Hope your Sunday is going well, Maeniacs!

Today, I am bringing forth to you all something I have worked very hard on the past couple months. As I fell into a place here on the Music Maehem team, I also ended up discovering a new skill in video editing. I still have a lot to learn, but I feel I had progressed enough in the time the blog had existed to try something new–live music videos!

I could think of none other than our heavy-as-fuck friends in SEISMA to take the spot for my first trial run at this. In May, when I learned that they were going to be at the Wisco on Willy St. again, I didn’t hesitate to ask if they would do me the honor as being featured as my first live music video.

SEISMA are known for their “50 TON RIFFS” and love of Kaiju monster movies, so when Orange The Hueman (drummer) said he would like the video to feature their song “Deathmatch” (off their most recent album SEISMA II: The Land Out of Time), I knew right away that I wanted to feature the infamous scenes from the original movies King Kong and Godzilla, along with some edited stock footage I found of a “real T-Rex in Papua New Guinea” on YouTube (kudos to the creator for making it look so realistic, but a real T-Rex alive at the time of video film? Nice try!)

As I’ve said before, this is my first attempt EVER with chopping together a music video, so I would absolutely appreciate feedback (although…be gentle? Heh…).
I apologize for the graininess of the video…haven’t quite figured out the lighting thing for concert video; this whole thing is a learning experience!

Check out the video below and leave a comment, like,  and subscribe to our channel, and as always, a share if ya care! Don’t forget to check out SEISMA themselves at the links below!!


Also before *I* forget, I want to mention that SEISMA will be at Back Bar in Janesville, this Friday with All Kings Fall, Reckless Redemption and Cthonian Lich–BE THERE!!

Cat Sullivan


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