One Night Stand// Shield The Survivors- Building Hate

Hello Music Maehem readers and welcome to your “One Night Stand” with Shield The Survivors! Just a bit of an introduction, for this is our first article of this category. This is where you can see our reviews on all the killer singles that are being released by your favorite bands! We like to keep them brief but leave you satisfied (insert wink here) so let’s get started!


Shield The Survivors are a metalcore band out of Oshkosh, WI. They have been on the scene since October of 2011 and have been bringing us a lot of brutality! In fact, they can even prove how cool they are, as they have won 2 awards for battle of the bands! They scored first place at the UW Oshkosh Battle of The Bands. The other award is from the Algoma Club Battle of The Bands, in which they were awarded second place. Pretty impressive to say the least!
Influenced by bands such as Bullet for my Valentine, As I Lay Dying, Phinehas, Parkway Drive, Bury Tomorrow, and Lamb of God, I promise you these guys really hold up! If you haven’t heard of Shield The Survivors, here is your chance.

Their newest single “Building Hate” has just been released and is available for your listening pleasure here!


Right out of the box this tune makes you feel like you need to dodge something! It starts off immediately with a great hook in the first verse. There is a nice grit to the vocals , yet they remain comprehensible. We just can’t get enough of the sweet little riff in-between each verse as well! It was such a catchy hook we can’t help but be instantly addicted to it. As we progress, we reach a sweet breakdown with clean vocals. Then a quick punch and out.
It truly has the feel of building hatred within the groove of the tune.

My impression of the lyrics can only be described as the diagram of a desperate isolated mind. It is reminiscent of a plot line for a villain in a brief montage of a movie. You have that “oh” moment in the breakdown where you get a glimpse of that hopeful soul, quashed out of existing by circumstances of life. It clearly expresses the construction of a prison — built by himself, against himself.
All in all, we didn’t hate “Building Hate”–we LOVED IT!
It is a perfect example of the diversity of the band’s talents in a microcosm.

For more on Shield The Survivors check them out in the links below: Facebook:

For more on Shield The Survivors check them out in the links below: Facebook:


Shield The Survivors also has a show coming up! They will be supporting the guys in Growing and Grim Waters in Neenah at Short Branch on February 15th. Come bang your head!


Author: Don Niesen

*Photo credit: Gabrielle Rae

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