Album Review//Infantivore- A Fetus To Feed Us

Infantivore is a melodic death metal band from Escanaba, Michigan. Formed in 2016, they have been playing shows throughout the Midwest area ever since. The band is made up of members Aaron McDonald (guitar), Tom Sundquist Jr. (guitar), Brandan Cantrell (bass), Jamie Lafave (drums) and female vocalist Betsy Perry. Infantivore adds a very unique sound to the death metal genre by combining complex drum beats and low guitar tuning with the haunting vocals that Betsy provides.


On February 24th, 2017, Infantivore held their album release party at Mayrand’s 10th Street Tavern in their home town in Escanaba. This was the debut of A Fetus To Feed Us which followed the release of their single “Exit Sandman”. If you have had the opportunity to watch their live feed on Facebook that took place on February 21st, you would see that they actually took a lot of time to assemble the CDs for purchase. Something I can respect and appreciate for I have seen and helped local bands in this process before. You may be able to find these digitally soon as well.

When you listen to Infantivore, you feel like you are almost listening to a dark metal opera; beautiful yet brutal. There is a gothic, Victorian feel that at times reminds me of bands such as Type O Negative or Lacuna Coil. The very first song I was introduced to was “Exit Sandman”, which has over 1000 views on YouTube and it is easy to see why people are drawn to this track. After listening to the entire album A Fetus To Feed Us, I saw that it was wise to choose this song as their single as well for it highlighted perfectly each members talents. As someone who struggles with sleeping habits, I can personally relate to the content of the song. In a way, I find it sort of comforting, as it suggests within it that the darkness will comfort you.

The album itself tends to stay a bit slower in tempo throughout, but one track that is a bit of a faster is “Prince of Hell”. The drummer really has a lot of power behind his kit that comes forth here. While I listen to him play I almost get a bit of a jazz influence in the style as well, which fits pretty perfectly into the unique sound of this band in general.

It seems like they have taken their own path in death metal and brought a little something different from each of them into the mix which really helps them stand out on their own. For such a macabre name like Infantivore, there is a lot of beauty to be found within the content of this album. I can see them being a real hit with those who are in the death metal, goth metal and doom metal communities for sure, so don’t hesitate to check them out!
If you are looking to see Infantivore live you can see them April 21st at the Cabaret Bar in Wausau WI!


Find more on Infanitivor in the links below!



Photo credit: Casey Lyle


Emily Mae 

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