Album Review//Color Killer-Generation Z

We head out once again to Marlborough, MA. to re-visit the legendary prodigy punk band Color Killer! These kids have been making a statement in the music scene. They have been working tirelessly, playing shows and now have released their very first album which is appropriately named Generation Z.

For those of you who maybe haven’t been with us here at Music Maehem since the beginning, Color Killer was one of the very first bands we had the opportunity to interview, which was a great honor for us and we thank them! If you wish to read that article you can view it HERE.

For those of you who might not have the time, Color Killer band members are:
Lincoln – Lead Guitar & Vocals
Nate – Bass & Vocals
Matt – Drums
Dylan – Rhythm Guitar

They are accomplishing so much at such a young age. It’s not only mind-blowing, but also inspiring!

We kick off Generation Z with “A.D.D” which is full of all the nostalgic riffs and beats that we remember from the 90’s punk era. This style holds true throughout the style of the album, but in the first track you get stricken with the ‘feels.’ From “A.D.D” we are lead into the next track “Spiders” which opens with a groovy bass lick that reminded me of one of my favorite bassists of all time: Mike Dirnt. This tune is where the bass shines, which, to anyone who has read my articles, know I genuinely favor. I also really love the backup vocals that have begun to be inserted in the songs as well. This is a fun punk tune that gets you up and moving like I suppose you would do if you had a spider on you.

Next in the line up is “Down With Winter.” This track is very relatable to us who live here in good ole Wisconsin. This time we open up with the drums and a great hook riff that is an attention grabber for sure. This little riff easily gets stuck in your head, which is good! “Down With Winter” has been one of my favorite tracks from the beginning of my Color Killer Fandom, so it’s cool to finally be able to experience the recorded version of their jamming tune.

Track 4 is “Super Hero.” This song reminds me of the style of my favorite Japanese 90’s punk band-The Pillows. It’s a fun and somewhat uplifting song about not holding yourself to other people’s expectations. Basically, it’s saying that you don’t need to count on anyone and that you should do things for yourself, something I could personally relate to, for I feel that a lot of people seem to count on me for things and that in itself is something that can become a bit overwhelming at times. There’s a punk song for that emotion, and here it is! “They Call Me Steve” is a cover tune from Teenage Bottlerocket and still has a similar Pillows-esque vibe, but it also reminds me of the style of punk tunes that came from Green Day’s early years; I’m talking way early, like 39/Smooth. Especially in the way that the vocals are presented.

“Football” is another fast-paced punk tune for you. This one has The Offspring flavor to it. It brings back some of the cool guitar riffages that we were introduced to in “Down With Winter.” This tune is not the traditional way in which most people look at playing Football. This is more of the raw and unruly energy that I remember the boys in my neighborhood had when they played. It’s cool to see a punk song that captures that kind of moment from our youth.

“Toothless Wonder” is a short and sweet tune about what it’s like during that awkward phase of youth when you begin to lose your teeth. It’s got a catchy chorus for sure and a lot of great hook riffs. “Go To Bed” made me laugh because I was the kind of kid that never slept (I’m still that way). Thankfully being a child in the 90’s meant there was plenty of awkward late-night television shows to watch. I’m sure that is part of what formed my charming personality and psyche, but, I digress. This track has a cool guitar solo in it, and I continue to be blown away by the young talent in this band.

“Generation Z” is the namesake track of this wonderful album. This is a great track musically as well as lyrically. It’s the perfect climax track to this album as well. It talks about everything that is going on in the current generation; including how they have a better grip on the technology surrounding us. They have a breakdown chorus in this track as well as a lot of back up vocals and things that give you the feeling that you hear the voices of Generation Z. This track is pretty much the perfect anthem for that youth that is coming into the world today. We millennials thought we were pretty rad, well we better move on over, that’s all I’m saying.

“Michael Doesn’t Like Me” is truly the track I would name as the ‘fan favorite.’ This is a great tune about that school bully. You know who I’m talking about, that one guy who is just a dick to you for no reason even though you try to be cool? I think we all have someone like that in our lives. I know I keep on reflecting on the 90’s era here, but in the 90’s the classic bully was often something that was brought up. Usually, they had red hair and squinty eyes; like the reoccurring character O’Doyle from the Adam Sandler films of the decade. This track is a jam though, and I like it. In all honesty, it’s my second favorite track on the entire album.

“Strangers” is a friendly reminder not to talk to strangers. Yes, even when you grow up, don’t talk to strangers. No one is to be trusted, especially these days. I mean, don’t be a total shut-in, but definitely be aware of your surroundings and don’t go anywhere alone; paranoia is that you?? Anyways, this is another pretty short tune, but it’s jammy and fun to listen to.

“Maci” is a slow acoustic apology tune. It’s sweet and endearing. Following in the footsteps of the types of slow tunes that Green Day has performed, it’s the perfect type of tune to start getting us to the end of the album. It has just the right amount of humor in it and pretty much sums up what it means to have ‘young love.’ Childhood is never too serious after all. However, all humor put aside; it’s awesome that Color Killer can switch from playing fast and punk to acoustic styles. Even when it’s more of a comedic style tune, it shows a lot about their range of talent.

We now approach the final track of Generation Z- “I Just Wanna.” This is a relatable tune about all of those life obligations getting in the way of what you want to do in your life. Even when you’re a kid, there are all kinds of things you don’t want to do. Go to school, do your homework, clean your room, etc. You sit, and you’re like “I can’t wait to grow up, so I don’t have to do this crap” Then you grow up, you have a job, you have to pay bills, you have to grocery shop!? All of this when all you want to do is rock out! DAMN IT! I won’t spoil the very end for you, that part you will have to check out yourself.

Overall I am VERY-SUPER impressed with this album. It’s fun and nostalgic. You find a lot of relatable content no matter what your age. Color Killer has a great playing style that reminds us of all of our favorite punk elements. The band is very tight as well. I strongly encourage you to get your copy of Generation Z.

Get your copy of GENERATION Z HERE


3.Down With Winter
4.Super Hero
5.They Call Me Steve
7.Toothless Wonder
8.Go To Bed
9.Generation Z
10.Michael Doesn’t Like Me
13.I Just Wanna

Check out more from Color Killer in the links below!

To help COLOR KILLER save punk, you can donate HERE!

-Emily Mae

Edited by: Samantha Crocker

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