Meet Music Maehem

After a lot of discussion and much interest in the Music Maehem project, 4 contributors were in it from the start. These are the four people who came together to bring the local scene to you!

emily 1

Emily Mae– Creator and Editor-in-Chief of Music Maehem. It all began with her time on the scene taking photos of the local talent which eventually lead to photographing national acts and the discovery of her passion to write about what she was seeing. She felt that she had seen bands that were every bit as talented as those on the “big” stage. She wanted to create a professional type of outlet for the local musicians that were out there giving it their all and thus, M.M was born!

cat 1

Cat Sullivan– Editor and main videographer for Music Maehem. She is the number one partner in the Music Maehem project and is always out on the scene in Madison ,WI. Cat moved to Madison in 2016 and has since dived headfirst and balls out into the local music scene, going to any show she is available to be at, as well as being in a few bands also. Music is her entire life and all her favorite bands are local, All Kings Fall being #1.

mitch 1

Mitchel Fulcer- creator of the Gear-view Mirror segment, he is a musician himself and has been in the local scene for well over 10 years. We get an inside perspective here through his personal experiences as one who plays on the scene as well as one who works as a journalist for M.M. When he’s not shredding on guitar in the touring metal band All Kings Fall, he is right here with us bringing the scene to you with interviews, gear content and much more! Not to mention that he is ranked Wisconsin’s number one hardest headbanger and best thrasher! So, if he’s in your front row, get ready!


Don Niesen– creator of One Night Stand and contributor of many album reviews as well as interviews. He is a long time thrasher on the scene since the 80s, when metal was born! The most experienced on the scene member of M.M he has many of tales to tell. So, if you are interested in kicking it old school be sure to hit him up! He is well rounded in his knowledge in the school of thrash that’s for sure!


Ian Gray- creator and host of our YouTube program Powerslide and contributor! When he isn’t giving us the low-down on what’s new on the music scene, he is keeping things heavy as the thunderous bassist and vocalist of Wisconsin local metal band All Kings Fall. Long  time fan of metal, he has an extensive collection of cassette tapes that you wish you had!

Music Mahem is a team of people coming together to bring the local music scene to you! We primarily work for the Metal, Rock, and Punk scene as well as the sub-genres in between. Our mission is to create a professional outlet for everyone out there giving it all they got! Album reviews, interviews, photos, special features and more!

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