One Night Stand//All Out Mutiny- Best Exorcism Ever

It’s time for your weekend One Night Stand with the very seductive groove metal band All Out Mutiny, who have been paving the way for the Wisconsin metal scene since 2015 and have been taking their name globally. They tour not only nationally here in the U.S., but also in Europe, Russia, and most recently, Brazil. 

Every time you make your way to an All Out Mutiny show, you better be prepared for a brutal night! If you’re in the pit, you gotta be ready to thrash with your metal brothers and sisters and especially vocalist Jason Secora! He truly has a way of pulling the animal out of all of us, always ready to dive into the arms of AOM fans no matter how big the venue. This past New Year’s Eve, I had the opportunity to see Jason at The Chain Bar in Waupaca, Wisconsin, and he was knocking ceiling tiles out! This band definitely knows how to keep it metal and honestly that is one of our favorite things about them.

Their newest single “Best Exorcism Ever” gives us a sneak peek into what is to come for All Out Mutiny in their next chapter. This particular track clearly rings a Pantera flavor to it; they have a very old school, 90’s thrash sort of sound, while at the same time finding and creating a very original sound that is All Out Mutiny. 

If you have already had the pleasure of seeing All Out Mutiny live, or if you have heard their latest EP Trade Routes, you will find that they are known widely for their thought- provoking lyrics and content, and this single is no different. When speaking with Jason we found that “Best Exorcism Ever” actually has a very personal meaning, while also seems to be making a statement about society using the theme arc of an exorcism. Our society today has been possessed by a sort of demon.

The line “We promised you hope, and deliver the guillotine” showcases that there is a demon and it needs to be exorcised. There is so much false hope and false promise, everything is a set up. This is exemplified by looking at our world leaders and such today at the surface—sure, they act like they want you to have hopes and dreams, but the reality is they will kick the chair out from under you. It would almost appear that they want you to stick your neck out so that they can cut your head off.

“Choosing hell over heaven or booze over medicine” states that when times are difficult it is often hard to choose what most would perceive to be the “right decision” during times of hardships, especially when all the choices may have a similar outcome.

And so, the overall takeaway from this single is that we see the spirit of humanity being driven to suicide, which is the nature of which needs to be exorcised regarding the social order. This single has really brought us everything we love about All Out Mutiny and simply put, we just can not wait for what is to come! 

Check out “The Best Exorcism Ever” here and in the link below for purchase!

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Emily Mae and Don Niesen

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