Fresh Blood//Neutral World

Welcome to Fresh Blood, the section of Music Maehem where we feature local bands that are new to the scene! Once a month we will introduce you to one band. This month we are featuring black metal/doom band Neutral World.


Neutral World was created  in Janesville WI by the main writer Andy, after he tried to break away from traditional black metal.  They are really into atmospheric elements and creating a landscape, or spiritual journey with their music, not all songs fit that category but overall the  lyrics are about nature, shamanism, dark politics, and spiritual awakenings. They have influences that range from Doom Metal, Black metal, death metal, and post rock.

As of right now Neutral World is only a studio project. Once they gain some permanent members they will be hitting the Wisconsin local scene. So keep your eyes open for these guys to appear at a local venue near you.


To keep up to date on the newest activity of Neutral World be sure to follow and like them on Facebook in the link below.

You can find their music on band camp on the link below!

Remember that if you like what you hear its important to bands just starting out that you “like” and share their content. This is how you help them get the attention they need in order to play out and get on bills in the local scene. So as always, share if you care and show your support! This is how the music scene stays alive.


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