Extended Play//Ignescent- Fearless

My review of the EP Fearless from Chicago’s own Ignescent begins on the 4th of July. Picture this: I’m at the Rebel Stage; an hour and a half thunderstorm ended my night, and I’m in the band parking lot drying off before my trip home. All of a sudden, I notice something in the corner of my eye. I looked over to see a beautiful purple-haired young lady heading my way with a welcoming smile on her face. We talked about the Rebel Stage and she informed me that she was Jennifer Benson, she had just been on the Renegade Stage with her band, Ignescent.

Curious about their music I asked her about it. She was kind enough to give me a CD and, in exchange, I gave her a CD of my son’s band, All Kings Fall. I thoroughly enjoyed Ignescent’s EP, so I decided to do a review and asked Jennifer for an interview, one that she kindly accepted.

I read your bio on Facebook; I see your band has had the chance to open for some heavy hitters in hard rock and metal. How has this experience helped in the evolution of your band’s music? What did you learn about the music industry from these experiences?

This experience has definitely influenced our music. The newer songs we are writing have a heavier sound, and the new song we are currently writing is more metal. We got to meet a lot of the people we opened for and were surprised how down-to-earth most people were. We realized everyone is just doing what they love, like us.

I see you are on the Vans Warped Tour. How did you get this opportunity and what kind of challenges have you run into?

We are super thankful to have the opportunity to play on the last Vans Warped Tour. Someone I know messaged me on Facebook saying he saw a posting on LinkedIn. It said they were looking for bands for Vans Warped Tour. I immediately checked out the posting and submitted Ignescent. A few weeks later I got an email back when we were all at band rehearsal saying they wanted us. We were all so excited. It was crazy.

The main challenge we run into is funding for the band since we are an independent band. It may take us a little longer to get music out since we need to save up and have no one investing in us like a label but we love what we do!

Are you working on a new full-length album now or in the near future?

We are hoping to do a new album at some point, but we are not currently working on one. Our new song Fearless was co-written with Sameer Bhattacharya of Flyleaf.


This EP is a short, sweet introduction to Ignescent.
The EP opens with an upbeat rocker called “Kickstart My Heart”; the song tells the tale of a broken heart and trying to find the energy to get up and move on.

Next in line is “Fearless.”

This song tells how we can find the strength to stand up against seemingly insurmountable opposition through love and support from those who care for us. The last track is “Overcome.”

This song shows a heavier side to Ignescent. Crunchier riffs and growling backup vocals with a more metal groove to the drums. The lyrics are uplifting and hopeful in asking for help to overcome the difficulties of life.

Thanks, Jennifer, for your time to let us here at Music Maehem and all of our supporters know about your band! Good luck in your future!

Ignescent is:
Jennifer Benson – vocals
Deven Elion – lead guitarist
Joey Sepulveda – rhythm guitarist
Cristian Aguilar – bass guitarist
Chris Calix – drums

Catch Ignescent LIVE at The House Cafe in Dekalb, IL August 30th


Connect with Ignescent online:
Official Site

-Don Niesen

Edited by: Samantha Crocker

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