Gear-view Mirror//Evoked Lead Guitarist Dan Finnegan


Hello local reader! Mitchel Fulcer here and thanks for checking out my first article of “Gear View Mirror”. The intention here is simple. I am going to do my best to get backstage and get the lowdown on all the gear used by our local musicians.


January 27th 2018 “All Kings Fall” played a birthday show celebrating the love, support and birth of our friends Steven “Redbeard” Vertz, and Jason Mansavage. They hand picked two bands to entertain the evening and headlining the night was the all mighty “Evoked”! These local legends have been tearing up the scene for years and have a sweet stage setup that has always caught my eye. So I decided to spend time with Dan Finnigan [lead guitar] and Jason Schumacher [rhythm guitar and vocals] after their set to get the lowdown on their on stage gear so we can all get a closer look at who these dudes are and where their minds are looking to go.


First I pulled Dan aside and I knew I was in for a treat! If you have seen Evoked before you may have seen as many as three separate stage setups. Just like myself, as well as every other guitarist out there, there is an ever growing hunger to find your musical niche and identity in the music community. That being said, Dan’s setup is not your typical thrash setup. First of all he uses an Orange 55 watt amp head which I must admit caught my eye right out of the gate. “A Lot of people give me shit for using Orange to play thrash metal, but this first gen. Amp has the tone of the vintage 800 that so many thrash players chase.” Dan eagerly explains “I use a 50 watt head because you’ll never need any more than that! If your sound guy is worth his salt you don’t need crazy stage sound. Having 100+ watts is like having a Ferrari and never driving over 60 mph. Just a waste.”


Underneath his Orange head is an Orange 4/12 cabinet with vintage 30’s speakers for that classic british warmth. Don’t let that fool you though this puppy sounds well managed for thrash and kranks!!!


I continued to be impressed as we moved from the halfstack to the gorgeous LTD Alexi Laiho signature V’s. Full force with amazing tone of the single seymour duncan pickup, a body caressing cutaway and of course floyd rose bridge and whammy bar.

From the guitar he’s running into his wireless receiver mounted straight to his pedalboard. Followed by a TC Electronics Polytune tuner.

wirelessply tuner

A personal favorite of mine: the Dimebag Darrell signature “Crybaby From Hell” wah pedal. By far the most versatile wah pedal I have come across.

cfh wah

The modern staple Ibanez Tube Screamer overdrive distortion pedal. Asking for details, he informs “I use no extra gain or distortion. Just simply boost my existing tone.”

tube screamer

His collection of MXR modular/time based effects was a sight to behold. Running this all right out front rather than through his effects loop,Dan focuses heavily on how his chain is set. (as all guitarists should be).

Beginning the MXR chain is his Carbon Copy analog Delay. Running a long time length and low level on the pedal allows for a more full sound. It also has a crazy dial ability that lets you make crazy dystopian, Sci-Fi like sounds for those that like to get weird.

mxr carbon copy delay

Next in line is another thrash staple : the phase 90 used by 1000’s of thrash bands around the globe it was no surprise to see it made its way to Dans board.

phase 90

An MXR BLS Zakk Wylde Chorus pedal. (Definitely wanna try one out now!)

bls chorus

Topping the chain off with an MXR Noise Gate. A must have for any live player. Suppressing extra unwanted noise and feedback to riff transitions and muting on a dime.

mxr noise gate

All in all I think Mr. Dan Finnigan has discovered an amazing modern thrash twist on a vintage outlook, impressing myself and so many others in the scene.

Tune in for the next article to get an up close look at the unique and partially hand crafted gear of the rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist of Evoked Jason Schumacher.

Thrash fast and headbang hard!!


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