Weekend Warriors//Punk Interviews/The Studs

Welcome Music Maeniacs to Weekend Warriors with Chicago Punk n’ Roll band – The Studs!

Based in the South Suburbs of Chicago, The Studs are a five piece punk/alternative/pop/Mars core menagerie of musical styling with a little something for everyone. They released their first full-length album “Don’t Suck” in 2011, and in 2012 recorded their EP, “The Fall of The Studs,” which contained a whole new sound and style that can get anyone dancing and singing along.

With their newest album “Red Planet Rock” on the way AND a spot on this year’s Vans Warped tour, we wanted to get the low-down on what’s going on with these guys! So, we got an interview!


What has been your experience with the local music scene in your area? Any favorite venues? Bands?

Being in a band in Chicago is incredible. There are so many great bands with different styles that we’ve gotten to play with over the years. From punk bands like The Ridgelands and This Obsession, to more alternative based bands like The Giving Moon. Every show has been a great experience with people who are incredibly supportive. A favorite venue we have played at would be Elbo Room – such comfy booths and awesome staff!

Our goal is to eventually play The Metro here in Chicago.

So, you’re playing this year’s Vans Warped Tour-congratulations! How psyched are you guys? What can you tell us about your journey as far as what it took to get to this stage?

Thank you! Dream come true. We’re so excited to play Warped this year, especially with it being our last chance ever to do so. We dreamed about this moment years ago when we attended the festival as high school misfits – This event is part of the reason we started playing music in our bass player’s garage.

The journey. The journey, side quests. It took all the side quests.

For the readers here who maybe haven’t heard of you, what’re some important things they should know? Just from the top of your head, I suppose.

Things in general? Stay hydrated. About us specifically? We probably play louder than we should. As a band, we try to have a lot of fun with everything we do. Every show we play or song we write we just want people to sing, dance, and feel good!

Your album ‘Red Planet Rock’ is out today! What can fans old and new expect from this album?

Everyone can expect energy filled tunes. As soon as the record kicks on its almost full speed from front to back. This album also has very diverse styles, and we believe there is something for everyone on it.

Get ‘Red Planet Rock’ in the link below!

Can you share with us the inspiration behind this album?

We all inspired each other on the record. Besides all the music we collectively listened to growing up, we really wanted a record that was all our styles as a unit. We pushed ourselves and other members to explore or do things a bit differently than we normally would. Our friends and fans have deserved this album for a long time.  

Do you guys have any interesting stories you could share with us while creating this album? Maybe something crazy that happened in the studio?

All I remember is recording. Giving feedback. Playing the Switch.

Laughing about how if we ever got asked a question about the recording process, how the answer wouldn’t involve any cool wrap parties or someone having a musical epiphany.

We just sat on a couch playing Mario games haha.

What exciting news is ahead for The Studs? Any tours planned? Give us the scoop!

Music Videos! The first one will be released around the time of Red Planet Rock, and will be the start of a journey that can only be explained as you continue to follow the story plot through each video we release, stay tuned!

No touring plans at the moment but always down to hit the road. The next step in this process is to book a small tour or hop on as support for a bigger act. We hope to be in a city near our fans outside of Chicago sometime soon.

They can’t wait to share their brand of Punk N’ Roll, and don’t expect the fun to stop anytime soon. 
Keep up with The Studs in the links below!
Emily Mae
Edited by: Samantha Crocker

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