Album Review//H1Z1- Unbounded

H1Z1 is a heavy metal band coming at you from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They began as a four-piece band in 2010, but have since then expanded into a five-piece. Influenced by bands such as Slipknot, Deftones, Static-X, Fear Factory, System Of A Down and Strapping Young Lad, they bring you in full force and pride themselves on bringing all kinds of musical inspirations into their brand of heavy metal.

On August 11, 2017 they dropped their debut album Unbounded. This album was recorded partly in Cleveland, Ohio, where Don Debaise of Standby Studio recorded vocals, guitar and bass, and drums were recorded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by Shane Olivo of Bobby Peru.

Unbounded leads you in with a small introduction track which takes you right into “Life Span”, a song with full-on attitude that captures your attention from start to finish. In this track, I could really feel the fast and heavy influences of Static-X, especially in the vocals. The Lamb Of God influence also definitely shine throughout each track, but “Forbidden” shines especially within the drummer’s style.

“S.S Departed (Silent Convictions)” Is one of our favorite tracks on the album; with great hooks and a bouncing beat this track gives you a lot of energy. It holds a lot of frustration, especially if you are looking at the lyrical content. So, if they are playing this track, get ready for the pit!

As you progress through the album, you find that each track has its own heavy metal identity. “Paralytical” and “Bring The Violence”, for example, are very thrashy styles of metal. Both of these tracks are fast, brutal, and commanding. However, “Paralytical” also has a hint of groove metal when it comes to the break down– it has quick flashes of the double kicks that fit in perfectly with the epic guitar solo.

The tracks “Helewe” and “ADHD” remind us so much of all the wonderful things we love about industrial metal. Reaching into their Static-X influences, the vocals tap into the inner Wayne Static mode.

“Helewe” was another favorite of ours from Unbounded. It has a catchy progression, and was a tune we could picture a venue packed to the gills with metal fans echoing back the lyrics.

“Antigonish” and “Eyes Of Shame” have a nice combination of styles. With old school heavy metal vibes, death metal attitude and just a hint of power metal, these tunes really find a nice place within this album. In these tracks as well as a few others towards the end of the album, we start to catch some new wave styles as well.

“Game Over” really switches things up. This track is slow and low and heavy with vicious vocals emphasized by the lyrics.

H1Z1 absolutely is a band with a unique draw. They stand out from the others in many ways and are bringing together a lot of popular and much loved styles of metal that we don’t seem to see a lot of these days, or at least here in the Wisconsin scene. If you love industrial, thrash, groove or nu-metal, this album is for you! You can get this album in the link below and see for yourself! You won’t be disappointed!


To keep updated on what H1Z1 is doing next you can find them on Facebook!

We will be sitting down with H1Z1 for an interview from Happy’s in Woodruff,WI! It will be a wicked night if thrash so don’t miss out!! Be sure to stop out and say hello!

Don Niesen

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