Album Review//Sanguine Glacialis- Hadopelagic

Hello and welcome to the album review of Sanguine Glacialis’ newest release Hadopelagic! This melodic death metal band takes Music Maehem out of the U.S and to our neighbors to the north in Montreal, Quebec! Sanguine Glacialis is more than just melodic death metal, however. They take musical influences from other styles such as jazz, classical, folkloric and even latin music.


Sanguine Glacialis is signed with Worm Hole Death Records! Check them out in the link below for more brutal bands!

We begin this album with the demonic tune “Aenigma”. This track is something you can thrash to, but it does leave you feeling a little creeped out. The angelic yet evil vocals of Maude balances out perfectly with the growling type vocals. At times, the instrumental progressions remind me a bit of early Between The Buried and Me.

We are then gracefully lead into the second track, “Kraken”. This tune is chaotic in nature, which is to be expected when one is telling an epic tale of a battle at sea. This tune has elements within it that will take you back to an old small town saloon. I picture someone at the piano playing as someone tells the town of horrors of the waters!


“Libera Me” starts out slow with the piano leading you into the pounding drum beat, then the guitar chimes in and eventually the rest of the band. I like how this tune builds itself up slowly layering each member in. It builds anticipation and is a very unique element to add.

“Le Cri Tragique D’une Enfant Vicee” is more of a jazz/folk/metal fusion. This tune has a lot of metalcore within it, combined with a bit of power metal as well.

Things slow down a bit again with “Funeral For Inner Ashes”. This passionate track is full of emotion. The lyrics suggest that, like a funeral, we should let go of our pain and lay it to rest; we must learn to heal and move forward.

The walls that built emotions are now stained by dead flames
It’s a funeral for a soul not dead yet
The celebration of the vanishing of a vital light
A Funeral for Inner Ashes

As the song begins to conclude, we have a quick breakdown and a pause. After that, we truly start to feel a hopeful and calm resolution as we are encouraged to let ourselves free. This track is uplifting; beautiful yet brutal and is easily my personal favorite track off of the album.

“Oblivion Whispers” continues the theme of tragedy. This melodic folk track, much like the rest of the album, is telling us a dark tale of despair. By the lyrical content, and the dismal feeling of the music, one can get a sense of being lost and feeling hopeless.


“Deus Ex Machina” and “Missa Di Angelis” both have a lot of traits that come from the nu metal sub genre. As they build, I begin to get that BTBAM vibe once again, but as weird as this may sound, I also can gather a little bit of Avenged Sevenfold as well. Maybe it’s the way the guitar is building the story that I am reminded of the Avenged Sevenfold self titled album; it has that gothic, Tim Burton-esque flavor to it.

“Un Ineffable Mal-etre” is the beginning to the conclusion of this album. The bass is really prominent in this track. It makes it unique from the others in that way, adding an extra level of heaviness. This blends in very well with the end track of the album “Monsters”.

This song begins with death metal style blast beats and rolls right into the brutal demonic vocals, continuing with the gothic/folk combination of epic guitar solos and classical piano. Their official video for “Monsters” is in the link below! Check it out for yourself!

In conclusion, Hadopelagic is a chaotic and beautiful masterpiece to add to your melodic death metal collection. They are a distinctive blend of many sub-genres of music and have mastered the ability to combine them all into many epic tales from the darkness.

Be sure to follow the beautiful brutality of Sanguine Glacialis in the link below!!

To purchase their album check them out on Bandcamp:

See them LIVE June 20th at Foufounes Electruqes in Montreal, Quebec!


Emily Mae

Edited by- Cat Sullivan

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