Album Review// Disgunt // To Purge The Plague

Disgunt is a hard hitting Metal band from Madison, Wisconsin often described as slam-tech deathcore. Band members Ian Smedbron, Aaron Budny, Steve Wilkes, and Trent Kremeier began their careers in Tech-metal bands quite different from this project before putting their heads together to come up with Disgunt. I spoke with Trent (vocals) a bit about this: “Disgunt was actually supposed to be a side project,” he chuckled a bit to himself, “but it ended up just taking off and here we are today. Now we are launching our debut album” This band is unique in our time; while many bands focus on image, their attention is turned to guttural yet provocative content. Their goal is for the music and performance to be an individual experience for each listener. They want Disgunt to stand for itself and that’s something I can really get behind. Trent went on to elaborate, “When we play live, we keep the stage real dark and wear all black. We almost want to be the ‘anti-image’ if you will. The music comes first. That’s why we don’t have many photos of us as far as promotional type of things go. We want to build the intrigue.”


Their debut album To Purge The Plague will be dropping February 3rd, 2018. This is a concept album, meaning each track is a chapter. The story focuses on an anti-hero character balancing the concepts of good and evil. At first, he begins to hear voices in his head guiding him toward his darker tendencies. As he spirals, he begins to lose all concept of “reality” as we would perceive it and eventually becomes a completely different entity.

With track one, The Culling we are immediately drawn into the atmosphere of this dark tale. We begin with a small narrative that leads into an aggressive pulse, creating the perfect introduction.

Epidemic With A Violent End brings the familiar brutality that all deathcore and sludge fans crave leading you smoothly into the next chapter Circle Of Life Lost. Here we begin to truly experience the inner conflict within the character, bringing the entire concept to life.

In When Violence Becomes Moral we can really see the band members’ background in tech-metal shine through as the tempo begins to speed up for the climax of this album. We really begin to see the character’s dark tendencies rise throughout Focus and leading us into God Complex which gives us the sense that any hope for this character’s conscious mind has now been completely lost as they begin to gain a sense of power and superiority over the rest of the human race.

The cleverly placed pauses and technical guitar leads in of Branded In Filth really keep you hooked. Its brutality can really get the room moving while its technical imagery leads you through the story. This takes us to the title track, To Purge The Plague,  when our character comes to the realization that people are The Plague and they need to be eradicated.

Piss On The Ashes is my favorite chapter of the story. This song really stood out among the others to me personally. I won’t spoil the ending for you, but I can tell you that it left me wanting more from Disgunt. Over all I was impressed by the concept as well as the journey this album takes you on. When the album concluded, I felt like I had just watched a really great psycho-thriller film. Hard and heavy, you really get the experience of the 9 string style that is brought forth with the album.

Disgunt is having their album release party Saturday, February 3rd at The Frequency in Madison Wisconsin with Midwest metal bands Chewing Teeth, All Out Mutiny, 2nd and Archer, and MICAWBER. Tickets are $10 day of show! Don’t miss out on this show!


For other tour dates and news on Disgunt follow them on the links below!

You can also find their videos on! Thier Single Piss On The Ashes in the link below

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