Extended Play//Orange- Floyd Turbo


Welcome once again to Extended Play, where we feature some of the hottest EP’s on the scene!

We introduce you to Floyd Turbo out of La Crosse, Wisconsin! These guys are definitely a true Wisconsin band with one of their listed interests being beer and also classifying themselves as middle- aged rock and roll. Although we can get a good laugh out of that, I can assure you their music is no laughing matter. Dean, Mark , Jim,and Nick really give it their all when they perform live. I had the opportunity to see them for the first time at Orangefest in 2017. I remember going over to the merch table and asking a bit about them. I liked what I heard, so I used my last few dollars to get myself a sticker so I wouldn’t forget to find them when I got back (and of course, snapped a few pics of them as well).



Orange was released in 2017 and made its debut live at the Brickhouse in La Crosse, where Floyd Turbo shared the stage with Seisma and Droids Attack. Since then, they have made several appearances especially in Madison, Wisconsin. Floyd Turbo has been on the scene for 3 years, but the members have played in many other bands before this, so this is far from any of their first experience with being on the music scene and it shows in the EP.

Orange really has what I could describe as “soul”—it can be found in the familiar blues influence within all of the greatest presentations of rock n’ roll. The cool thing about rock n’ roll is that it moves you. You can always feel the stories and emotions being told within.

Floyd Turbo has a very tight sound which I have always found as something that definitely comes with time and experience. This EP has very powerful vocals as well as lyrical content. The lead guitar is very well-placed and backed up by solid bass lines and drum beats. I just can’t get enough of these progressions, which you simply have to experience for yourself.  When you listen to the tracks “WGMCGR” or “Shadow”, you can feel a similar tone to that of Soundgarden or Stone Temple Pilots. Both of these artists have very powerful messages that reflect through the soul of rock n’ roll and I feel that Floyd Turbo shares this with them as well.

My favorite track personally is “The Delirium Complex”, which opens with an epic guitar solo that guides you into the hands of the drums and bass. This song is a passionate and powerful one that really gets you moving. I love fast music, as most of you know I am a thrasher at heart, but I have noticed a trend in metal known as groove metal that has shown us thrashers to slow down a bit and this tune definitely hits the mark. I also love tunes with a deep message and attitude as well. This is an EP I can sit all the way through and enjoy every track, which in reality can be a struggle at times, even for the biggest acts out there.


When speaking with Floyd Turbo, they also informed me that they are working on new material, and I so cannot wait to hear!

“We’re all extremely proud of our new material we’ve written and the recording is going very well. We’re looking forward to playing in front of anyone willing to listen this summer.”

Floyd Turbo is a truly talented and impressive band. If you haven’t see them live, you need to! So for those of you out there looking for a great rock band with just a hint of metal, your life is incomplete without this EP, I promise!

You can find Floyd Turbo here:


or on Facebook:


They are also on Youtube! Below is The Delirium Complex 



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