One Night Stand//Split Single// Burial Ground- Order Of Unukalhai and BeetleGork

It’s time for a One Night Stand and this time you are going home with two doom metal beauties. Burial Ground is a unique release featuring two bands coming together to form one special edition single! The first track is brought to you by Order Of Unukalhai, whom we featured earlier this month in our monthly segment of Fresh Blood. In case you didn’t read the article (which I strongly encourage you to do), Order Of The Unukalhai is a doom/black metal band. Beetlegork, however, is a band we haven’t yet introduced you to yet.
Beetlegork is a 3 piece death/sludge metal band from Sturgeon Bay in Door County, Wisconsin, that began in 2016. Besides their part in this single,they also have an EP out called Trepanation and are currently working on an album that they will be releasing this summer!

We get hit hard and heavy as the tragic tale of a small port town begins. “Seabeast”, the first track on the album, is Beetlegork’s chapter to the two-part tale.

This track truly captures our imagination as we begin to see the attack before our eyes. The beasts have risen to take the innocent souls of the town, engulfing them and taking those who do not survive into a watery grave. The brave fight for their lives against the vicious beasts of peril, but to no avail; for those who survived became beasts themselves!
The guitar riffs stay true to the nature of death metal, reminding us of the styles of Mastodon. These intense riffs really bring a lot of emotion into the music, making it easier to feel the tragic event as if we were directly experiencing it for ourselves. As you listen through, it starts to trail off into the slower break down. This part has us reflecting on another amazing tale of the song “Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner” by Iron Maiden. In this breakdown, you can feel the heartbreak and defeat as we are lead underwater.
The sounds now become hollow and start to have an echo as we plummet deeper and deeper and the survivors become one with the beasts… The lyrical content is something you definitely shouldn’t overlook either. The vocals are in the brutal style of death metal with a truly passionate undertone. The drums and bass back everything up with a heavy tempo and it all comes together beautifully.
In the second track, “Burial Ground” everything slows down as Order Of Unukalhai takes over to tell us the rest of this tale. The slow tempo and sway of the guitar riffs have us feeling the exhaustion and hopelessness of our characters. They have now been taken hostage by their new nature as beasts, which are fueled by the hatred and loss of their former lives. The beast gives this tale the punch of brutality it needs to finish us off. After all, this was not a happy tale.
The combination of these two bands was one of epic proportion. It had just the right amount of fast death metal and slow doom metal. When we first heard of this split single, we were already excited to see what we would get and it blew our expectations completely out of the water!
(…No pun intended.)
We strongly urge you to go out there and get this album to your ear holes right now! You can find it in the link below–hard copies will be available soon as well, and you can get them at a Beetlegork or Order of Unukalhai show soon!
You can see them both play together March 30th at Frank’s Powerplant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


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Emily Mae and Mitchel Fulcer

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