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Do you love Sci-fi? What about big monster battles? There’s a band for that and here they are: we present to you SEISMA!

There is so much that can be said about the unique style of this band. They call their style “super-heavyweight-Kaiju-groove-metal” which, to m, translates to the perfect combination of groove and doom metal. All the band members have distinctive identities to go along with it.

  • deThorenc / lead guitar
  • Iblis Rhodes/ bassist
  • Orange the Hueman/ drums
  • Iron Lung Young/ Vocals

Their music honestly stands for itself and if you hear them perform once you will never forget them. SEISMA is definitely one of my personal favorites and have been since I saw them at the very first Orangefest at The Wisco in Madison, Wisconsin in 2016.

Their new album SEISMA II-The Land Out Of Time was released on October 13th 2017 at the second annual Orangefest. Each volume of SEISMA is a part of a grand Sci-Fi story! One of the coolest parts is that it is written like a really great film, but is instead presented to us through music. I personally have never heard of that before and instantly became intrigued. I wanted to hear the tale behind SEISMA II The Land Out Of Time, and so I reached out to SEISMA and got the amazing plot line details from Danial “Iron Lung Young” himself!


There is a war in space between two fleets; one commanded by a tyrant king, and another by the resistant Queen Dido and her lesbian lover General Lucretia. Dido is wounded and cast into space in a life pod just before her ship is destroyed. Meanwhile, Lucretia’s ship is badly damaged and crashes into a planet. The kings’ warriors pursue her to attain the key she protects that is part of a monolith on the planet. Dido also possessed a key, but hers was taken when she was wounded. Saboteur is the warrior who obtained this..

To put it simply, the rest of the album includes the monsters encountered along the way. Definitely like the Odyssey.

In the last song, Saboteur injures Lucretia and takes her key. She is captured and poisoned by large spiders who hang her in the trees, and she can see Saboteur approach the monolith and apply both keys. The monolith causes the planet to crumble and explode. All are killed.

What is the monolith? Does Queen Dido survive her wounds? What of the tyrant King? These questions will be answered in the next album.


“500 Years” is an intro track much like a radio show leading us right into the story. When the second track “Eden” begins, it paints a clear picture of Lucretia being pursued by the warriors of the tyrant king. As the song gets heavier we start to build up anxiety with our character. Just like watching a film, the picture of the mysterious planet is painted before us. But we cannot stop and take in our surroundings because we are in danger! As if the warriors weren’t enough of a problem, this planet also happens to be filled with all kinds of mysterious and dangerous creatures!

“DeathMatch” is our first encounter with the beasts that roam this land. This tune is my personal favorite. The creative use of harmonics heavily intensifies the atmosphere. While the creatures battle, our heroine is also battling the warriors of the tyrant king along the way.

In “Saboteur”, we are introduced to the main protagonist of this volume, the tyrant king’s warrior, Saboteur. As mentioned before, this is the warrior who possesses the key that belongs to Dido. He is after the second key and clearly will not stop at anything to obtain it. We are lead into this track by a very beautiful guitar solo. Between the solo and the expertly placed pauses, this gives such an epic feel to the whole thing and creates tones for us that we can relate to Saboteur throughout the plot. You can even hear the warriors marching into battle. SEISMA clearly has a very tight sound; all of the musical elements come together so perfectly.

Things slow down and get heavier then with “Abominable”. Each step of this creature walks into our sights.

We narrowly escape this creature, and that leads us into “Scuttled.” This track has a punk-esque bounce to it, which is amazing for the climax of this tale. The listener feels that there just may be hope after all. The epic battle between Lucretia and Saboteur is getting real now!

We descend into into “Colossus” and then “Widowmaker.” Saboteur has obtained the key! Lucretia is now captured by spiders and badly poisoned! Both keys are applied to the monolith and…

The planet is destroyed as “HH-1709\\S1” rings out. Everyone and everything is lost. We are left with so many questions and we just cannot wait until the next volume!

If you want the whole story you can find SEISMA I here:


You can also find SEISMA on Facebook:

Catch them live at The Wisco in Madison WI March 9th! Cat will also be conducting a live interview with SEISMA! So, stay tuned for that!


Author: Emily Mae

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