrial metal style groove. Which in a tale of dystopia is more than a fitting way to go about it. We can tell that things are going to get a bit heavier for OTE this year and the anticipation is killing us. If you like it heavy, this will surely hit the spot. To catch up with other materiel from OTE you can find Patient Zero VOl II in the link below!


You can also find the lyrical video for their track “Cellar Door” on Youtube in the link below:


Album Reviews//SEISMA//SEISMA II The Land Out Of Time

Do you love Sci-fi? What about big monster battles? There’s a band for that and here they are: we present to you SEISMA!

There is so much that can be said about the unique style of this band. They call their style “super-heavyweight-Kaiju-groove-metal” which, to m, translates to the perfect combination of groove and doom metal. All the band members have distinctive identities to go along with it.

  • deThorenc / lead guitar
  • Iblis Rhodes/ bassist
  • Orange the Hueman/ drums
  • Iron Lung Young/ Vocals

Their music honestly stands for itself and if you hear them perform once you will never forget them. SEISMA is definitely one of my personal favorites and have been since I saw them at the very first Orangefest at The Wisco in Madison, Wisconsin in 2016.

Their new album SEISMA II-The Land Out Of Time was released on October 13th 2017 at the second annual Orangefest. Each volume of SEISMA is a part of a grand Sci-Fi story! One of the coolest parts is that it is written like a really great film, but is instead presented to us through music. I personally have never heard of that before and instantly became intrigued. I wanted to hear the tale behind SEISMA II The Land Out Of Time, and so I reached out to SEISMA and got the amazing plot line details from Danial “Iron Lung Young” himself!


There is a war in space between two fleets; one commanded by a tyrant king, and another by the resistant Queen Dido and her lesbian lover General Lucretia. Dido is wounded and cast into space in a life pod just before her ship is destroyed. Meanwhile, Lucretia’s ship is badly damaged and crashes into a planet. The kings’ warriors pursue her to attain the key she protects that is part of a monolith on the planet. Dido also possessed a key, but hers was taken when she was wounded. Saboteur is the warrior who obtained this..

To put it simply, the rest of the album includes the monsters encountered along the way. Definitely like the Odyssey.

In the last song, Saboteur injures Lucretia and takes her key. She is captured and poisoned by large spiders who hang her in the trees, and she can see Saboteur approach the monolith and apply both keys. The monolith causes the planet to crumble and explode. All are killed.

What is the monolith? Does Queen Dido survive her wounds? What of the tyrant King? These questions will be answered in the next album.


“500 Years” is an intro track much like a radio show leading us right into the story. When the second track “Eden” begins, it paints a clear picture of Lucretia being pursued by the warriors of the tyrant king. As the song gets heavier we start to build up anxiety with our character. Just like watching a film, the picture of the mysterious planet is painted before us. But we cannot stop and take in our surroundings because we are in danger! As if the warriors weren’t enough of a problem, this planet also happens to be filled with all kinds of mysterious and dangerous creatures!

“DeathMatch” is our first encounter with the beasts that roam this land. This tune is my personal favorite. The creative use of harmonics heavily intensifies the atmosphere. While the creatures battle, our heroine is also battling the warriors of the tyrant king along the way.

In “Saboteur”, we are introduced to the main protagonist of this volume, the tyrant king’s warrior, Saboteur. As mentioned before, this is the warrior who possesses the key that belongs to Dido. He is after the second key and clearly will not stop at anything to obtain it. We are lead into this track by a very beautiful guitar solo. Between the solo and the expertly placed pauses, this gives such an epic feel to the whole thing and creates tones for us that we can relate to Saboteur throughout the plot. You can even hear the warriors marching into battle. SEISMA clearly has a very tight sound; all of the musical elements come together so perfectly.

Things slow down and get heavier then with “Abominable”. Each step of this creature walks into our sights.

We narrowly escape this creature, and that leads us into “Scuttled.” This track has a punk-esque bounce to it, which is amazing for the climax of this tale. The listener feels that there just may be hope after all. The epic battle between Lucretia and Saboteur is getting real now!

We descend into into “Colossus” and then “Widowmaker.” Saboteur has obtained the key! Lucretia is now captured by spiders and badly poisoned! Both keys are applied to the monolith and…

The planet is destroyed as “HH-1709\\S1” rings out. Everyone and everything is lost. We are left with so many questions and we just cannot wait until the next volume!

If you want the whole story you can find SEISMA I here:



You can also find SEISMA on Facebook:


Catch them live at The Wisco in Madison WI March 9th! Cat will also be conducting a live interview with SEISMA! So, stay tuned for that!


Author: Emily Mae

Weekend Warriors//Constance-Recognize Your Potential Tour


Meet Central Wisconsin’s Constance. Known for their unique style of blending both light and heavy aspects of metal, they have created their own brand of progressive metalcore.

2018 marks their third year out in the scene and they are hitting it hard. Not only will this be their second Midwest tour, but they are also releasing a new album Recognize Your Potential. I spoke with Constance about their newest single “White Shores” (Feat. Jake Olson of Terraform) which will be featured on their newest album, as well as what is new to come for their career.


This year is “Constance’s most ambitious year yet” could you please elaborate on that a bit? 

The release of our first full length album Recognize Your Potential is definitely a huge step forward in terms of the progression and growth of this band. Everything we endured to get to this point has really shaped us as musicians and individuals, so to say that this next year of supporting our release is huge would be quite the understatement.

When reading your band interests section I couldn’t help but laugh. It says that you are influenced by Smash Bros, Power Rangers, Shrek and bears. I too find these to be inspiring. Are there any other bands, moments, or other things that have had an impact on your career?

Honestly, what more is there to say than Shrek is love, Smash is life.

We definitely wouldn’t be where we are today without our friends in the band In Solace. They helped us get on our first show, took us on the road for our first tour and are all just some of the kindest people we’ve ever met. So without them, who knows where we’d be today!

This year is the beginning of your Recognize Your Potential tour, are there any particular venues you are looking forward to or playing for the first time?

We actually did the RYP Tour this past summer with our friends in Beyond Atlas and Aurora View (who will both be playing our album release show, check ‘em out!). However, we do plan on touring again this spring/summer to support the album. I would say the venue I’m looking most forward to playing again would be The Garage in Burnsville, Minnesota. They were under renovation last summer during our tour so we’d love to bring our next one through there. It’s such a great venue and the staff that runs it has been nothing but great to us. Get out there and catch a show if you can!

With a new album on the way, there is always a lot of anticipation from the fans, and especially from the musicians who created it. Is there a label you one day wish to be a part of or would you like to remain independent?

Now this is a tough one! We really enjoy being an independent artist currently. However, if the right opportunity presents itself that isn’t to say that we wouldn’t take a record deal!

Is there anything you would like to include about your new album, such as the overall concept or message? What does it say about where Constance stands as a band? What can we look forward to?

Our new album covers a wide range of topics. There are a few tracks based on concepts but the majority of the tracks cover a lot of our own personal struggles. Ultimately, though the album is about overcoming your fears, dealing with those inner demons, pushing yourself past your boundaries and finding the strength inside yourself to make your dreams a reality. There were a lot of hurdles we had to jump in order to make it to this point in our bands career and we couldn’t be more proud of where we are today. Like we stated prior, 2018 is going to be a tremendous year for us, so if you like what you’ve heard so far there is plenty more to come.

“White Shores” really hits you hard from the beginning. I can already really get a feel for what we are to expect from their new album. You are immediately drawn in by the perfect mix of clean and guttural vocals. The technical intricacy of the drum fills compliment the guitar riffs and kick drum patterns, adding tremendous power to this track. The two distinct personalities between the guitars really brighten up the dueling vocals. This really brings forth the true style of Constance, the constant interplay between heavy and light.

Their new album Recognize Your Potential is due out March 2nd, 2018 and the anticipation is killing us! Until then you can view their video of “White Shores” now! This track is also available for download!




The Album release show will be held March 3rd 2018 at Coral Lanes Bowling Center in Rothschild, Wisconsin.


You can also follow Constance on Facebook and Bandcamp.com!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/constancewi/

Bandcamp: https://constancewi.bandcamp.com/

Emly Mae

One Night Stand// Shield The Survivors- Building Hate

Hello Music Maehem readers and welcome to your “One Night Stand” with Shield The Survivors! Just a bit of an introduction, for this is our first article of this category. This is where you can see our reviews on all the killer singles that are being released by your favorite bands! We like to keep them brief but leave you satisfied (insert wink here) so let’s get started!


Shield The Survivors are a metalcore band out of Oshkosh, WI. They have been on the scene since October of 2011 and have been bringing us a lot of brutality! In fact, they can even prove how cool they are, as they have won 2 awards for battle of the bands! They scored first place at the UW Oshkosh Battle of The Bands. The other award is from the Algoma Club Battle of The Bands, in which they were awarded second place. Pretty impressive to say the least!
Influenced by bands such as Bullet for my Valentine, As I Lay Dying, Phinehas, Parkway Drive, Bury Tomorrow, and Lamb of God, I promise you these guys really hold up! If you haven’t heard of Shield The Survivors, here is your chance.

Their newest single “Building Hate” has just been released and is available for your listening pleasure here!



Right out of the box this tune makes you feel like you need to dodge something! It starts off immediately with a great hook in the first verse. There is a nice grit to the vocals , yet they remain comprehensible. We just can’t get enough of the sweet little riff in-between each verse as well! It was such a catchy hook we can’t help but be instantly addicted to it. As we progress, we reach a sweet breakdown with clean vocals. Then a quick punch and out.
It truly has the feel of building hatred within the groove of the tune.

My impression of the lyrics can only be described as the diagram of a desperate isolated mind. It is reminiscent of a plot line for a villain in a brief montage of a movie. You have that “oh” moment in the breakdown where you get a glimpse of that hopeful soul, quashed out of existing by circumstances of life. It clearly expresses the construction of a prison — built by himself, against himself.
All in all, we didn’t hate “Building Hate”–we LOVED IT!
It is a perfect example of the diversity of the band’s talents in a microcosm.

For more on Shield The Survivors check them out in the links below: Facebook:

For more on Shield The Survivors check them out in the links below: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ShieldtheSurvivors/about/?ref=page_internal

Bandcamp: https://shieldthesurvivors.bandcamp.com/

Shield The Survivors also has a show coming up! They will be supporting the guys in Growing and Grim Waters in Neenah at Short Branch on February 15th. Come bang your head!


Author: Don Niesen

*Photo credit: Gabrielle Rae

Album Review// Disgunt // To Purge The Plague

Disgunt is a hard hitting Metal band from Madison, Wisconsin often described as slam-tech deathcore. Band members Ian Smedbron, Aaron Budny, Steve Wilkes, and Trent Kremeier began their careers in Tech-metal bands quite different from this project before putting their heads together to come up with Disgunt. I spoke with Trent (vocals) a bit about this: “Disgunt was actually supposed to be a side project,” he chuckled a bit to himself, “but it ended up just taking off and here we are today. Now we are launching our debut album” This band is unique in our time; while many bands focus on image, their attention is turned to guttural yet provocative content. Their goal is for the music and performance to be an individual experience for each listener. They want Disgunt to stand for itself and that’s something I can really get behind. Trent went on to elaborate, “When we play live, we keep the stage real dark and wear all black. We almost want to be the ‘anti-image’ if you will. The music comes first. That’s why we don’t have many photos of us as far as promotional type of things go. We want to build the intrigue.”


Their debut album To Purge The Plague will be dropping February 3rd, 2018. This is a concept album, meaning each track is a chapter. The story focuses on an anti-hero character balancing the concepts of good and evil. At first, he begins to hear voices in his head guiding him toward his darker tendencies. As he spirals, he begins to lose all concept of “reality” as we would perceive it and eventually becomes a completely different entity.

With track one, The Culling we are immediately drawn into the atmosphere of this dark tale. We begin with a small narrative that leads into an aggressive pulse, creating the perfect introduction.

Epidemic With A Violent End brings the familiar brutality that all deathcore and sludge fans crave leading you smoothly into the next chapter Circle Of Life Lost. Here we begin to truly experience the inner conflict within the character, bringing the entire concept to life.

In When Violence Becomes Moral we can really see the band members’ background in tech-metal shine through as the tempo begins to speed up for the climax of this album. We really begin to see the character’s dark tendencies rise throughout Focus and leading us into God Complex which gives us the sense that any hope for this character’s conscious mind has now been completely lost as they begin to gain a sense of power and superiority over the rest of the human race.

The cleverly placed pauses and technical guitar leads in of Branded In Filth really keep you hooked. Its brutality can really get the room moving while its technical imagery leads you through the story. This takes us to the title track, To Purge The Plague,  when our character comes to the realization that people are The Plague and they need to be eradicated.

Piss On The Ashes is my favorite chapter of the story. This song really stood out among the others to me personally. I won’t spoil the ending for you, but I can tell you that it left me wanting more from Disgunt. Over all I was impressed by the concept as well as the journey this album takes you on. When the album concluded, I felt like I had just watched a really great psycho-thriller film. Hard and heavy, you really get the experience of the 9 string style that is brought forth with the album.

Disgunt is having their album release party Saturday, February 3rd at The Frequency in Madison Wisconsin with Midwest metal bands Chewing Teeth, All Out Mutiny, 2nd and Archer, and MICAWBER. Tickets are $10 day of show! Don’t miss out on this show!


For other tour dates and news on Disgunt follow them on the links below!



You can also find their videos on YouTube.com! Thier Single Piss On The Ashes in the link below

Album Review// A Silent Truth//Ascension

A Silent Truth is a metal band based out of the Chicago Area. The first time I saw them live in concert was in 2017 at The Annex/Red Zone in Madison Wisconsin. They opened up for the band Letters From The Fire and I was captivated by their performance. They really had a great presence that followed them offstage as well. I did have the opportunity to speak with them a bit after their performance and I found that they were all very respectful and welcoming to all of their fans eager to meet them at their table. Band influences such as Killswitch Engage, Periphery, Metallica, Staind, Cold, Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, and Sevendust are really reflected in their new album Ascension, which is to be released in March.

I took some time with A Silent Truth’s John Partipilo to talk a little bit about the album inspiration.

“The concept of the album is almost an emotional rollercoaster, taking things that we all have experienced as a band personally by each member and tapping into it. We had several ideas for the album name and when Ascension finally clicked for us, it was because we were all feeling like we were going through this upward fight. We were ascending to another level as a band that we didn’t think we would be doing. So this is our ‘Ascension’ into this world and it’s only the beginning for us.”


These are the tracks off of Ascension that I was able to experience for myself. All of the tracks have very powerful introductions. They all get you instantly hooked and ready to rock. You can feel real emotions and they all stand true to the definition of the title of the album.

“Voiceless” To me, this really hit the spot. My favorite kinds of metal songs are always those with attitude. Perhaps its my heavy punk influence as well, but I am always captured by tunes like this one. This tune is about standing up for what is right. It definitely got me moving and I could instantly picture an entire crowd thrashing about.

“Marble” Is a track that is still filled with that raw energy and the feelings one has when you can’t ‘Save someone from themselves’. The pain of hopelessness is definitely one that I can relate to personally.

“Rayovac” A heavy song with cool melodic tones. All in all, it gives a voice to what it’s like in modern society. It expresses our much suppressed frustrations that I feel like everyone is feeling today as we watch society collapse before us, no matter what your political view or otherwise.

“Angel” This is a very empowering song. It is an outlet for those who have dealt with heartache. The particular lyric that stood out to me was “you’re never coming home.” The very idea of home is a place where we come to be secure and safe from the outside world; we think of everything we love and cherish in our lives. So, when we think of someone never coming home it creates another depth of what our loss really is. The emotion is really constructed beautifully in this song by the vocals as well as a smooth guitar solo. I definitely got a classic Chevelle kind of vibe from this song.

“Chariot” This track really showcased both vocalists. It was a great balance between the harsher type of vocals and the more melodic styles. Both really came together to bring this song to life. We are reminded that anything is possible and to grab on to our destiny no matter what that calling may be. No dream is too big and we shouldn’t let anyone tell us otherwise.

This album was a very uplifting experience, which I think we are all in need of, especially in the world today.

Get tickets to A Silent Truth CD Release Show with Orion Nine & Spec… at B House Live, Lombard, IL on 03/17/18


Tickets are on sale now here: https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1607269?utm_medium=bks

A Silent Truth has set up several tour dates so far, listed below. For more dates be sure to follow them on their Facebook page to see when they will be near you!

February 2nd Cobra Lounge Chicago
Feb 3rd The Looney Bin Bradley
Feb 9th The Forge Joliet
Feb 17th Cheers South Bend
March 2nd The Looney Bin for round 2
March 3rd Brewski’s Kentucky
March 10th Frank’s Powerplant Milwaukee
March 17th Brauerhouse Lombard
March 24th Penny Road Barrington
March 31st Fort Wayne
April 14th Bada Brew Crest Hill
April 21st Springfest
April 28th the Warehouse Melrose Park
May 12th Whiskeys Rockford
May 18th The Looney Bin round 3
May 19th The Redzone Madison
May 25th Music Lynx Mentor Lake
July 14th Bogg Hull Tavern Des Moines
July 15th the Hive Collective Cedar Rapids
July 21st TBA

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asilenttruth/