Album Review// A Silent Truth//Ascension

A Silent Truth is a metal band based out of the Chicago Area. The first time I saw them live in concert was in 2017 at The Annex/Red Zone in Madison Wisconsin. They opened up for the band Letters From The Fire and I was captivated by their performance. They really had a great presence that followed them offstage as well. I did have the opportunity to speak with them a bit after their performance and I found that they were all very respectful and welcoming to all of their fans eager to meet them at their table. Band influences such as Killswitch Engage, Periphery, Metallica, Staind, Cold, Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, and Sevendust are really reflected in their new album Ascension, which is to be released in March.

I took some time with A Silent Truth’s John Partipilo to talk a little bit about the album inspiration.

“The concept of the album is almost an emotional rollercoaster, taking things that we all have experienced as a band personally by each member and tapping into it. We had several ideas for the album name and when Ascension finally clicked for us, it was because we were all feeling like we were going through this upward fight. We were ascending to another level as a band that we didn’t think we would be doing. So this is our ‘Ascension’ into this world and it’s only the beginning for us.”


These are the tracks off of Ascension that I was able to experience for myself. All of the tracks have very powerful introductions. They all get you instantly hooked and ready to rock. You can feel real emotions and they all stand true to the definition of the title of the album.

“Voiceless” To me, this really hit the spot. My favorite kinds of metal songs are always those with attitude. Perhaps its my heavy punk influence as well, but I am always captured by tunes like this one. This tune is about standing up for what is right. It definitely got me moving and I could instantly picture an entire crowd thrashing about.

“Marble” Is a track that is still filled with that raw energy and the feelings one has when you can’t ‘Save someone from themselves’. The pain of hopelessness is definitely one that I can relate to personally.

“Rayovac” A heavy song with cool melodic tones. All in all, it gives a voice to what it’s like in modern society. It expresses our much suppressed frustrations that I feel like everyone is feeling today as we watch society collapse before us, no matter what your political view or otherwise.

“Angel” This is a very empowering song. It is an outlet for those who have dealt with heartache. The particular lyric that stood out to me was “you’re never coming home.” The very idea of home is a place where we come to be secure and safe from the outside world; we think of everything we love and cherish in our lives. So, when we think of someone never coming home it creates another depth of what our loss really is. The emotion is really constructed beautifully in this song by the vocals as well as a smooth guitar solo. I definitely got a classic Chevelle kind of vibe from this song.

“Chariot” This track really showcased both vocalists. It was a great balance between the harsher type of vocals and the more melodic styles. Both really came together to bring this song to life. We are reminded that anything is possible and to grab on to our destiny no matter what that calling may be. No dream is too big and we shouldn’t let anyone tell us otherwise.

This album was a very uplifting experience, which I think we are all in need of, especially in the world today.

Get tickets to A Silent Truth CD Release Show with Orion Nine & Spec… at B House Live, Lombard, IL on 03/17/18


Tickets are on sale now here:

A Silent Truth has set up several tour dates so far, listed below. For more dates be sure to follow them on their Facebook page to see when they will be near you!

February 2nd Cobra Lounge Chicago
Feb 3rd The Looney Bin Bradley
Feb 9th The Forge Joliet
Feb 17th Cheers South Bend
March 2nd The Looney Bin for round 2
March 3rd Brewski’s Kentucky
March 10th Frank’s Powerplant Milwaukee
March 17th Brauerhouse Lombard
March 24th Penny Road Barrington
March 31st Fort Wayne
April 14th Bada Brew Crest Hill
April 21st Springfest
April 28th the Warehouse Melrose Park
May 12th Whiskeys Rockford
May 18th The Looney Bin round 3
May 19th The Redzone Madison
May 25th Music Lynx Mentor Lake
July 14th Bogg Hull Tavern Des Moines
July 15th the Hive Collective Cedar Rapids
July 21st TBA



One thought on “Album Review// A Silent Truth//Ascension”

  1. Thanks for the awesome review Emily I’m really touched and humbled by your kind words. We wouldn’t be where we are today without awesome people like you and our fans that keep pushing us forward.


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