Gear-view Mirror//Erik Ackerman

Hello there, local readers and gear enthusiasts! Mitchel Fulcer here with more gear for you; I hope you took time to catch a local show this weekend. Whether it  be playing a local show or providing a crowd, all support is always appreciated. That said I had the honor of sharing the stage with one of my number ONE local favorite bands: All Out Mutiny. These guys are far beyond the caliber of most national acts I have seen!

While they’ve toured in Russia, and Brazil (setting the record for most consecutive metal shows played on tour in Brazil) don’t think for a second that those amazing opportunities have gone to their heads. All four of these dudes are the most humble and loving  guys you can meet on the scene. One among them is their guitarist Erik Ackerman. The first thing I noticed about Erik, years ago when we met them in Schofield, Wisconsin, was a one of a kind personality you can feel emanate from him while he plays. You know- the kind of guitarist that can bring you back to when you were young listening to the greats and discovering what guitar really is; leaving you anticipating every future riff or solo.


A very cool contributor to Erik’s sound is his custom Sandbom guitar, hand crafted at Sandbom’s Guitar Company in Wausau, WI.

For more on Sandbom Guitar Company click the link below!


Another Axe you’ll see him rocking on stage is his Gibson Explorer, equipped with a Dimarzio “Super Distortion” bridge pickup, and a Dimarzio 57 Classic neck Pickup. “Being sponsored by Dimarzio is fucking awesome because despite trying EMG, and many other pickup brands, I’ve always been a Dimarzio guy.”


In order to be able to rely on his gear for touring, Erik uses a minimal amount of effect pedals on stage. Separate from his pedal board he uses a classic metal staple:

the “Crybaby From Hell wah pedal”


Leading his pedal board chain is an MXR EVH 5150 Overdrive. “With a built in Noise Gate, and Boost, it removes 3 extra pedals from my stage board and when it comes to touring sometimes less is more.”.


Erik counts on the reliability, and durability of the pedal brand Boss for his on tour rig. Although in the studio he primarily uses MXR, on stage he uses three Boss effects pedals:

Boss Flanger:


Boss Chorus:



Boss Digital Delay:


Last but far from least is his Fender Deville Blues 4/10 combo amp. “I love going to new venues and watching the sound guy judge, and react to my playing metal through a tweed Fender combo. But When I start playing, They cant believe how kick ass it sounds,” He tells me passionately. Blasting at you through 6L6 tubes and a 12Ak7 preamp, this 60 watt beast can dominate any stage setting.

As an avid heavy/thrash Metal fan I can say that this combination of classic and modern style and gear has given Erik an incredibly unmistakable tone and identity on stage. If you don’t believe me get out and catch an All Out Mutiny show! Chat awhile with Robby Ray, Zack, and Erick. If you’re lucky enough you might even get to catch their mighty stage diving front man Jason.

Thank you for joining me for yet another look through the “Gear-view Mirror” with the original inspiration of this article: Erik Akerman. As always thrash fast, and headbang hard!

Mitchel Fulcer 

Feature Photo: Emily Mae

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