Extended Play// Micromanager- Mile 134

Welcome Music Maehem readers to our new feature: Extended Play. This is where we introduce you to the newest EP releases that the talented bands on the local scene have available to you.

For those of you who may be unsure of what an EP is, EP is actually short for Extended Play. EP’s are more tracks than a single but less than a full album; usually about 3 to 5 tracks are featured on an EP. Today, they are used as a way for a band to release content while they are still in the process of working on a full album. With all of that information out of the way, I introduce you to our very first feature: Mile 134 from Argyle, Wisconsin.

Mile 134 is a two piece band of brothers Tristan Waage (Drums, vocals) and Trey Waage (Guitar, vocals). When they perform, they really come at you with a lot of energy that reminds me very much of a lot of bands from the post-grunge era. They exude the same attitude and drive that everyone had back then and bring it to the now. This made complete sense to me when going in and reading up on the band’s profile and finding out that they actually were once more of a 90’s alternative rock influenced band that has been becoming more on the heavy side, as they have developed in their career. Their lyrical content is angry, angsty, intense and relateable.  They have a good balance of clean and guttural vocals, and very catchy riffs that are paired with low pounding drums. With Mile 134, it seems like you get a little bit of everything rock and metal has to offer.

Mile 134 just released their newest EP Micromanager, which is the beginning of their new sound as they make the full transformation from 90’s alt rock to hard rock/metal. While listening to Micromanager, I was reminded of some of the greats of hard rock such as Seether, Slipknot, Stone Sour, and Chevelle. However, there were still hints of their 90’s influences as well, especially in the vocals and picking patterns. I could feel things in there that reminded me of both Nirvana and Deftones, both bands that have a place in my heart. Honestly, there is just something that I love about a band when I can tell they are influenced by Nirvana, or if a musician is influenced by Kurt Cobain in general. I think ultimately it has something to do with knowing how to be raw and real with your emotions and reflect them in your art and work overall. There is definitely a place in the scene for Mile 134 and I can see them playing with some big acts in their near future! Beginning with a spot on Summer Fest 2018!

Below is a link to their lyric video featuring their track “Frown”  Be sure to look out for their newest  video “Apoplectic” coming out this summer!


To enjoy the rest of the tracks from Mircomanager  follow the links below:





Be sure to like and follow Mile 134  on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mile134band/

To catch them live in the scene you can see them on March 17th at T n D’s Bar and Grill Monticello House


Emily Mae 

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