Weekend Warriors // Metal Interviews // Mitchel Fulcer

Most people here in the Wisconsin metal scene know Mitchel as the Guitarist for the upcoming metal band All Kings Fall. Although, he has actually been in the music scene for quite some time. Anyone who has seen him play will tell you of his unique talents and shredding leads on the guitar as well as his insane amount of energy. He just comes to life on stage and is always up front giving his all for the other local acts as well. Some people have even referred to him as the “Ginge-nado” because of his long red hair and thrashing abilities. However, anyone who takes the time to get to know Mitchel will tell you he is one of the most humble individuals you will ever meet. Respectful and inspiring, I thought he would be a great example of the metal under ground scene. So I decided that he would be my first interview for my blog section Weekend Warriors.

First, tell me a bit about your background, let the people get to know you a bit.

Alright, well as a kid I was first inspired by the British Invasion type metal, like Iron Maiden.  I picked up the bass guitar, inspired by my brother, and began to play along to the tunes of Iron Maiden with my lame little karaoke box haha. I started getting  in the music scene with my dad in a cover band. After playing classic rock with my dad for 4 years I started to venture out on my own. At first with friends and also my brothers, but none of those things worked out and I went through 13 bands and projects until currently becoming a part of AKF.


Okay, of course the classic question, your inspirations and influences. You talked a little bit about your family and Iron Maiden is there anything else you would like to add?

Yeah, well my influences kind of vary between each era of my life. While I write music, I continue to find new people to influence my style. I’m known mainly for metal, but I do learn and like all kinds of music. Most of all I continue to be influenced by talented local musicians as well as watching documentaries. As long as they haven’t been spoon fed their career, really, I can find inspiration in really any musician. I’m inspired by strong opinions because popular or not, there’s always a story to tell.

I know this is a little broad, but what is music to you?

Uhhhh….everything?? Haha. Everything people love can be united through music, I mean sound is literally  how everything is held together. I mean it is a pretty loaded question, but I can mostly say it has given everything I have in my life. Without it I would probably just have died another druggie statistic.

What is it like to be a musician today? In your experience.

Honestly the community as a whole is a lot more welcoming than one would expect. However, it is very frustrating because I feel like with so much going on through social media you gotta trek through a lot of mud to really stand out. Especially in small town Wisconsin or really small town anywhere. I mean if I were in Seattle or something it’d be a lot easier to come across someone with a studio or someone who knows someone and etc of a larger label. In a small town everyone who is in music almost has to work twice as hard and travel twice as far, especially when you are in a metal band it’s more of a challenge to find your fan base. I mean plus the typical shit of where ever you are from probably doesn’t like you haha.


How has taking the, what some people consider to be, a risk, to become a professional musician, affected your day to day life or relationships?

As a musician, sometimes I feel like the, for lack of a better term, “common people”  tend to put you on a pedestal at times. Its pretty much 50/50. Either you are “untouchable” because they feel you are doing something they can’t do, but the other half sees you as dumb or naïve or that you think you are so “special” that you don’t have to work a job like everyone else or whatever and often times treat you with spite. A lot of the time as well, friends and family who are not musicians tend to not understand that in order to be a professional musician you are busy and may not have the time you once had for them which also tends to create a lot of friction. They really push you away because of the lack of available time and they start hating you. You get to meet some of the most amazing people in the world and even though you hardly see them, they mean more to you than anyone else you ever even saw in your everydays like high school. There does tend to be a struggle with all of the feed back, especially when it is positive. You don’t want to come off as arrogant. However it is a really great feeling to be welcomed at a “higher status” at a show. You’re no longer the bystander, so you are not held to those standards. You get a taste of what its like to be like on the “red carpet” or whatever. I never had any recognition in my youth so it’s hard not to let it get to you.  At the same time though, you gain a lot of responsibly to others. You are held accountable for every word that comes out of your mouth, so being careless with your words will not only hurt the individual but yourself as well. It’s really all about respect man. We all share a common goal, so there are no enemies only brotherhood and that’s how it should be. Always show your support, even to people you don’t know. Its really not hard to just be cool haha.


Anything you would like to say about these past couple of years with All Kings Fall?

When I think about my years with AKF, I really got to experience what I thought I wanted. Like, as a kid, I always knew I wanted it, but you really don’t know if you can until you actually are doing it you know? Like, the big picture shit. This past year, I really feel like I can. It just really solidified it for me. It showed me that it is possible and hanging with people who are motivated like Jon and Ian (my band mates) really helps pave the way and keep you focused. I feel like after all those years I have really proved my worth and showed what I can bring to the music community. It’s a surreal feeling to finally have something worthy.

What are some really basic short/ long term goals?

  • First of all, get out our second album, Grip Control.
  • Go on first tour
  • possibly find a manager or at least an agency
  • Then the big stuff, over seas stadiums.. you know dream shit

Are you thinking about a record lable?

Well, yeah and no. There is all the pressure of them investing in you and if you don’t perform like they see fit you get in some serious debt. But, if you are independent you have to work harder, but you may find someone interested enough in you rather than you just being interested in them.

Any final advice for future musicians out there?

Again, just be cool.  Support your local scene! Even if you are not playing a show, go catch a show! The best thing you can do to keep music alive is to just be there. Show your love!


Well, there you have it everyone, Mitchel Fulcer of All Kings Fall!

You can find his band All Kings Fall on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/allkingsfall/

This was my first Weekend Warriors segment. I hope you enjoyed it! All the photographs are  my person photos! Check out my gallery on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/Emilymaehem25/






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