Gear-view Mirror// Jake Schultz- Squid Hammer Metal

Hello, local readers and gear enthusiasts! This week, I am proud to present a look through the mirror at my great friend and personal inspiration, Jake Schultz of Squidhammer Metal. First of all, not only are “The Squids” the most entertaining band in Wisconsin, but they are the most honest, humble, and real motherfuckers you will ever meet. These guys are the real deal, man, and I am honored to be a part of the undeniable impact they have made on the Wisconsin music scene. Keep two eyes wide open for their upcoming album, because I guarantee it will blow your mind, Jack!


Inspired by his uncle at the age of nine, Jake quickly became a huge fan of the intense guitar styles created by artists, such as Dimebag Darrell and Zakk Wylde. Today, those influences are striking and have grown far beyond anything I’ve seen as he molds these legendary techniques into his own amazing tone and identity on the stage.  

A huge part of said tone is his Dean Dime Signature Series diamond plate guitar. This baby looks sick as hell and rips the ears off your skull, especially now that it’s equipped with the strings I use personally, D’addario NY/XL.


I was happy to learn that, through much trial and error, Jake decided to minimize his pedal board to three pedals. He has a raw sound that you cannot mimic, even through a full chain of pedals, but his sound is, at the same time, so full. I have personally witnessed him flood the stage with sound without a bassist or rhythm guitarist with what seemed to be effortless power.


To get such high output, he plugs into an MXR modified custom badass O.D. Overdrive pedal, and let me tell you, boy, this puppy is hot! I have never seen one until I met Jake about a year ago, and I’ve compared every overdrive pedal to it since.


Naturally, with the aforementioned Dimebag influence, he also uses a CFH (crybaby from hell) wah pedal. They cover Pantera better than any local band I’ve seen yet, and with that kind of style, this wah is a necessity.   


As most overdrive pedal users know, you need a noise gate to clean up those palm mutes and kill extra background noise. Jake uses a Boss noise suppressor to get the job done and done well.


For live sound Jake uses a Dimebag Sig Krank 100 watt Krankenstein amplifier. This amp looks just as sweet as it sounds, and definitely lives up to any hype you may have heard.


Off the stage he uses a Randall Warhead amplifier.


For a speaker cabinet, he has a Fender 4/12 Metal Head 4 ohm cabinet that lets any amplifier open up as wide as possible. The low end on this cabinet will literally rattle your skull!


In conclusion, my friends, if you have any interest in seeing a band that loves to shred at 110% every time and love jaw dropping entertainment, check out Jake Schultz and his band Squidhammer Metal. They will become an instant favorite, I guarantee it.
28383259_553095155060132_899019406_n (1)

Thank you for spending your time here with me and, as always, thrash fast and headbang hard.  


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