Front Row//Act Of Defiance

Hey metalheads! This week for Front Row Friday, we are featuring live footage from the Los Angeles based thrash/speed metal band, Act of Defiance!
Act of Defiance is a four-piece made up of vocalist Henry Derek (formerly of Scar the Martyr), bassist Matt Bachand (from Shadows Fall), and Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover (former guitarist and drummer, respectively, of Megadeth).
St. Patty’s day this year turned out to be one HELL of a show, definitely one of the best I’ve ever seen at the Back Bar. I was there working that night to capture as much awesome as I could with my camera, and without further ado, below is the killer result.
*More will be coming from this show soon, both a compilation of the preceding bands that performed that night, as well as an interview to come with Henry and Matt.
Happy Front Row Friday! Keep it metal!
Cat Sullivan 
Feature photo cred: Allen Hess

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