Gear-view Mirror // Dustin Bennett // Collectors’ Edition

Hello there, local readers and Gear enthusiasts. This week, my words and rambling will be kept short as this is my attempt at a live video collectors’ edition of Gearview Mirror in an effort to change it up for you  guys and gals.

Inspiring this Idea is the humble and awesome Dustin Bennett of  Forcefield. As you will see on the video, he has quite a collection of axes and other gear alike. I had my band brother Jonathan “The Icelander” Nicewander bring me down and aid me at Dustin’s home shop in Oshkosh to get a better look and to chat with Dustin and his counterpart, also a guitarist in Forcefield, Kurt Losinske.

Please check out the video, give any feedback on it, and as always, my friends, thrash fast and headbang hard!

Be sure to check out Forcefield on Facebook:

Mitchel Fulcer 

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