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Reliance Code is a rock band out of Eastern Oklahoma which first took the stage in July 2016. In 2017, Reliance Code quickly burst unto the scene, performing at such events as Blue Ridge Festival in Virginia and Rocklahoma. Reliance Code has also been the main support for national acts such as Gemini Syndrome, Texas Hippie Coalition, Jackyl, & HELLYEAH.

Driving force guitars, shredding and slaying to the core, addictive choruses with powerhouse vocals, and an overall amped up amount of energy that electrifies with every live performance, is what this Oklahoma rock band, Reliance Code, has to offer.

Check out the new release and video for Reliance Code’s song “Never Bring Me Down” Here:

After checking Reliance Code out for ourselves, we definitely wanted to see what was ahead for these guys! Below is our interview with this awesome Oklahoma band’s bassist Josh Roach!

As we have been expanding and interviewing bands from across the country, we have noticed that everyone’s music scene is slightly different from the last. What can you tell us about your experience in the music scene in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is well known for its Southern Okie style of hospitality and that is definitely a part of our music scene!!  When we first broke into Ft. Smith, AR and Tulsa, OK those two music scenes welcomed us with open arms. We have had some really sound advice and encouragement as well as support by being added to shows, by established local bands.  Those 2 cities are not as big on a national level and don’t get every artist adding OK stops to their tours. Because of that, I notice that most Oklahoma fans have a lot of variety as opposed to someone that lives in NYC or L.A. that has the option to see their specific genre of music quite often.  

You just dropped your newest music video for the track “Never Bring Me Down” from your newest release ‘Finding Your Way Out’- Why did you choose this track for your first official video? Does it have a special meaning to you or anything of that sort?

This song represents the band well, we have some that are heavier and some that are more chill, NBMD is right in the middle.  It has a good positive lyrical content and it gets right to the point without a big long intro so we thought this was putting our best song forward.  That and it’s really fun to play.

What can you tell your fans about ‘Finding Your Way Out?’

Just as the title might suggest, this album represents a person coming out of a very dark period in life, be it personal loss, depression, drug addictions, etc.  The majority of the lyrics are dealing with that, getting over and past all those obstacles and learning to Rise Up and overcome all of that. Then throw in a few feel good party songs about dirty girls and coming alive and well that’s our debut album.

I know this is kind of a tough question to really narrow down, but what would you say your favorite show has been to date?

Rocklahoma & the Blue Ridge Rock Festival was a close 2nd & 3rd but for me personally it was the show we played with HELLYEAH.  Especially now with the recent passing of Vinnie Paul, to say that we shared the stage with that band is easily my top highlight of our 2 years playing live shows.  It was a sold out show at The Sound Room in Ft. Smith, AR. It was hot, the place was packed, sweaty, stinky, just how a concert like that should be. It’s a night I’ll never forget!!!

Every band starts somewhere, obviously, but where was your start? What was the very first show for Reliance Code like?

July 29th 2016 in Ft. Smith, AR at Shooters Bar and Grill was our first show.   Chris Sullen Taylor (DMG Productions, Camp Darkside Stage-Rocklahoma, & Bands Against Bullying) partnered with local badass rocker chick Tegan Mickelle Helzer (Vague Vendetta vocalist) and they put us in the line up!!   This is Todd (vocalist) and my first band so the two of us was really really nervous! Not even going to try to pretend we wasn’t. We’d had our music playing on the local radio station for several weeks and we had a little buzz going around the music scene already.  It was a great night we hit the ground running and made a lot of friends and fans right off the bat!!

What is ahead for you guys? I saw you have quite the following! Are you planning any kind of tour you can tell us about?

We all still work Monday through Friday normal jobs and we’re just doing the weekend thing aside from the occasional festival opportunity or opening for a National act here and there.  We’re starting to gain traction and spreading our radius and picking up shows in new cities around us like Shreveport, LA; Tyler, and Ft, Worth, TX. Fayetteville, AR and also the Bands Against Bullying show in Missouri.  We are planning traveling more and more as our reach continues to grow and more and more stations are picking up the single with the help of Curtain Call Records. We’re still an independent and self “Reliant” band but we’ve partnered with them to help us push our single and we’re very happy to be working with such a great team!!  

Is there any other big news we need to keep our eyes open for?

We released Finding Your Way Out in June of last year and we’ve had plenty of time to work up some new music, we’ve already started playing our newest song “Note To My Betrayer” during our set.  I’d be on the lookout for another new single from us coming at some point. But we’re not rushing it. We’ve got some really solid songs on our debut album that are radio and single worthy. Lastly,  we’re wanting to put the majority our energy and focus spreading our music to as many of the surrounding cities as we can and like I’d mentioned, start traveling more!! Be sure to follow us on social media and here’s our website with all things Code related!!  Thanks for supporting our band!!


Reliance Code has also released their most recent EP ‘Finding Your Way Out’

Reliance Code is:
Todd Falconer – Vocals
Shane Diego – Guitar/Backing Vocals
JC Patterson – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Josh Roach – Bass
Chris Law – Drums


Check Out Reliance Code in the links below!
Reliance Code Official



-Emily Mae

Edited by Samantha Crocker

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