One Night Stand// Of The Earth- Mushroom Light



Its time for your One Night Stand and tonight you are going home with the lovely Northern hardcore rock band Of The Earth of Waupaca WI. Of The Earth has been around the scene for a very long time, starting in 2013 and still making noise today. Of The Earth adds a very unique flavor to the local metal community. Combining progressive metal styles with the lyrical flow of folk, Of The Earth always presents us with a memorable performance. Every time I go out to see them perform I imagine that I’m sitting around a campfire listing to tales of intrigue.

Band members in Of the Earth are:

•Nathan Moe- Vocals/Rhythm guitar

•Roger Walters- Lead guitar

•Eric Nicewander- Bass guitar

•Jake Steinmeyer- Drums



Of The Earth created the track “Mushroom Light” for a special compilation album designed by Bill Boulden. The idea behind this compilation is a post apocalyptic world where music tells the stories of the land. Each track is from a different artist and will be manipulated in a sense that makes them sound as if they are travelling on radio waves. We will be sure to get more details on this amazing piece of art as it progresses but for now you can find the track from OTE down below!

“Mushroom Light” brings us into a post apocalyptic setting with its industrial metal style groove. Which in a tale of dystopia is more than a fitting way to go about it. We can tell that things are going to get a bit heavier for OTE this year and the anticipation is killing us. If you like it heavy, this will surely hit the spot. To catch up with other materiel from OTE you can find Patient Zero VOl II in the link below!

You can also find the lyrical video for their track “Cellar Door” on Youtube in the link below:


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