Happy Music Monday Maeniacs! Hot fresh and ready to you today we bring you the Music Maehem interview with Forcefield!


Latest release, Emissaries of Light album, available on forcefield.bandcamp.com

Armed with a love of both Star Trek and Black Sabbath, Forcefield brings refreshingly old-school power metal  back into our heavy metal scene and combines it with some very (inter)stellar cosmic concepts, and it all comes out of a basement in our very own Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

With one EP and two albums under their belt, along with a couple lineup changes, Forcefield is looking forward to the future while working to bring us some awesome new material, which filled most of their set list this night of the interview at Hijynx.

For more details on the band, their music, and what’s next for Forcefield, watch the exclusive Music Maehem interview below!


Don’t miss them at their next show coming up on August 11th at Project Mayhem in Rhinelander!




Cat Sullivan

Album Review//Shadow Witch-Disciples Of The Crow

Shadow Witch is a Heavy Psych/Stoner Grunge/Metal band from Kingston, New York. They recently released their newest album, Disciples Of The Crow, which follows their first release, Sun Killer, from the year 2016. They released Disciples Of The Crow in 2017 under the label Salt Of The Earth Records! You can connect with them online in the links below!




Shadow Witch returns with an amazing new release filled with mood, atmosphere, and killer riffs and vocals. Eight songs are all that’s needed to raise you above the light, surround you in darkness, and bind your ears, hearts, and mind as one.

Shadow Witch is coming for you.

I had the opportunity to see Shadow Witch Perform live at Reggie’s in Chicago, IL during the Doomed and Stoned Festival. Shadow Witch is a perfect name for this band because it represents their musical style. Hidden in the shadow of the upbeat riffs is a dark doom theme. Smoke and mirrors for the message, if you will. This LP starts out with an upbeat rocker-“Love Could Be Like This.” A tale of a conflicted soul who experiences a dream of a dark shadow illusion of love; the conflict of temptation and of a desire to be loved, but what love is this? Within the lyrics, it states Love is like a scream, which is a play on the phrase Love is like a ‘dream,’ suggesting that this type of love is more nightmarish than welcoming.

“Reap” is the second track; this tale is an expansion of the story of creation-like Genesis. Its groove takes us into the dark karma of humanity. We are then lead to the third track, “Cruel” which seems to represent the fact that just because people possess ‘sparkly’ things does not mean that they own anything. This is because there is no justice or freedom in actuality. For all the so-called ‘valuable’ things people own, they are born to be subjugated, and they do not desire to be genuinely free.

Track four is the title track of this LP- “Disciples Of The Crow” The song starts out with the haunting cackles of a crow deep in the woods, calling you in. The beat is dark and menacing. Grinding riffs of doom paint the backdrop for this tale of the Raven King, which spells an apocalyptic end and suffering for all of humanity; suggesting the fall of an empire.  The fifth track is “Stranger Skies” which is another groovy upbeat rocker. This tune describes the awakening of the Dragon King. This yellow beast offers no relief, only grief, and nothing can stop his impending rise.


“The Sea” is the next track which begins with the sound of rain and distant thunder. The song kicks off with a slow, soft intro, then builds to a rockin’ slow verse riff. The cymbals seem to play the role of flashing lighting as the lyrics describe a beckoning to take to the stormy sea. It tells of the spell cast by the sea that lured men to their demise. “Beneath The Veil” picks things up a bit, as this track is a fast-paced, groovy tune. Essentially, we have all been sold to be a feast for the beast.

The final track “Dead Heros” is the conclusion of Disciples Of The Crow. This one starts with a sweet, crunchy doom-groove. The message I get out of this one is a reflection of too many lost heroes of war, which creates a feeling of hopelessness. This album has lead us from a more of an upbeat track to a downslope track. This, to me, is the perfect doomy outro for an album adventure such as this.

Overall I was very impressed with this album. They have a unique quality of sound to their flavor of the doom metal genera. I loved how the music was groovy and upbeat, but the subject matter was dark and in depth. This created a fascinating moody tone to the whole thing.

Thank you once again to Shadow Witch for being one of the main contributors to our Doomed and Stoned giveaway. We thank you for your support!

The tracks of Disciples Of The Crow are:
  1. 1. Love Me Like This
  2. Reap
  3. Cruel
  4. Disciples Of The Crow
  5. Stranger Skies
  6. The Sea
  7. Beneath The Veil
  8. Dead Heros

Shadow Witch is:

Doug Beans-Drummer

‎David Pannullo-Bassist

Earl Lundy- Vocals


Jeremy Hall-Guitar

Catch Shadow Witch at their next show! August 3rd at The Anchor ins Kingston, NY
For more on Shadow Witch find them online in the links below!
-Don Niesen
Edited by: Samantha Crocker 

On The Road//Tour Announcement-Toxic Ruin/Casket Robbery: Beer, Cheese and Death Metal Tour

Starting July 5th, Toxic Ruin and Casket Robbery join forces to represent what Wisconsin death metal has to offer! Check the dates below for a city near you!

Supported by: RIND Entertainment RockSyndicate DEATH BY METAL STL Decibel Of Reign Booking ClawHammer PR

Thur July 5 || Rebel Stage at Summerfest || Milwaukee, WI *Casket Robbery only

Fri July 6 || Fubar || St.Louis, MO


Sat July 7 || 1927 || Enid, OK

Sun July 8 || Dirty Dog || Austin, TX

Mon July 9 || Jack’s Bar || San Antonio, TX

Tue July 10 || Tomcats || Fort Worth, TX

Wed July 11 || The Elbow Room || Wichita, KS

Thur July 12 || Royal Skate Shop || Lansing, IL

Fri July 13 || Willows Tavern || Madison, WI

Sat July 14 || The Lift || Dubuque, IA

Casket Robbery:


Toxic Ruin:


On The Road//Tour Announcement-All Out Mutiny + End-Time Illusion Death In The Desert Tour

All Out Mutiny just recently announced their tour Death In The Desert with End-Time Illusion to begin next week starting in Oakland, CA.

Another surprise announcement by member Robby Ray revealed that it would be featuring special guest musicians Mitchel Fulcer & Andy Schipferling in place of the original members due to life obligations.

However, the tour is set as scheduled and this is something you don’t want to miss! Tour dates below!
Get that groove and thrash fix at these dates:

July 12 | Oakland CA https://bit.ly/2u1i7uo

July 13 | Sacramento CA https://bit.ly/2KCTM8G

July 14 | Medford OR https://bit.ly/2tWC1H9

July 15 | Eureka CA https://bit.ly/2lQvHNw

July 16 | Salem OR https://bit.ly/2NikpOR

July 20 | Glendale AZ https://bit.ly/2z41owb

July 21 | Vernon CA https://bit.ly/2KtRCJi

July 22 | Modesto CA https://bit.ly/2KFYrDo


Check out All Out Mutiny in the links below! 

Official Site: http://alloutmutiny.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alloutmutiny/


Check out End-Time Illusion in the links below! 

Official Site: http://www.end-timeillusion.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EndTimeIllusion/




Ahh, Madison. Ever since I moved here in the summer of 2016, I can say that the absolute best part of this city is its thriving and diverse arts and music scene, which is honestly half the reason I wanted to move down here in the first place.

About a week after I moved, I found out that a friend from high school had also made the jump to the big city (coincidentally, she had also become a hairstylist, like myself!). This friend, Megan, was also friends with this dude named Trent, whom Megan introduced me to. Trent is the vocalist in the sludge/death metal band Disgunt. and through this new mutual friendship, Trent invited me to his show at this little known place called The Frequency, and this became my first (of many) Madison local shows.

frequency logo

Disgunt was playing, along with Squidhammer Metal, Vermillion and Goatwhore.





Needless to say, the show was KILLER, filled with incredible metal music as well as a wall-to-wall mosh pit! I made many new friends that night, I got my first sip from the Squidhammer titty cup, and got my face truly melted for what felt like the first time in my life. Looking back, I couldn’t think of a better way to get my first real exposure to downtown Madison, and into the local music scene that I longed to be a part of for so long.

Founded in 2008, The Frequency made a name for itself in the downtown scene. Featuring all kinds of music, from pop to folk to punk to metal and everything in between, The Frequency was far from discriminatory in supporting the Madison music scene, as well as statewide, AS WELL AS national touring acts. Eventually, playing The Frequency became a kind of endeavor that any band worth their salt would want to play at. If you managed to get on a Frequency bill, that was a big deal, as Darwin did not let just ANYONE play there.

Oh, and did I mention the place is haunted? A lot of people I know have a cool ghost story from that place. Anyway…

On April 16th, 2018, an announcement had been posted to The Frequency Facebook page that the venue would be going into storage on June 30th, 2018. After ten whole years EXACTLY to the day, The Frequency would no longer be the integral part to the Madison music scene that it had been.

Needless to say, my heart broke, and I swear you could hear many break from all across the city that have been a part of the music scene. Truly, our scene has been influenced greatly by this venue, and will continue to live on in the heart of Madison for years to come, I’m positive.

Upon hearing the announcement, I knew I had to be there, and immediately contacted Emily and told her Music Maehem had to get an interview with Darwin (as well as some Front Row footage), as I knew this would be the last chance…and what better night to do it than at the very last show on June 30th? And so, the space on my calendar was marked.

Screenshot (9).png

Presented by Ali K Music, appearing at the very last show at The Frequency were the bands Sanctus (thrash metal from Sun Prairie, WI), American Zeros (“RockPunkMetalFunk” from Milwaukee, WI), Falling Doves (pure rock n’ roll from West Hollywood, CA) and Amberstein (rock, also from Milwaukee).





*Elisium was originally on the bill, but due to booking conflict, were removed from the bill and replaced by Sanctus*

These bands created a very diverse and altogether amazing show, and in my opinion, it was definitely worthy of filling the very last Frequency gig. All bands are incredibly talented, and I definitely recommend giving all those links a click and check them out.

Special shoutout to Falling Doves, specifically vocalist Christopher Levya, who wanted to know why I was running around with my camera all night, and then pulled me on stage to give a plug for Music Maehem! That was super cool of you guys!


In our interview, Darwin speaks to Music Maehem about this history of The Frequency, his plans and goals for the future, reflects on some of his favorite moments over the past decade, and gives a (perhaps, somewhat controversial) account about his opinions of Live Nation.

*Note: Music Maehem does not necessarily share these views, and were shared all in the sake of journalism.*

Darwin and his crew have changed the scene forever, and this venue will never be forgotten, and we all thank you for a decade of hard work and support of the scene.

And so, it is with a heavy heart, that I and many others in Madison bid a bittersweet farewell one of our favorite local haunts in downtown, The Frequency.
Follow the link below for the full interview, and don’t forget to give a like and subscribe and as always, a share if ya care!


Weekend Warriors//Metal Interviews//MICAWBER

Welcome to Weekend Warriors once again for our killer interview with the killer band from Green Bay, Wisconsin-MICAWBER. These dudes have been paving the way for the Wisconsin metal scene as they have toured nationally as well as taken several trips to Europe! They have most recently joined Prosthetic Records alongside bands such as Lamb of God, Gojira, Psycroptic, and Skeletonwitch. We were able to take a moment with them at Happy’s Pub to talk a little bit about their tour, the recent release of their newest album Beyond The Reach Of Flame and other news to come! Click the video link below!



Be sure to get your copy of Beyond The Reach Of Flame in the link below!!



Connect with Micawber online in the link below! 


-Emily Mae

Founding member and vocalist/guitarist, Leighton Thompson comments on the partnership with Prosthetic Records:

“Micawber is immensely excited to have signed with Prosthetic Records! We’re looking forward to continuing our ventures of shredding, touring, partying and growing while being brought to new horizons by the label that has helped bring forth our favorite releases by bands such as Lamb of God, Gojira, Psycroptic, and Skeletonwitch.”


Photos: https://www.facebook.com/Emilymaehem25/

Front Row//X-Undead- Happy’s Pub

We made our way to Happy’s Pub to see another one of their killer metal nights in the north! Check out the performance of the opening act for that evening: X-UNDEAD!

X-Undead is a hard rock/Rockabilly band (also identifies as Pirtate Metal) from Wausau, WI and features members:

Duane Lahti – Guitar/Vocals
Brandon “Zom-B!” Fink – Bass/Vocals
Jesse Schepp – Drums
Jeffery Lombardo – Vocals

36236599_2502493023101590_949289880968495104_n (1)

To Connect with X-Undead online click the link below!


Emily Mae

Photos: https://www.facebook.com/Emilymaehem25/


Backstage Pass//Happy’s Pub

In this edition of Backstage Pass we are featuring one of the greatest hidden gems of our Wisconsin music scene – Happy’s Pub out of Woodruff, WI! Happy’s Pub is a venue that transports you instantly back in time to a place where the music is excellent, and the company is greater. When entering the venue on metal nights you are immediately greeted by Happy as well as his fantastic staff members. This metal clubhouse is indeed your home away from home!

You can hear it from Happy himself in the video below!

 Happy shows nothing but love and respect for all of the bands as well as the fans. His hospitality is something to behold. Other venues certainly could take a page out of his book as far as what it means to show support for your local music scene. His sincerity, charisma, and overall genuine personality make him an especially memorable guy (as well as his mustache).


Happy has so much support in the music community as well as the community of Woodruff in general. While spending time with him, people would shout from their vehicles as they passed “HELLO HAPPY!!” 

He is also supported by Russ Krueger who runs sound and lights on metal nights as well as Russ’s wife, Jeanne Krueger, who is an excellent promoter for Happy’s Pub as well as an excellent host when you arrive at the venue. She welcomes you with open arms.


Ultimately, we said what we could, but you won’t truly know the magic until you head on up and spend an evening there yourself! There are so many amazing bands that visit, so you are sure to see your favorite band on the schedule at one point or another! So, get on up to Happy’s Pub and keep an eye out for the next big metal show!!!



Never a cover, always a good time. Come in check them out and have a HAPPY time!

Connect with Happy’s in the link below:


-Emily Mae 

Photos: https://www.facebook.com/Emilymaehem25/

Video interview: Don Niesen 


Album Review//Brume-Rooster

Hello and welcome Maehem readers to another killer album review. Recently we took a trip to Doomed and Stoned Fest down in Chicago, IL where we found a band that stood out to us: Brume. Brume rhymes with “doom,” and that’s precisely what you get!

There was a buzz going on among all the bands at Doomed and Stoned about the fantastic quality of their newest LP- Rooster. Right away I knew this band had the goods. I was able to speak with the drummer of the band, Jordan, while I was there which you can see more of in our Article On The Road//Doomed and Stoned Fest- Chicago. They also donated a copy of Rooster to us to give away in our drawing which we featured earlier in the week.

Right from the first bass drop in track one, “Grit and Pearls” you know this band means business. I have to say that the bass tone has somewhat of a Motorhead flavor to it, but the riffs are pure doom; the tone has that punch though. As I listened, I was brought to a smooth, peaceful trance with the groove of this tune. Susie, lead vocal and bass guitarist, has a uniquely haunting quality to her voice that accents the harmony of the strings and cuts cleanly through the thunderous grooves of the drums. By the end of this track, I just wanted more. The message of this tune, to me, seems that there was a time before we humans let ego overcome empathy and there was harmony. Suggesting that we need to find our way back to harmony and balance to stop participating in tyrannical behaviors. We need to unite and stop dividing humanity.


The second song is titled “Harold.” This song continues the grinding doom riffs. I am sensing a quality of the Jefferson Airplane influence to the vocals; harkening back to the psychedelic age. I’m not saying exactly, but the clear cutting vocal quality through the riffs seems to bring this thought into the light. With a short pause and a clean strum of the guitar, we are brought to our next track “Reckon” I enjoy the journey this track takes you on. It describes the ominous character of reckon. It starts with a western style riff which leads to the dark tones of the “meat” of this one. Definitely, more of the Jefferson Airplane influence in the vocals here as well while a spiritual ritual is taking place.

The more we progress through the album, you will start to notice a Keith Moon influence in the drumming style as well. The guitar tones have a Black Sabbath feel and marry well to the bass tone I was speaking about earlier. I can say that it was already at this point in the album that I started falling in love with Brume. “Reckon” was honestly one of my favorite tracks on the album as well. Track four is “Call The Serpent’s Bluff” which comes at you heavy with a slow drum roll. The track is a tune about what seems like the haunting of an evil entity waiting to prey on your soul.

Track five is “Welter,” I couldn’t help but laugh to myself about the irony of the fact that in the following lyrics:

Oh welter, Meet the clouds halfway, oh welter, Summon another raining day

At this point, while I was listening to the album for review, the rain was coming down hard. The thunder and lightning dancing outside my window were bringing this track to life. I was getting the true psychedelic experience as my imagination ran wild with the story I was being told.

The final song on the album is “Trade Wind.” We included a video link to the live performance below!

This tune was the perfect strong finishing hat to the album’s vibe overall. The poetic meter of the lyrics lends themselves naturally to the rhythm of this tune. This is a quatrain style poem, which adds a unique structure to the whole song overall.

Rooster was a very impressive LP.  When I listened to the LP and then reflected on my experience of seeing them perform live, the quality was just as amazing as it was in person.  In fact, I was so impressed with the album overall that I was sure to head over to their online shop and get myself a tee!! You can get one in the link below!


To experience Rooster for yourself check out the link below! Also follow them on Facebook as well!

Bandcamp: https://brumesf.bandcamp.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brumeband

You can catch them at their next show at Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco, CA July 12th!


-Don Niesen

Edited by Samantha Crocker 


Weekend Warriors//Metal Interviews//Dread

Hello and welcome to Weekend Warriors! We are featuring one of the newest members of Rock Syndicate’s arsenal of brutal heavy metal: Dread! Currently located in Los Angeles, CA, Dread just released their newest album, From This World To The Next. If you are like myself and love old school 80’s style thrash metal, then this is the band for you! They are the epic combination of Judas Priest and old Iron Maiden (when Paul Di’anno was around) and we at Music Maehem just can not get enough!



We had the honor of speaking with Taylor Dread (drummer and vocals) on what it means to come togetheri in celebration of their newest release!

For starters, you just released your newest album From This World To The Next, which is your first release since 2010’s album, Brace For Destruction. Was the newest album in the making for that long or had you guys taken time away from the scene?

Actually, it wasn’t that long at all. AD and myself wrote the whole album and recorded it in under three months all in all. We always knew at some point we’d make music together again, whether in Dread, or something completely new. In 2015, just before I had moved to Los Angeles, we did one last “farewell show,” and even though AD and myself merely only talked about it in passing, that show seemed to be the spark that lit the fire again. Now, it took a couple of years before we really got something going. I started to build this festival, the Los Angeles Strikefest, and I couldn’t imagine Dread not being apart of it. So we talked about possibly reuniting for the fest, but that if we did, it would have to be full time. If we’re gonna do this again, it’s gotta be all chips in. So, at the time, we decided to just do a short, three song EP. But as soon as AD sent me over the riffs to Blitzkrieg, I knew that it had to be a full length. We both just dove right into the creative process head first. It was almost as if all of this material was just boiling inside of us, waiting to be let out.

You’re newest album, not to be that guy, but it was amazing! I could definitely tell you are influenced by bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, but with that being said, what are some of your personal inspirations for this album?

Hey, there’s never anything wrong with being THAT guy! That’s what keeps music alive, all the love and support we show to bands. We are honored.

But yes, as far as influences, the more obvious ones are on our sleeves so to speak. Priest more than Maiden though. For our other influences, I think you might be surprised. We’re music lovers, and the stuff that actually inspires us not only musically and creatively, but also emotionally, ranges from spectrum to spectrum. Our biggest influences range from Billy Idol, The Cult, Thin Lizzy, to Loudness, Ratt, LA Guns and Armored Saint.

With every new release comes a new tour! Tell us where Dread is headed?

Well, right now, our comeback show is on June 22nd, on the first day of The Los Angeles Strikefest, which features Nasty Savage, Exciter, Razor, Nocturnus AD, Morbid Saint, our brothers in Night Demon and our brothers (and sister!) in Blade Killer, plus a whole lot of other incredible bands. We figured we’d get our teeth sunk into this show first, and then plan accordingly afterwards.

Speaking of touring, I myself am a thrasher at heart. Absolutely my favorite metal genre. So, we all do this I know it: Put together one killer tour with your dream bands, your band included and tell me what you would call the tour. No pressure. Ready? GO!

Well, that’s a hard one. For me, it would be Billy Idol, The Cult, Ratt and LA Guns. It would never happen, so I’d call it “The Tour that Never Was.”

What words of wisdom can you pass on to aspiring bands? How do you keep the Dread dream alive?

Hmmm. Well, I would say you gotta stay driven and work hard. You have to constantly take risks and put yourself out there. Never give up, and always look at failures as lessons. Don’t give up, and always pick yourself back up when you get knocked down. And the most important thing, chase the dream. Not the money, not the girls, not the ego boosts, but the dream. Which lies in the music.

Would you like to give any special shout-outs to anyone who has helped you all along the way?

Personally, I’d like to give a huge shoutout to Dan Dismal. On top of being a partner on the Strikefest festival, he’s been like a big brother. I’d also like to thank Jarvis Leatherby of Night Demon for being a good friend and linking me up with Dan, it has forever changed my life.

Also, who is your artist and where can we find their other work? I love me some Satan-tastic artwork!

Thank you! That means alot! The artist is Mario Lopez, and you can find his work here: marioestuardol.wixsite.com


Any final thoughts?

Not much besides a big thank you for taking the time to interview a band like this. Be on the lookout, it goes up from here.


From all of us here at Music Maehem, you are super welcome! Thank you as well! It’s the support from the band’s who take time with us and the fans who support us that keeps our dream alive!

For more one Dread, check out the links below!



-Emily Mae

Edited by: Cat Sullivan

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