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Album Review//Brume-Rooster

Hello and welcome Maehem readers to another killer album review. Recently we took a trip to Doomed and Stoned Fest down in Chicago, IL where we found a band that stood out to us: Brume. Brume rhymes with “doom,” and that’s precisely what you get!

There was a buzz going on among all the bands at Doomed and Stoned about the fantastic quality of their newest LP- Rooster. Right away I knew this band had the goods. I was able to speak with the drummer of the band, Jordan, while I was there which you can see more of in our Article On The Road//Doomed and Stoned Fest- Chicago. They also donated a copy of Rooster to us to give away in our drawing which we featured earlier in the week.

Right from the first bass drop in track one, “Grit and Pearls” you know this band means business. I have to say that the bass tone has somewhat of a Motorhead flavor to it, but the riffs are pure doom; the tone has that punch though. As I listened, I was brought to a smooth, peaceful trance with the groove of this tune. Susie, lead vocal and bass guitarist, has a uniquely haunting quality to her voice that accents the harmony of the strings and cuts cleanly through the thunderous grooves of the drums. By the end of this track, I just wanted more. The message of this tune, to me, seems that there was a time before we humans let ego overcome empathy and there was harmony. Suggesting that we need to find our way back to harmony and balance to stop participating in tyrannical behaviors. We need to unite and stop dividing humanity.


The second song is titled “Harold.” This song continues the grinding doom riffs. I am sensing a quality of the Jefferson Airplane influence to the vocals; harkening back to the psychedelic age. I’m not saying exactly, but the clear cutting vocal quality through the riffs seems to bring this thought into the light. With a short pause and a clean strum of the guitar, we are brought to our next track “Reckon” I enjoy the journey this track takes you on. It describes the ominous character of reckon. It starts with a western style riff which leads to the dark tones of the “meat” of this one. Definitely, more of the Jefferson Airplane influence in the vocals here as well while a spiritual ritual is taking place.

The more we progress through the album, you will start to notice a Keith Moon influence in the drumming style as well. The guitar tones have a Black Sabbath feel and marry well to the bass tone I was speaking about earlier. I can say that it was already at this point in the album that I started falling in love with Brume. “Reckon” was honestly one of my favorite tracks on the album as well. Track four is “Call The Serpent’s Bluff” which comes at you heavy with a slow drum roll. The track is a tune about what seems like the haunting of an evil entity waiting to prey on your soul.

Track five is “Welter,” I couldn’t help but laugh to myself about the irony of the fact that in the following lyrics:

Oh welter, Meet the clouds halfway, oh welter, Summon another raining day

At this point, while I was listening to the album for review, the rain was coming down hard. The thunder and lightning dancing outside my window were bringing this track to life. I was getting the true psychedelic experience as my imagination ran wild with the story I was being told.

The final song on the album is “Trade Wind.” We included a video link to the live performance below!

This tune was the perfect strong finishing hat to the album’s vibe overall. The poetic meter of the lyrics lends themselves naturally to the rhythm of this tune. This is a quatrain style poem, which adds a unique structure to the whole song overall.

Rooster was a very impressive LP.  When I listened to the LP and then reflected on my experience of seeing them perform live, the quality was just as amazing as it was in person.  In fact, I was so impressed with the album overall that I was sure to head over to their online shop and get myself a tee!! You can get one in the link below!

To experience Rooster for yourself check out the link below! Also follow them on Facebook as well!



You can catch them at their next show at Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco, CA July 12th!


-Don Niesen

Edited by Samantha Crocker 


Weekend Warriors//Metal Interviews//Dread

Hello and welcome to Weekend Warriors! We are featuring one of the newest members of Rock Syndicate’s arsenal of brutal heavy metal: Dread! Currently located in Los Angeles, CA, Dread just released their newest album, From This World To The Next. If you are like myself and love old school 80’s style thrash metal, then this is the band for you! They are the epic combination of Judas Priest and old Iron Maiden (when Paul Di’anno was around) and we at Music Maehem just can not get enough!


We had the honor of speaking with Taylor Dread (drummer and vocals) on what it means to come togetheri in celebration of their newest release!

For starters, you just released your newest album From This World To The Next, which is your first release since 2010’s album, Brace For Destruction. Was the newest album in the making for that long or had you guys taken time away from the scene?

Actually, it wasn’t that long at all. AD and myself wrote the whole album and recorded it in under three months all in all. We always knew at some point we’d make music together again, whether in Dread, or something completely new. In 2015, just before I had moved to Los Angeles, we did one last “farewell show,” and even though AD and myself merely only talked about it in passing, that show seemed to be the spark that lit the fire again. Now, it took a couple of years before we really got something going. I started to build this festival, the Los Angeles Strikefest, and I couldn’t imagine Dread not being apart of it. So we talked about possibly reuniting for the fest, but that if we did, it would have to be full time. If we’re gonna do this again, it’s gotta be all chips in. So, at the time, we decided to just do a short, three song EP. But as soon as AD sent me over the riffs to Blitzkrieg, I knew that it had to be a full length. We both just dove right into the creative process head first. It was almost as if all of this material was just boiling inside of us, waiting to be let out.

You’re newest album, not to be that guy, but it was amazing! I could definitely tell you are influenced by bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, but with that being said, what are some of your personal inspirations for this album?

Hey, there’s never anything wrong with being THAT guy! That’s what keeps music alive, all the love and support we show to bands. We are honored.

But yes, as far as influences, the more obvious ones are on our sleeves so to speak. Priest more than Maiden though. For our other influences, I think you might be surprised. We’re music lovers, and the stuff that actually inspires us not only musically and creatively, but also emotionally, ranges from spectrum to spectrum. Our biggest influences range from Billy Idol, The Cult, Thin Lizzy, to Loudness, Ratt, LA Guns and Armored Saint.

With every new release comes a new tour! Tell us where Dread is headed?

Well, right now, our comeback show is on June 22nd, on the first day of The Los Angeles Strikefest, which features Nasty Savage, Exciter, Razor, Nocturnus AD, Morbid Saint, our brothers in Night Demon and our brothers (and sister!) in Blade Killer, plus a whole lot of other incredible bands. We figured we’d get our teeth sunk into this show first, and then plan accordingly afterwards.

Speaking of touring, I myself am a thrasher at heart. Absolutely my favorite metal genre. So, we all do this I know it: Put together one killer tour with your dream bands, your band included and tell me what you would call the tour. No pressure. Ready? GO!

Well, that’s a hard one. For me, it would be Billy Idol, The Cult, Ratt and LA Guns. It would never happen, so I’d call it “The Tour that Never Was.”

What words of wisdom can you pass on to aspiring bands? How do you keep the Dread dream alive?

Hmmm. Well, I would say you gotta stay driven and work hard. You have to constantly take risks and put yourself out there. Never give up, and always look at failures as lessons. Don’t give up, and always pick yourself back up when you get knocked down. And the most important thing, chase the dream. Not the money, not the girls, not the ego boosts, but the dream. Which lies in the music.

Would you like to give any special shout-outs to anyone who has helped you all along the way?

Personally, I’d like to give a huge shoutout to Dan Dismal. On top of being a partner on the Strikefest festival, he’s been like a big brother. I’d also like to thank Jarvis Leatherby of Night Demon for being a good friend and linking me up with Dan, it has forever changed my life.

Also, who is your artist and where can we find their other work? I love me some Satan-tastic artwork!

Thank you! That means alot! The artist is Mario Lopez, and you can find his work here:


Any final thoughts?

Not much besides a big thank you for taking the time to interview a band like this. Be on the lookout, it goes up from here.


From all of us here at Music Maehem, you are super welcome! Thank you as well! It’s the support from the band’s who take time with us and the fans who support us that keeps our dream alive!

For more one Dread, check out the links below!

-Emily Mae

Edited by: Cat Sullivan

Extended Play//The Divide-Those Dirty Thieves


Welcome Music Maehem readers and subscribers to Extended Play with the Illinois punk/metal band, Those Dirty Thieves!

They just dropped their new single “So What” on 4/20, which was then followed by the release of their newest EP The Divide! Personally, I have been waiting for this EP since I saw it announced way back in February, so it was my pleasure to bring it over here for a review!

For those of you who haven’t seen these guys killin’ it on stage, you should get out there ASAP! They have the amazing energy of metal combined with the attitude of punk, and have an extraordinary talent of turning the entire room into a pit with ease. I got to witness this firsthand one evening at the Pollock Inn in Wausau, Wisconsin. Ever since that night, this band has stayed stuck in my brain, so I have just been waiting for the first chance I had to jump on a feature for these guys!

This EP enthralls you from the very first note. As soon as it begins, I couldn’t help but think, “Ooooh shit!” –I knew I was in for something sweet!

The first track is “Full Moon”, which is full of attitude and rage. It gives you the feeling of being chased by wolves, or maybe even fighting wolves! Either way, you feeling the mighty wrath of wolves and it gets your blood pumping!  I’m sure that has something to do with the name of the track, but that being said, as Marceline The Vampire Queen of Adventure Time once put it, “The only thing women love more than fun is excitement. She needs to feel her blood pump, man! She needs to… BE CHASED BY WOLVES!”

“Full Moon” fades perfectly into the next track, “Growing Old”. Those Dirty Theives have adopted the tagline “WRECK YOUR NECK”, and this track is guaranteed to fulfill that goal for the listener! Fast, thrashy, and relentless with plenty of killer bass licks to peak your heart’s desire. This track has so much drive and force to it, it’s a tough call, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be this one. I’m in love with the thrash metal influence throughout, but that very punk ending reminded me a bit of the old Offspring albums as well.

“So What” was the first track that Those Dirty Thieves revealed to all of us. It’s easy to see why, as it is the perfect highlight of what to expect from this EP. It has great hooks and heavy riffs as well as the powerful drums and catchy lyrics that are all married together into this track. When I first heard this tune, it hooked me instantly.  Just to be nice, here is the link to the single below for your listening pleasure, but don’t stop there!

Things slow down just a bit in  the next track, “Chasers”. There are heavy breakdowns that hold some of the nu-metal flavor. Of course though, things speed back up and the thrash returns once again, featuring one HELL of a sick guitar solo!

We finish out this EP with “Back From The Dead”. This track is also a little bit slower at times, but still keeping the fast, brutal and definitely face melting style that is Those Dirty Thieves. This is the perfect ending for this EP– the fact that it had to end at all was a real bummer, but all good things come to an end as they say, and if it HAS to end, this track is the best way to do it. Continuing to show they are heavy as fuck, it ends just in time for you to give your neck a much needed break.

Overall this EP is an absolute must on any playlist worth having. Each track is pretty short, so it helps you get your energy and anger out right in time to finish your lunch break and get back to the grind. If that’s not enough for you, just put this bad boy on repeat!

The Divide by Those Dirty Thieves is available now–hit that link below and prepare to WRECK YOUR NECK!

You can also join them in person with the neck-wrecking at their next show on May 11th at Smith’s Downtown!

Be sure to follow Those Dirty Thieves on all the social media you can find!

Want to see them live? Check them out at Smith’s Downtown May 11th!


-Written and co-written/edited by Emily Mae and Cat Sullivan, respectively 


Album Review//Ruptured-Redemption

Hello Music Maehem readers! We have another killer album for you all! Meet the band Ruptured from Waterloo, Iowa! Founded in October 2016, this band now has four members: Trevor Troupe, Michael Minard, Billy Thompson and Isaac McBean. Just recently, they have been signed to the amazing label Rock Syndicate and have released their first album Redemption. Ruptured has a style that fills all of your Nu metal needs! So, sit down and get ready to feast on Redemption!

Available here:

We begin with the track “Lost Souls”, which leads us into this album with its heavy beats and slow tempo that is carried throughout. This track has a very catchy chorus that is executed perfectly by Trevor (vocalist).

The next track to follow is “Shiver”, which is one of my favorites. This tune, along with “Lost Souls”, debuted on their first EP. “Shiver” is full of great hooks and contains lyrics that are sorrowful, yet hopeful. To complete this vibe, there is a beautiful guitar solo, which is something not commonly found in the style of Nu-metal, but it complemented it nicely. “Lost Souls” and “Shiver” were originally to be a part of a concept that the band was working on when coming up with content for Redemption.

Trevor told us, “When we first started working on our album, we had an idea of a concept based off this video game called Until Dawn. The game revolves around the concept of ‘The Butterfly Effect’ in which the cause of a simple action can change everything in your future. We thought that would be an awesome concept for an album. With that in mind, we wrote our first two songs on our EP, ‘Lost Souls’ and ‘Shiver’. Well, that concept didn’t last long. We started taking a completely different approach to the album after Isaac (drummer) joined the band. We started to write more about personal life struggles, worldwide struggles, and other things that are happening in our lives today. Michael (album producer/guitar player) tag-teamed a lot of the lyrics with me and ended up giving something the listeners can take into their personal lives, and let them take their own meaning from the songs.”


As the album progresses, we are lead through to “The Frayed”, which is slow and heavy. This track reminds me of early material from Nu-metal artists Korn, with the personal edge that Ruptured brings to this branch of metal.

The next track is “Painted in Exile” which is a track that we can all find to be relatable. It talks about the  struggle of feeling like things in life were going right, maybe with a relationship of some sort or other daily struggles, but then everything takes a turn that we didn’t expect, causing feelings of doubt and regret. Most everyone can relate to the frustration of loss, which is why this track is one that stands out to me in particular as one of the highlights of the album.

“Facades”, “Burning Man”, and “Casted Chaos” keep this album going strong with chugging guitar riffs, fast and brutal drum beats, as well as slower tempos, great lyrical content and all of your favorite Nu-metal elements that get you moving!

“I knew after writing the album I wanted to keep a somewhat dark theme to the lyrics, which I also tried to portray in the music,” Michael says. “The first few songs on the album have some pretty dark themes about loss, depression, stress, etc. However, I knew I didn’t want to be the stereotypical metal band and keep that theme throughout the whole album. At about the halfway mark of the album, it starts to spread some light on the fact that no matter how hard your life is, you can always overcome it.”

“Casted Chaos” is a track with a focus on what it is like to be beaten down and defeated. This track has a great flow to it as it goes between brutal and triumphant. As it keeps the tempo and theme of the album steady.

“Our song ‘Casted Chaos’ was one that Michael really had a go on with the lyrics,” Trevor explains. “That song to me explains what it’s like to be beat down mentally and a feeling that no matter what you do in life you are constantly going through the struggle of being held down by people around you from what you want to do in life. The lyrics ‘My insides are copper and I’d kill to make them gold/ what price would you pay for you to feel so whole’ really sets the picture for that from the start.”

“Senseless” and “Skitzo Effect” are the perfect tracks to carry out the vibe of “Casted Chaos” into the title and final track, “Redemption”. This track rounds the album out to a perfectly strong and brutal ending. The conclusion leaves us feeling very satisfied, giving that feeling like although all of this darkness goes on in your life, you can and will bounce back from it.

Trevor continues, “Our title track of the album ‘Redemption’ is kind of a follow up to the track ‘Casted Chaos’ which talks about actually fighting through that struggle and proving that you can do whatever it is you want to do in life. Everyone deals with some sort of struggle every single day, no matter what the struggle is, we all just have to find our own way to push through it the best way that we can and that is what the album is about.”

Michael also adds, “This album in essence, is really about our personal struggles while writing this album. I’d honestly have to say that as we write more albums to come, I don’t think the rest will sit this close to home with myself and Trevor like Redemption does. It really is our hearts out in the open for everyone to see. The reason we decided to title the album Redemption was because although it was dark in nature, we wanted to have a positive ending because although life can be hard and unforgiving, you can always make it through.”


Overall, Redemption is a brutal, heavy, and honest album about life. It’s about breaking the bondage and chains that hold us prisoner to our struggles rather than to our successes. Overcome your oppressors and make life what you want it to be. That is the metal way of life! This album hits all the right places for the Nu-metal fan. So, be sure to get your copy of Redemption today!

You can catch them right here in Wisconsin!! April 28th at the Popcorn Tavern in La Crosse, WI!!!


Follow Ruptured in the links below!



Emily Mae 

Album Review//QuietKind- Shadow Play

This Wisconsin metalcore/groove metal band comes at us from the Wausau area. QuietKind released their first album Shadow Play this past January, 2018. If you love your music heavy, chaotic, groovy, and full of epic break downs, then you will be into this album!

Shadow Play is a djent-gasm to say the least, and is just full of everything you crave from metalcore. The vocals are heavy, yet comprehensible. The drums and bass are solid and the guitar leads are simply something amazing to behold! There are many bands coming out of Wisconsin that are of the metalcore variety, but QuietKind holds their own among them.

Currently they are on tour with another amazing Wisconsin metalcore band Pangaea.


On the new album, the opening track “Failed State” is a great way to lead us off into what Shadow Play is all about. The vocalist breaks the seal with the bold and brutal statement “This is a failed state!” Carrying out this track with a guitar solo that is backed up with a bass-heavy break down and plenty of djent beats, which is the common theme of the album.

“Stray” is fast, furious and technical. Each chorus is different from the last giving a unique balance to the entire track in its entirety. Not one part of the track repeats itself which, as you know, usually there is something that is repeated within a song. During the melodic breakdown, it kind of reminded me of something like a space adventure, or like a sound track you would find in a video game.

“Limbo” is the djent highlight of this album. It has a horror type of vibe including a “creepy toy-like” synth track. This track is almost a two-part, as its ending blends so well into the beginning of the next track “The Worst Of Us”. This keeps things temporarily in the same horror realm.  The vocals are harder than the other tracks it seems, giving us a brutal climax to Shadow Play.


“Dawn” is full of super technical guitar solos and interesting hooks. It feels like a rising, which makes sense to the title. The break down in this track is nothing short of epic. The guitar solo and theme very much reminds me of the style of the band Scale The Summit.

“Twilight” and “Dusk” both take a turn back into the brutal side of metalcore. “Twilight” is unique not only this album,  but to the whole metalcore genre overall because the entire track is a brutal instrumental until you get closer to the end. The vocalist has one final message before ending this song and it was almost like the breakdown was actually the vocals, which is an interesting twist!

Finally, “Dusk” leads us into the self-titled track of the album, “Shadow Play”. Definitely the best track on the album, so it’s no wonder they chose this one for their lyrical video. It is one last highlight of all the talents of each member. This track is a very strong finish.

When you listen to this album, you really get a lot out of every minute. Shadow Play is a very full album. QuietKind is a very tight band and the recording quality is great. We are looking forward to another album in the future, but for now, we will be keeping our eyes out on the scene to see them live!

If you want to see QuietKind, their next show is in Damien’s Den in Lancing, IL.


You can follow the rest of their tour on their Facebook in the link below:

You can find Shadow Play on Bandcamp at

Don Niesen











Extended Play//Boy Band- Pillbook

Pillbook: a powerful, brash, young sludge-pop duo from Chelsea, Massechusetts. The masterminds behind this project are Aaron Garcia and Randy Aguilar. A member of their band dropped out during their first tour, but they didn’t give up, and because of that they have created their own destiny. Their first EP Boy Band, which was released through Five By Two Records, is available now! (Link at the end of the article)

Pillbook influences come from various 90’s grunge bands and modern bands such as Death from Above, ’68, and Superheaven, but also modern artists such as Kanye West, Lil Pump, Kendrick Lamar and Childish Gambino. This is reflected throughout the EP. This album really pulls at the heart of teenage angst from start to finish.
“When The Sun Comes Up” captures your emotions right away with powerful guitar hooks as well as powerful and passionate vocals. This song is one I personally favor because of the grunge style and attitude.
“Skipping The Lines On The Sidewalk” is an easy-to-listen-to tune that reminds me of 90’s Indie bands. This is a song with very high nostalgic value– one of those songs you listen to during the summertime and reflect upon in the winter when all of those good times become memories. They also created a video for this track. You can experience it in the link below!

“Hard Hearts” brings the pace up a bit from the others, coming at you fast, heavy, and grainy. This tune very much brings the listener to life. In a way, it reminds me of something I would have heard in the movie Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. It has a few slow, clean breakdowns as well, which gives this track a really nice balance. The bass within this EP is really prominent which I feel only serves to create more emotion, but I especially love it here. Personally, I feel that a band without a bassist is like a BLT sandwich without the bacon!
“Boyskissboysandgirlsownthierbodies” is a song with lyrics we can relate to. It creates a feeling of wonder, causing us to reflect upon ourselves. My favorite part of the lyrics is:
Do we all have our own destined expiration date
But you tell me to get on my knees before it’s too late
And we all die young or old and we end up in the ground

It reflects within that no one is better than anyone else and we all have our place, as well as reminding us that no one lives forever and we all will die one day no matter what.

“Stay Laz” has a little bit of everything, which makes this song the best one to end this EP on. Why? Because it leaves you wanting more!! The drums throughout the album are so on point, but it’s especially reflected in this track. As it goes from a slow and even tempo, with random outbursts and then goes flawlessly into a fast-pace tempo. There is a beautiful and pleasant breakdown within also which has been a common element featured per each track. As this album begins to conclude, we even get a taste of metal-esque style they are capable of in the end.
I’m sure you’re thinking, “Metal? What?” but yes. Trust me. Metal. Kind of thrash metal to be specific, which I thought added a very unique flavor and ended this EP on a great note.
This EP is very impressive and they were not kidding when they said the music was “mature” for their age. This amazing teen duo has so much talent between the two of them and I see a very successful career ahead of them!
See them live March 30th at Raven Worcester in Worcester, Massechusetts!

To purchase their album check out their Bandcamp below!
It is also available on itunes, Google Play and Spotify!
Emily Mae

One Night Stand//Split Single// Burial Ground- Order Of Unukalhai and BeetleGork

It’s time for a One Night Stand and this time you are going home with two doom metal beauties. Burial Ground is a unique release featuring two bands coming together to form one special edition single! The first track is brought to you by Order Of Unukalhai, whom we featured earlier this month in our monthly segment of Fresh Blood. In case you didn’t read the article (which I strongly encourage you to do), Order Of The Unukalhai is a doom/black metal band. Beetlegork, however, is a band we haven’t yet introduced you to yet.
Beetlegork is a 3 piece death/sludge metal band from Sturgeon Bay in Door County, Wisconsin, that began in 2016. Besides their part in this single,they also have an EP out called Trepanation and are currently working on an album that they will be releasing this summer!

We get hit hard and heavy as the tragic tale of a small port town begins. “Seabeast”, the first track on the album, is Beetlegork’s chapter to the two-part tale.

This track truly captures our imagination as we begin to see the attack before our eyes. The beasts have risen to take the innocent souls of the town, engulfing them and taking those who do not survive into a watery grave. The brave fight for their lives against the vicious beasts of peril, but to no avail; for those who survived became beasts themselves!
The guitar riffs stay true to the nature of death metal, reminding us of the styles of Mastodon. These intense riffs really bring a lot of emotion into the music, making it easier to feel the tragic event as if we were directly experiencing it for ourselves. As you listen through, it starts to trail off into the slower break down. This part has us reflecting on another amazing tale of the song “Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner” by Iron Maiden. In this breakdown, you can feel the heartbreak and defeat as we are lead underwater.
The sounds now become hollow and start to have an echo as we plummet deeper and deeper and the survivors become one with the beasts… The lyrical content is something you definitely shouldn’t overlook either. The vocals are in the brutal style of death metal with a truly passionate undertone. The drums and bass back everything up with a heavy tempo and it all comes together beautifully.
In the second track, “Burial Ground” everything slows down as Order Of Unukalhai takes over to tell us the rest of this tale. The slow tempo and sway of the guitar riffs have us feeling the exhaustion and hopelessness of our characters. They have now been taken hostage by their new nature as beasts, which are fueled by the hatred and loss of their former lives. The beast gives this tale the punch of brutality it needs to finish us off. After all, this was not a happy tale.
The combination of these two bands was one of epic proportion. It had just the right amount of fast death metal and slow doom metal. When we first heard of this split single, we were already excited to see what we would get and it blew our expectations completely out of the water!
(…No pun intended.)
We strongly urge you to go out there and get this album to your ear holes right now! You can find it in the link below–hard copies will be available soon as well, and you can get them at a Beetlegork or Order of Unukalhai show soon!
You can see them both play together March 30th at Frank’s Powerplant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Follow Beetlegork and Order Of The Unukalhai on Facebook!


Emily Mae and Mitchel Fulcer

Album Review//H1Z1- Unbounded

H1Z1 is a heavy metal band coming at you from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They began as a four-piece band in 2010, but have since then expanded into a five-piece. Influenced by bands such as Slipknot, Deftones, Static-X, Fear Factory, System Of A Down and Strapping Young Lad, they bring you in full force and pride themselves on bringing all kinds of musical inspirations into their brand of heavy metal.

On August 11, 2017 they dropped their debut album Unbounded. This album was recorded partly in Cleveland, Ohio, where Don Debaise of Standby Studio recorded vocals, guitar and bass, and drums were recorded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by Shane Olivo of Bobby Peru.

Unbounded leads you in with a small introduction track which takes you right into “Life Span”, a song with full-on attitude that captures your attention from start to finish. In this track, I could really feel the fast and heavy influences of Static-X, especially in the vocals. The Lamb Of God influence also definitely shine throughout each track, but “Forbidden” shines especially within the drummer’s style.

“S.S Departed (Silent Convictions)” Is one of our favorite tracks on the album; with great hooks and a bouncing beat this track gives you a lot of energy. It holds a lot of frustration, especially if you are looking at the lyrical content. So, if they are playing this track, get ready for the pit!

As you progress through the album, you find that each track has its own heavy metal identity. “Paralytical” and “Bring The Violence”, for example, are very thrashy styles of metal. Both of these tracks are fast, brutal, and commanding. However, “Paralytical” also has a hint of groove metal when it comes to the break down– it has quick flashes of the double kicks that fit in perfectly with the epic guitar solo.

The tracks “Helewe” and “ADHD” remind us so much of all the wonderful things we love about industrial metal. Reaching into their Static-X influences, the vocals tap into the inner Wayne Static mode.

“Helewe” was another favorite of ours from Unbounded. It has a catchy progression, and was a tune we could picture a venue packed to the gills with metal fans echoing back the lyrics.

“Antigonish” and “Eyes Of Shame” have a nice combination of styles. With old school heavy metal vibes, death metal attitude and just a hint of power metal, these tunes really find a nice place within this album. In these tracks as well as a few others towards the end of the album, we start to catch some new wave styles as well.

“Game Over” really switches things up. This track is slow and low and heavy with vicious vocals emphasized by the lyrics.

H1Z1 absolutely is a band with a unique draw. They stand out from the others in many ways and are bringing together a lot of popular and much loved styles of metal that we don’t seem to see a lot of these days, or at least here in the Wisconsin scene. If you love industrial, thrash, groove or nu-metal, this album is for you! You can get this album in the link below and see for yourself! You won’t be disappointed!


To keep updated on what H1Z1 is doing next you can find them on Facebook!

We will be sitting down with H1Z1 for an interview from Happy’s in Woodruff,WI! It will be a wicked night if thrash so don’t miss out!! Be sure to stop out and say hello!

Don Niesen

Album Review//Infantivore- A Fetus To Feed Us

Infantivore is a melodic death metal band from Escanaba, Michigan. Formed in 2016, they have been playing shows throughout the Midwest area ever since. The band is made up of members Aaron McDonald (guitar), Tom Sundquist Jr. (guitar), Brandan Cantrell (bass), Jamie Lafave (drums) and female vocalist Betsy Perry. Infantivore adds a very unique sound to the death metal genre by combining complex drum beats and low guitar tuning with the haunting vocals that Betsy provides.


On February 24th, 2017, Infantivore held their album release party at Mayrand’s 10th Street Tavern in their home town in Escanaba. This was the debut of A Fetus To Feed Us which followed the release of their single “Exit Sandman”. If you have had the opportunity to watch their live feed on Facebook that took place on February 21st, you would see that they actually took a lot of time to assemble the CDs for purchase. Something I can respect and appreciate for I have seen and helped local bands in this process before. You may be able to find these digitally soon as well.

When you listen to Infantivore, you feel like you are almost listening to a dark metal opera; beautiful yet brutal. There is a gothic, Victorian feel that at times reminds me of bands such as Type O Negative or Lacuna Coil. The very first song I was introduced to was “Exit Sandman”, which has over 1000 views on YouTube and it is easy to see why people are drawn to this track. After listening to the entire album A Fetus To Feed Us, I saw that it was wise to choose this song as their single as well for it highlighted perfectly each members talents. As someone who struggles with sleeping habits, I can personally relate to the content of the song. In a way, I find it sort of comforting, as it suggests within it that the darkness will comfort you.

The album itself tends to stay a bit slower in tempo throughout, but one track that is a bit of a faster is “Prince of Hell”. The drummer really has a lot of power behind his kit that comes forth here. While I listen to him play I almost get a bit of a jazz influence in the style as well, which fits pretty perfectly into the unique sound of this band in general.

It seems like they have taken their own path in death metal and brought a little something different from each of them into the mix which really helps them stand out on their own. For such a macabre name like Infantivore, there is a lot of beauty to be found within the content of this album. I can see them being a real hit with those who are in the death metal, goth metal and doom metal communities for sure, so don’t hesitate to check them out!
If you are looking to see Infantivore live you can see them April 21st at the Cabaret Bar in Wausau WI!


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Emily Mae 

Extended Play//Orange- Floyd Turbo


Welcome once again to Extended Play, where we feature some of the hottest EP’s on the scene!

We introduce you to Floyd Turbo out of La Crosse, Wisconsin! These guys are definitely a true Wisconsin band with one of their listed interests being beer and also classifying themselves as middle- aged rock and roll. Although we can get a good laugh out of that, I can assure you their music is no laughing matter. Dean, Mark , Jim,and Nick really give it their all when they perform live. I had the opportunity to see them for the first time at Orangefest in 2017. I remember going over to the merch table and asking a bit about them. I liked what I heard, so I used my last few dollars to get myself a sticker so I wouldn’t forget to find them when I got back (and of course, snapped a few pics of them as well).



Orange was released in 2017 and made its debut live at the Brickhouse in La Crosse, where Floyd Turbo shared the stage with Seisma and Droids Attack. Since then, they have made several appearances especially in Madison, Wisconsin. Floyd Turbo has been on the scene for 3 years, but the members have played in many other bands before this, so this is far from any of their first experience with being on the music scene and it shows in the EP.

Orange really has what I could describe as “soul”—it can be found in the familiar blues influence within all of the greatest presentations of rock n’ roll. The cool thing about rock n’ roll is that it moves you. You can always feel the stories and emotions being told within.

Floyd Turbo has a very tight sound which I have always found as something that definitely comes with time and experience. This EP has very powerful vocals as well as lyrical content. The lead guitar is very well-placed and backed up by solid bass lines and drum beats. I just can’t get enough of these progressions, which you simply have to experience for yourself.  When you listen to the tracks “WGMCGR” or “Shadow”, you can feel a similar tone to that of Soundgarden or Stone Temple Pilots. Both of these artists have very powerful messages that reflect through the soul of rock n’ roll and I feel that Floyd Turbo shares this with them as well.

My favorite track personally is “The Delirium Complex”, which opens with an epic guitar solo that guides you into the hands of the drums and bass. This song is a passionate and powerful one that really gets you moving. I love fast music, as most of you know I am a thrasher at heart, but I have noticed a trend in metal known as groove metal that has shown us thrashers to slow down a bit and this tune definitely hits the mark. I also love tunes with a deep message and attitude as well. This is an EP I can sit all the way through and enjoy every track, which in reality can be a struggle at times, even for the biggest acts out there.


When speaking with Floyd Turbo, they also informed me that they are working on new material, and I so cannot wait to hear!

“We’re all extremely proud of our new material we’ve written and the recording is going very well. We’re looking forward to playing in front of anyone willing to listen this summer.”

Floyd Turbo is a truly talented and impressive band. If you haven’t see them live, you need to! So for those of you out there looking for a great rock band with just a hint of metal, your life is incomplete without this EP, I promise!

You can find Floyd Turbo here:

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They are also on Youtube! Below is The Delirium Complex