Fresh Blood//Order Of Unukalhai

Welcome back to our monthly feature Fresh Blood, where we introduce you to one of the new bands making noise on the scene. This month we introduce you to Order Of  Unukalhai. You may have seen them around the scene lately, for they have been booking a lot of shows and making their name known fairly quickly.  Order of  Unukalhai describes themselves as “Extreme metal from Wisconsin” which if you want more of an in depth description on what that may entail, I would say something along the realm of doom or black metal with their own personal melodic twist.

Their debut album (self titled) can be found in the link below!



They are also teaming up with the band Beetlegork and are releasing a new split single!! We will be talking more about this at a later time, but it is due to be released this month so be sure you keep and eye out for it!

Some events coming near you from Order of Unukalhai:

March 9th at The Back Bart in Janesville WI


March 17th The Reptile Palace in Oshkosh WI


March 30th Franks Power Plant in Milwaukee WI


To keep updated with what is new for Order Of  Unukalhai be sure to follow them on Facebook!

Emily Mae 


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