Album Review//QuietKind- Shadow Play

This Wisconsin metalcore/groove metal band comes at us from the Wausau area. QuietKind released their first album Shadow Play this past January, 2018. If you love your music heavy, chaotic, groovy, and full of epic break downs, then you will be into this album!

Shadow Play is a djent-gasm to say the least, and is just full of everything you crave from metalcore. The vocals are heavy, yet comprehensible. The drums and bass are solid and the guitar leads are simply something amazing to behold! There are many bands coming out of Wisconsin that are of the metalcore variety, but QuietKind holds their own among them.

Currently they are on tour with another amazing Wisconsin metalcore band Pangaea.


On the new album, the opening track “Failed State” is a great way to lead us off into what Shadow Play is all about. The vocalist breaks the seal with the bold and brutal statement “This is a failed state!” Carrying out this track with a guitar solo that is backed up with a bass-heavy break down and plenty of djent beats, which is the common theme of the album.

“Stray” is fast, furious and technical. Each chorus is different from the last giving a unique balance to the entire track in its entirety. Not one part of the track repeats itself which, as you know, usually there is something that is repeated within a song. During the melodic breakdown, it kind of reminded me of something like a space adventure, or like a sound track you would find in a video game.

“Limbo” is the djent highlight of this album. It has a horror type of vibe including a “creepy toy-like” synth track. This track is almost a two-part, as its ending blends so well into the beginning of the next track “The Worst Of Us”. This keeps things temporarily in the same horror realm.  The vocals are harder than the other tracks it seems, giving us a brutal climax to Shadow Play.


“Dawn” is full of super technical guitar solos and interesting hooks. It feels like a rising, which makes sense to the title. The break down in this track is nothing short of epic. The guitar solo and theme very much reminds me of the style of the band Scale The Summit.

“Twilight” and “Dusk” both take a turn back into the brutal side of metalcore. “Twilight” is unique not only this album,  but to the whole metalcore genre overall because the entire track is a brutal instrumental until you get closer to the end. The vocalist has one final message before ending this song and it was almost like the breakdown was actually the vocals, which is an interesting twist!

Finally, “Dusk” leads us into the self-titled track of the album, “Shadow Play”. Definitely the best track on the album, so it’s no wonder they chose this one for their lyrical video. It is one last highlight of all the talents of each member. This track is a very strong finish.

When you listen to this album, you really get a lot out of every minute. Shadow Play is a very full album. QuietKind is a very tight band and the recording quality is great. We are looking forward to another album in the future, but for now, we will be keeping our eyes out on the scene to see them live!

If you want to see QuietKind, their next show is in Damien’s Den in Lancing, IL.


You can follow the rest of their tour on their Facebook in the link below:

You can find Shadow Play on Bandcamp at

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