Gearview Mirror//Levi Burglund

Hello there, loyal readers and music maeniacs! It’s been a long wait, and I apologize for that, but I’m back, and I have an excellent article for you that has been a long time coming. Today we’re going to look at the gear of Levi Burglund of Beetlegork! He’s got some very attractively vintage treats for us, so let’s dive right in!

Levi packs a fat tone driven punch through a 1982 Peavey Mark 4 amp. With a built-in eq and the perfect set of dials, this beauty can give any “identity” to any adventurous bassist.


To compliment this amp head, Levi picked up this rad cabinet filled with a single 18” speaker and two 10” speakers. These two sizes give a wide range of capability for the perfect mix of low, mid, and high. “I picked it up from Pawn America for under $300. It was labeled as a DJ rig haha!”


To further build on his “tone block,” he keeps it nice and simple. With a D.I. box (direct input) he can deliver the most robust signal right to the sound system.

For distortion, Levi rocks the T.C. Electronics “Big Muff” distortion pedal.


Last but not least, is the bass! Like my father did for me, Levis father handed down an early 70s Ibanez “Black Eagle” bass. You may recognize this bass in the hands of Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic. This master craftsmanship shines with fantastic detail, and sounds absolutely gorgeous!


Thank you, loyal readers, supporters, and gear enthusiasts for staying patient in my absence. Duty called, but I will be back to it full time. Next weekend is Project Mayhem, so I will have an entire bag of goodies to bring back to all of you! Thank you all for reading and, as always, stay safe and thrash fast!!!!!

-Mitchel Fulcer

Edited by: Samantha Crocker

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